Andy McMillin Takes Home The Win In Parker

Some of the best drivers in our sport battled it out yesterday in Parker for the 2017 BITD Parker 425. The nature of racing is that there can only be one winner, there are no participation trophies for everyone. After day turned to night, battles were won, and the dust settled it was Andy McMillin who was crowned the overall winner.

The day was filled with carnage with almost half the trucks falling out on the first lap. Top qualifier Jesse Jones had to pull off at the first pit. Bryce Menzies popped a motor while in the lead on the second lap. Luke McMillin, Lalo Laguna, and Todd Romano would both suffer rollovers. Justin Lofton who led some of the race ripped a corner off his truck. Just in the first three miles there were three rollovers on the first lap.

No one ever said racing is easy and even the best drivers have bad days. With so much competition nowadays and small problem can set you back. Brett Sourapas was running in third place but with a few miles to go got a flat and Steve Olliges snuck by. The other top two spots went to Andy McMillin and Rob MacCachren.

By the end of the second lap Rob Mac was ahead of McMillin but only by a few minutes and come last lap McMillin was able to get around Rob Mac. With Andy qualifying slower then Rob Mac it was a done deal finishing ahead of him.

The course was brutal, took people out, but racers dug deep to finish the race. Its what Casey would of expected from his drivers. The whole BITD crew did an amazing job in their first race without their fearless leader. Let by Donald and Diane BITD will continue to grow stronger.

Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography


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