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2011' Chevy Colorado

ID#110315Date posted:Jun 1


For Sale  $8,500

2011  Chevy Colorado

2000 7.3 Powerstroke 4x4 Lariat

ID#110224Date posted:May 29


For Sale  $13,000

2000  Ford F250

Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Fully loaded

ID#111523Date posted:Jun 30

For Sale  $25,000

2010  tacoma



ID#111496Date posted:Jun 29




ID#111492Date posted:Jun 29

For Sale  $5,800

1994  toyota pickup

Hello RDC, sad to say I'm letting go of this little gem.

Some of you might have seen my older post on here saying that it had a parasitic draw. Well turns out that it was only missing a ground that ran from the motor to the frame. installed a ground and now the truck runs flawless.

Bought this truck from Ryan on Dezert rangers, an amazing fabricator i must say, a few months ago. Ever since, I've been cleaning up the truck as much as possible.

interior is in fantastic shape. Full bench seat with no tears. Dash has been upgraded to an one out of an SR5. Now read oil, battery, water temp, rpms, speedo, fuel. Speedo works once in a blue moon. Oil pressure needs the right sensor installed. Carpet is clean(i shampoo'd it).

Exterior: Hanem. ivan dan hood with pins, fenders, and bed sides. all properly mounted. Brand new tint all the way around. head unit with AUX, USB. Nice aluminum door panels. quick release steering wheel(not the best, currently looking for a stock steering wheel)

Suspension: front end is a fabtech lt kit that ryan reinforced every week spot. shock hoops with FOA 8" with resis. King internals/valved. rear end is stock.

Wheels/tires: Method double standard 15" wrapped in BFG at2's. 32x11.5x15. these tires/wheels only have about 1500 miles on them. still smell like new.

others: installed power steering on the truck, working on getting the ac hooked up. if i don't finish the ac install.. i will include all the parts as a part of the sale.

This truck has a diesel title attached to it.. vins match so its legit. You never have to smog it. i was skeptical as well, but i simply walked in switched it to my name and paid something around 25 dollar fee. No questions asked by the DMV. I have the pink to prove it.

Im sure I'm forgetting some things... any other questions please feel free to contact me.

Perfect for you

ID#111483Date posted:Jun 29

 $26k obo

2007  Toyota pruner

Baja bug

ID#111463Date posted:Jun 28

For Sale  $17,500

01 f-150

ID#111456Date posted:Jun 28

For Sale  $6900

01  2001 ford f-150

2011 Chevy Silverado 1500 4wd 6.2L

ID#111454Date posted:Jun 28

For Sale  $28,000

2011  Chevrolet Silverado

Diesel 7.3 truck

ID#111450Date posted:Jun 28

For Sale  $4,995

2001  Ford

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