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Blue Torch Fab Jason Carner Wins First Dirt Riot of 2013

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BIRMINGHAM, AL   FEBRUARY 28, 2013: Blue Torch Fab Jason Carner took his single seat Ultra4 car to the Southeast Dirt Riot race in Alabama and won just 3 weeks after competing in the King of the Hammers.  The vibrant and noticeable blue and white Miller Welders wrap on the car only lasted a short time before being covered with Alabama mud. “It was a good race, and I think if the weather had been better there would have been a better turn out,” said Carner.  “It was important to me to go down there and support the W.E. Rock group for bringing this event to our backyard.  It is my goal to win this Southeast Series, so this win helps put us on the top to start!”

It truly was a muddy mess, literally mud hole after mud hole at The Great American Park in Auburn, AL.  “The first couple tear offs worked, and then I grabbed a handful by accident and that was the end of those.  Then the wet rag only worked for so long, so it was quite interesting,” Jason laughed.  He drives a single seat car without a co-driver to help him navigate.  “Usually I don’t have too much problem with reading the GPS and racing, but on this course, it was marked so well that I really didn’t need it which was good because it got covered with mud too!”

The Miller Welders / Blue Torch Fab car is very unique with a lot of different features.  The Wilwood cutting brakes system was one of the most beneficial in this tight course racing.  “Wilwood helped me design a cutting brake system that is independent of the standard brake system.  Modeled after drifting cars, I have a standard 6 piston caliper setup for the normal brake system and a 4 piston caliper setup for the cutting brakes.  This system allows me to have many options including having a backup braking system if anything were to happen,” explained Carner.

The next Southeast Dirt Riot race will be at Gray Rock in Birmingham, Alabama April 27th.  “That race will only be about 15 minutes away from the shop.  We welcome anyone that is coming to town to swing by and visit us.  Just like anywhere, once you have been to our shop, you have a better understanding and appreciation for the off-road parts that we produce.”  Visit their shop online at

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Sponsors: Miller Welders, Baja Designs, Wilwood Brakes, Howe Steering, Fox Shox, Masterpull Recovery , BFGoodrich Tires, Mastercraft Safety, PCI Race Radios, Walker Evans Wheels, Heat Shield Products, Turn Key Engines, Hughes Transmissions, Currie Axles, The Fab School, FK Rod Ends


About Jason Carner: Jason was born and raised in Southern California and started his racing career at 12 at District 37 Motorcycle events in Johnson Valley.  When it was time for college, Jason made the move to the University of Alabama, graduating into a career at Intel.  In 2006 he bought into and took ownership of Blue Torch Fabworks, Inc.  The Blue Torch Fab race team began in 2007 when they decided to race the 1st official King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, CA in Johnson Valley.  Since then, Jason and Blue Torch has competed in several different kinds of events across the country, including 4 King of the Hammers races, Vegas to Reno, Parker 425, Dirt Riot and many others.



About Blue Torch Fabworks, Inc:  Established in 2001, there weren’t many readily available parts for the hardcore wheeler to build with.  BTF filled this void by creating parts that made building for the at-home garage builders a little easier. Blue Torch Fab is now the industry leader in DIY parts for your custom fabrication project.  We design our parts to be assembled easily in the customer’s own garage with basic fabrication tools.  Our main focus is to provide affordable parts for the recreational trail wheeler while still maintaining the quality and strength that the hardcore crawler/racer would need. Jeeps, trucks, and custom chassis, we have also built many custom turn-key vehicles.  From trail Jeeps on 1 ton axles to full King of the Hammer style race vehicles.  BTF is located in downtown Birmingham, AL in a 33,000 sq. ft shop, that includes a full fab shop, machining tools, offices, and a showroom.


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