Robby Gordon Wins The Mint 400!

The 2012 BITD Mint 400 has finally come to an amazing end. Four days of amazing events for the offroad community came to a close with Robby Gordon taking the overall win. He now holds the points championship after matching this win with his victory in Parker early in the year. Rob MacCachren was putting time on the rest of the field all day but when the checkerd flag rose, it was Robby Gordon who crossed first. Beating that much closer to another Trick Truck win was Adam Householder finishing 3rd overall and 2nd trophy truck, followed closely by Gary Weyhrich of TSCO Racing.

In the first race of the day, Blasie Jackson finished with a time of 5:17:32 to take the 3 Lap race overall in class 1100. Banning Motorsports rounded out the top 3 overall, and Bob Mathews took the win in class 2000.

Mad Media did an awesome job with putting together a first class race along side BITD, and has set the bar on how to make racers and fans feel more involved in the sport. Not only did brothers Josh and Matt Martelli help organize all the pre-race festivities, on race day they had a 30 man team filming for the TV show that will feature this race.

Race Photos by Jason Zindroski
Podium Photos by Vincent Knakal


20 comments on “Robby Gordon Wins The Mint 400!
  1. mike acierno says:


  2. Tom Williams says:

    Well done. Need some of those flat proof, Gordon proof tires. They must be made out of unobtainium!

  3. Derek Towery says:

    What a race! The Famous Fabrication Tacoma was busy all day! Good job to all the racers!

  4. joe says:

    congratulations to robby gordon, clyde stacy, rpm racing. awesome race photos jason.

  5. hendersoned says:

    RG should have been penalized for crashing into the timing loop… Rob Mac is my winner!

  6. Joe says:

    then all the drivers that will be penalized out of control?


  7. malcolm bird says:

    Well done Robby !!!!

    From done under,


  8. juan says:

    Isnt odd that robby gordon has 2 wins using geiser bros trucks

  9. Chupakabras says:

    @Henderson, Off Road is about RACINGGGG, not about who has the cutest nails,.

  10. Scaryfast26 says:

    Rob Mac=1st loser! Robby is kicking some serious ass in the desert. Everyone else is going to be racing for second this year!! The other guys need to go out and buy some speed if they want a chance!!!

  11. Mike says:

    Can we PLEASE get a high-res wallpaper released of the Jason Voss sunset picture? Awesome shot.

  12. PrescottRacing says:

    Awesome Job Robby!

  13. OZZIE M. says:

    Robby Owns Rob Mac , Mac has only been winning cause Robby has not been around–OWNED

  14. I bet if robby was racig his own design trucks he wouldnt be in the top.
    great job Geiser Brothers.

  15. SMC says:

    Ozzie M. get a clue. Rob Mac had 4 minutes on Robby when he got out of the truck at the Mint. Rob Mac had 10 minutes on Robby at Parker. Robby did get the wins but was far from owning anyone.

  16. SMC says:

    Not to mention he out qualified him in both events !!!

  17. Awesome race! RES4CUE did over 200 miles off road in and out of the course. Glad there were no serious injures or uncontrolled fires. See you’s at Henderson!

  18. Chupakabras says:

    Lol,. Mac could be leading by 2 hours if you want, but that doesn’t matter if you don win at the end, haha,. loosers,. it only matters who is smarter to be first at the end,. and WHO WON THE OA??? , your Daddy ROBBY GORDON. hell yeah,. haha

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