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2 Seat Funco Hustler

ID#120427Date posted:Jan 17


For Sale  $28000 obo

suspensions unlimited

ID#120346Date posted:Jan 17


For Sale  $42,000

2006  suspensions unlimited

Jackson Long Travel Sand Car

ID#120406Date posted:Jan 16


For Sale  $25,500

2006  4 Seater

Ca Street legal mx2

ID#120328Date posted:Jan 16


For Sale  $60000obo

05  Mx2

2004 Sand Limo ls1 2d

ID#120384Date posted:Jan 16


For Sale  $25,500

2004  Sand Limo Cruiser

2005 V3SS Turbo Honda 3.2L

ID#120316Date posted:Jan 14


For Sale  $28,000obo

2005  SandCars.net V3SS

1200HP Tatum 5 speed Seq Albins as low as 45k

ID#120313Date posted:Jan 14


For Sale  $79,000

Tatum Black Widow Mid Engine Pre Runner.

CBM Factory GM LS7 440 with Whipple 4.5 Blower with all the best internals Money can buy. 1200Hp at crank 892 HP on the dyno.

Customer Headers

Albins Sequential 5 speed.

Chome Arms, tie rods and radiator lines.

4140 boxed plate bulk head and rear arms

300m Billet Ram Rack

4130 tire rods with FK bearings and cromoly heims

2 hallow 4 piston front brakes 11 rotors

934 midboards hubs freshly serviced

6 piston Brakes on rear

Custom Sway bar

Custom 124 wheel base

Prerunner front arms.

King 3 triple bypass shock all 4 corners

King coil overs with rez all 4 corners

Custom Seats with Crow belts

Custom Radius Windshield

Full Aluminum floor and sub floors

Baja Designs Cured LED bar.

HIDs in front bumper

Whip light

Intercomm and race radio

Interior panels

Custom 16gal fuel tank

CBR rad with spal fans. Car runs 200 on summer runs in 112 degree heat. 180 in winter.

OMF rings with 38 Dominators and 12.50 front STUs.

Fresh Powder coat of all body panels and wheels.

Car is detailed and ready for the sand.

Full race/season prep done by Kevin McMullen Racing. Car runs flawlessly and is ready to go to the sand. Rich at Tatum Knows the car very well. This car is no joke and cost over 200k to build a new one. One of the fastest cars of all out at the dunes. Dunes like a slot car. Has the power to loose or catch up to anyone. Insane amount of wheel travel with shocks dialed in. . Must see car. One ride and you will see how amazing this car truly is.

maintained with open check book.OK guys really want to order a new car but this one has to go first don't want to miss next season so need to get a order in by feb to be able to make next season. crazy price get this gone before feb. 45k for complete car minus eng and trans. 62k minus engine with 5 speed Albins ,Complete Car. $79,000

2009 Tatum Black Widow

ID#119047Date posted:Jan 10


For Sale  $60000 Firm

2009  Tatum Black Widow

Sand Rail

ID#119980Date posted:Jan 10


For Sale  $34,000

2005  Supensions Unlimited

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