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Dodge V6 Motor,8 speed transmission,drive line

ID#110778Date posted:Jun 12

For Sale  $6,500

2015  Dodge Charger v6,transmission

Small bucket seat

ID#110770Date posted:Jun 12

For Sale  $150

12" King 2.5 Coilovers with Remote Resovoir

ID#110764Date posted:Jun 11

For Sale  $1,100

(4) 11 Gal.Quickfill Dump Cans

ID#110763Date posted:Jun 11


Race Car Quick Jack New Lower Price $$$

ID#110762Date posted:Jun 11


Race Fuel Dump Cans

ID#110761Date posted:Jun 11

For Sale  $50 each

2011 Ford Raptor Parts

ID#110753Date posted:Jun 11

For Sale  $OBO

2011  Ford Raptor

2011 Ford SVT Raptor parts. I have the following parts from my 2011 F150 Raptor. If you know what a Raptor is then you'll know that these parts are specific to this incredible truck. The truck mileage was around 25K when these parts were removed for upgrades. Check your information against a 2011 to make sure they will fit your application.

1.) One set (4) of Fox Racing Shocks. The fronts have the addition of the anodized leveling spacer (I think it's about 1-1.5 inches?) Not certain. They also have the factory coils and top strut mount/bushing. The rears have the rock shields. These are a complete set. Bolt on and go. (See Pics) 975.00 for the set.

2.) Front factory Raptor Fenders with the factory fender flares. Finished in the OEM Tuxedo Black Metallic paint. Sold as a pair. 500.00. Price these fenders and factory fender flares separately and you'll see this is very reasonable.

3.) Front and rear Raptor specific bumpers. 65.00 a piece.

4.) Factory Raptor rock rails or running boards. 325.00 for the pair. **SOLD**

5.) Factory rear axle. It does not have the brake components or backing plates as they were needed for the replacement axle. This axle is wider than a stock F150 axle. I believe they were right at 6.6 inches wider than a regular F150. 350.00

Prices are cash on pick up. No delivery, no shipping. I don't need help selling them. These are taking up room so they need to go. You can email me through CL and I'll get back with you as soon as I can. It would help if you title your message on the parts you're interested in along with a good number to be reached.


RCD 6" LIFT/ side steps

ID#110750Date posted:Jun 11

For Sale  $400$ obo

2002  First gen tundra

F150 Bronco TTB Knuckles Spindles

ID#110749Date posted:Jun 11

For Sale  $0

Fortin PR2 2.5 Power Steering Rack

ID#110743Date posted:Jun 11

For Sale  $1100

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