Brandon Arthur takes the win at day one of SNORE Battle at Primm


The first day of racing at the SNORE Battle at Primm kicked off bright and early this morning for the start of the 2017 race season.  With sportsman classes taking the course in the early races the pro classes had some extra time to get moving and handle any last minute prep that may have been needed.  A total of seven heats would leave the line today in the first of two days of exciting racing.

One big story this weekend is the addition of the 1450 Pro class which would join Class 1, and Unlimited Truck in the premier and final heat of the day.  Class 1450 has traditionally been a sportsman class with sparse rules that was intended to let the garage fabricator or perhaps the budget minded to come out and have a class to race in.  With an easy on-ramp to the class, 1450 soon became one of the fastest growing classes in off-road.  The guys building their pre-runners at home now had a place to go head to head with like minded enthusiasts and the competition quickly bred evolution to the machines showing up at the starting line.  Race promoters soon noticed that some of the 1450 trucks were running as fast or faster than some of the unlimited racers which begged the question, should 1450 be a pro class as well?  A discussion was brought up and the racers weighed in and the ends result was a new pro class providing not only more laps to race but a shot at a payback as well.

This weekend marks the inaugural race for the class and boasted a total of 9 1450 Pro trucks which run numbers 400-499. Top qualifier yesterday was Chris Isenhouer in his very cool early Ford bodied #457 truck sponsored by Competitive Metals.  As fate would have it Isenhouer would have some issues in todays race and end up finishing the day in 4th.  Top finisher today would be Vincent Munoz in the #494 MCC sponsored Ford Ranger.  Rounding out the podium in 1450 Pro would be the #468 of Wayne Lugo and the #487 of Josh Williams.

Cooler temps and a smooth track made for fast racing in all classes today and tomorrow should bring more of the same.  Stay tuned!

Unofficial Results:

Stock Full:

1 Matthew Bailey

Stock Bug:

1 Jeremy Hendrickson

2 Michael Brenner

3 James Juneau

Unlimited Sportsman:

1 Richard Woods

2 Jeff Pendygraft

3 Toby Colburn

Limited Sportsman:

1 Kenney Freeman

2 Bill Shapley

3 Bree Cloud

Class 5/1600:

1 Ruben Garcia

2 Guy Savedra

3 Mario Ledezma Jr.

SXS Pro Limited:

1 Anarei Isac

2 Scott Davis

3 Lance McCann

Class 3000:

1 Thomas Dunn

2 Maggie Dague

Class 9:

1 Kurt Davidson Jr.

2 Clint Braun

3 Travis Stanley

Class 1-2 1600:

1 Michael Ward

2 Curt Geer

3 James Dean

1450 Sportsman:

1 Vincent Munoz

2 Dustyn Loppnow

3 Preston Shields


1 Rene Carmenaty

2 Hoffa Steve

3 Mark Jimenez

Heavy Metal:

1 Monte Tibbitts

2 Richard Cretsinger

Class 7:

1 Rex Verleg

Class 2000:

1 Kameron Wells

2 Kevin Baugh

3 Joseph Cammans

Class 10:

1  Justin Davis

2  Kelton Glaszczak

3 Mike Wichman

Class 12:

1 Chad Cummings

2 Beans Davidson

3 Jeremy Davis

Class 5U:

1 Benjamin Williams

2 Cobett William

3 Justin Smith

1450 Pro:

1 Vincent Munoz

2 Wayne Lugo

3 Josh Williams

Class 1:

1 Pat Dean

2 Brad Vicic

3 Dan Myers

Unlimited Truck:

1 Brandon Arthur

2 Corey Howell

3 Mike Frye



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