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2014 F250

ID#108375Date posted:Apr 25


For Sale  $57,000

2014  Ford F250

2014 ford raptor

ID#108788Date posted:Apr 25


For Sale  $58,000

2014  Ford raptor


ID#108701Date posted:Apr 22


For Sale  $Make Offer

1993  Chevy Silverado

Jeep Cherokee For Sale

ID#108625Date posted:Apr 20


For Sale  $18,000

2000  Jeep Cherokee

The Dezerttaxi

ID#108601Date posted:Apr 20


For Sale  $16,000 obo

2001  Ford F150

2005 Ford F-150 lariat

ID#110022Date posted:May 24

For Sale  $16000 obo

2005  Ford f150 lariat

Chevy k10 Sand Drag

ID#110020Date posted:May 24

For Sale  $15,000

1985  Chevy K10 Step side

1985 FL350 odyssey

ID#110006Date posted:May 23

For Sale  $35,000

1985  Honda Fl350 odyssey

1985 FL350 odyssey

ID#110004Date posted:May 23


1985  Honda Fl350 odyssey


ID#109989Date posted:May 23

For Sale  $5,600


One thing i do want to mention is that it just started having, what i believe, is a parasitic draw. I've installed a new starter, brand new opt. red top, gone through fuses, wires, tested alt., batter, etc and cannot find the cause to this draw that keeps occurring. So essentially the truck sounds like it has a dead battery when trying to turn over even with a new bat/everything else checked out. Sometimes it turn on no problem. Im sure its something simple like some wires touching or something minor like that because if you push start it, it runs perfectly strong!

This little truck is not only unique, built very well put together, and simple. The previous owner and i have really taken care of this truck.

One thing i want to address is that this truck is smog except. What? Yes, SMOG EXEMPT. This little truck holds a Diesel title meaning you never have to smog it. YES, i was a bit skeptical about this when stated on the previous owners for sail thread. i simply walked into the dmv, paid the title transfer fee, walked out. No questions asked, only cost me 34 dollars. All vins match etc. All legit. Throw a V8, 3.4, etc and don't hassle with the smog.

Now that, that is cleared up.Motor:22RE mileage unknown, why? gauge was swapped to an SR5 that reads oil/battery/fuel/ rpms/ water temp/ mph. Speedo works once in a blue moon. I recently took the valve cover off to check the valves and the timing chain guides ; as a result, they all checked out to be in perfect shape. 5sp manual transmission. NO LEAKS, JUST REPLACED SLAVE CYLINDER. no motor mods, all stock. Battery relocated to the bed. BRAND NEW OPTIMA RED TOP(2 WEEKS OLD)Front end:Fabtch Ivan Dan long travel kit FOA 8" shocks valved for the truck. also rebuilt with king internals. Bumped/ strappedPrevious owner beefed up every week point on this kit

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