ASCC/Lucas Oil Regional Arizona, Round 7 at Speedworld

A short three gap since the last ASCC Speedworld Race, under the light, in Whittman Arizona for round six; Was a very short period for race teams to get their cars fixed and prepped for the this last weekend. Round 7 of the ASCC would not only be a day race, but the second to last race in the season, and with points leads coming down to the wire, it was anyone’s race.

First to take the track was the desert buggy class, with eight entries it was a great race to watch with a lot of close battles. In the end, Kevin Sullivan took the win, with Kevin Streety sweeping second and Kenn McIntyre grabbing third. Following the desert buggy class, was the utv class, Jason Weller battled with Dan Kelly for the better part of the race. When the dust settled Jason Weller came out on top in first place, with Dan Kelly coming in second. In Unlimited utv Adam Gruender battle and took first, with Shane Miller taking a close second and Emillio Ruago taking third.

Next up was the trophy kart classes took the track, and with a new track being used, to avoid the pile-up in front of the moguls, it was an exciting race to watch to say the least. First up was the the junior 2 class, there were many close battles but in the end Weston Schuck took the win. Isabella Naughton contained her winning ways and took second. Parker Steele grabbed a respectable third place spot. In outlaw trophy kart Mia Chapman kept up her winning ways and took first over Ryan Anderson who got second and Austin Kuehl took third. Following junior 2 was the Junior 1 class, and the carnage ensued, In the end Conner McMullen took first, Kali Kinsman brought it in for second and Daely Pentico charged for third.

After the trophy karts, was one of the most popular classes in the ASCC series the limited buggy class, with 11 entries, it was a good turn out with lost of door banging action. Kevin McCullough took the hole shot and grabbed the lead most of the race; However towards the end of the race, Dillion Ayers took the lead and the win getting first place. Hayden Melton took a close second and Kent Lothringer snatched third place.

Finally was the two most popular events in the ASCC, the open v-8, mini mod, formula 4×4, and the stock classes. First up was the open v-8, mini mod, and formula 4×4. With a McMurray Davis rivalry the  crowd was ready for an exciting race. In the end Stacey Pike took the win in mini mod, with Mike McCarthy taking second and Mike Wilkins taking third in his first race. In open v-8 Kevin Mcmurray, Shaun Davis and, Kevin Ketchner, battled door to door most of the race, not giving an inch. Shaun Davis grabbed the win in his S-10 just over .7 of a second faster than, Kevin McMurray who took second, Kevin Ketchner took third in his Dodge Diesel. In formula 4×4 Jack Adams rose victorious taking the win. Jayson Mitchell grabbed second , and John Brock charged on for third.

Last but not least was the heart and soul of the ASCC the grassroots racing of the stock full-size and stock mini classes; and with eight stock full trucks and five stock minis it was another great race in ASCC. With the return of the stock truck pioneer Kyle Green he brought it to the table. After a close battling race Will Munns took the win in his Ford pickup. Jake Munns held off Kyle Green for second in his black ford bronco, and Kyle Green swept third in his Ford bronco.

In stock mini, there was plenty of hype with the season coming to a close and everybody wanting the championship title. The race started out fierce with all truck firing on all cylinders, charging every jump and every corner. Finally a winner emerged, the veteran dirt track racer Brian McCutcheon took the win but was later disqualified after refusing to let his motor get claimed. However second place Keith Brinbaum was granted with the win. Jake Yubeta took home his first podium in second place, and Ray Devnport swept third. That would conclude an exciting day of racing out at Speedworld Offroad Park.

Story and Pictures by: Kermit Lennick


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