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    1. harleys dad
      harleys dad
      I sweat nobody on even playing field. There is only a one driver in Snore that I will say is fast besides me. But he is like me, does not race that much but the car he races is his uncles, and is the defending Snore champion but would not be if not for Cory Torrez. On Saturday at Battle at Primm he wa about 1/4 of a mile behind me finishing the 2nd lap and broke the rear studs on one side. We were a long way infront of Neri who survived to win Saturday. Keep in mind we all started at one time. What does it cost to enter the record races, and how much to be in the CEC 11? I am thinking about it, I cant read half the crap on Records wb site!!!
    2. harleys dad
      harleys dad
      With all the class 11 entries running Record, isnt the payback good?? Neri has finished 2nd both Snore races he has attended but has also had penaltys both races. He missed 2 checkpoints at the Mint 400 which they added 1 hour to his time. Is this the way of the CEC class 11 guys, to miss checkpoints and speed threw 25MPH zones?? I feel he has done ok, maybe these so called fast guys in the CEC are not staying on the course maybe??? And that has scared him away??Anyway, I just mite sneak down and suprize the regulars down south. I sweat nobody on even terms. Will see how it goes.
    3. harleys dad
      harleys dad
      I still have my old car sitting in my back yard. I finished 2nd to that illegal car in the first race and broke a rear brake drum while leading the 2nd heat at that Jacume race. I do not understand how people can cheat like that. Why is Neri racing Snore when there are so many racing down south?. Isnt he from Ensanada? Yea, he did 80+ threw a 25max speed zone each and every lap, they doced him 5 minutes when they should have docced him 30 minutes. I broke the steering box after landing on another car on Sunday, I had over 5 minutes on Neri on Saturday but fuel tank problem ended my race about 2 miles from the finish line Neri would have won the weekend if he would not have sped where he was not supost to. Tell the best down south the best from the north will be comming as soon as my wife will let me LOL
    4. harleys dad
      harleys dad
      Yes, you are rite, I did complain about that car. With over 30 years driving these cars It is pretty bad when you can heir the guy going threw the close ratio gears, give the guy a tip, run a muffler so nobody can heir it. I hate cheaters and I race legal cars and mexico sent one of their fast cars to Battle at Primm, ask Neri? Sanchez who was fastest, by a long way. Someday I might venture to Baja again, but this situation with the class 11 kidnappers and the mexican police who put a gun to my 16 year old sons head demanding money keeps me stateside. In a out and out race I will race anybody in class 11 on even tearms but class 11 unlimmited is not what I singed up for. It is funny that race I blew the doors off the legal cars running!!!
    5. sidekicker
      hhey can u put pab fav driver only becuase pab so smarts !
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