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Enduro d’Agadir/XRally 2013 Race Review Part 2

prova enduro:Xrally

Calesini (Rally) and Minaudier (Enduro) win the Enduro d’Agadir/XRally

2201Emanuele Musazzi

Day 3 Tafraoute-Tiznit Km 274 SS1“Moussa” 56 km SS2 “Rimal” 95 km

The third day started with 95 km of liaison that alternated some parts on the tarmac to off road paths on sandy ground.

The first special stage saw the riders tackle stony paths with a lot of change of directions, river crossings reaching 1.100 mt above the sea level. The second special stage was very demanding on the navigation that even an experienced rider such as Jean Brucy got lost, losing valuable time. Despite the difficulties with the road book the riders enjoyed riding on sandy terrain and fast tracks before reaching the village of Tiznit.

brucy02Jean Brucy

Italian Alessandro Fadda won the first stage in front of Arnold Brucy and Spaniard Antonio Gimeno, while the second stage saw on top of the time sheets: Matteo Rizzi,Andrea Fesani and Nicola Quinto.

The provisional podium at the end of the third day was the following: Sandro Calesini ahead of Roberto Zanella and François Charliat

minaudier01Loic Minaudier

Enduro: the liaison was common for both the enduro and the rally competitors, than there were two special “banderolé” enduro stages of 6 and 5 minutes each on a stony terrain. Once again Loic Minaudier consolidated the leadership in the Enduro General Standing.

quinto01Nicola Quinto

Jean Brucy: “The first stage was more technical and required good riding skills while the key element of the second special stage was the navigation. The area was open and there were not so many reference points, moreover there were many traces on the sandy terrain and once I made a mistake, I lost a lot of time to find the correct direction”.

Sjoo Bjorn: “I knew that the navigation was tricky today so I told myself to pay attention on the road book and slow down in terms of speed. But once I was in the stage, I switched off the brain and opend the throttle so I lost the way several times.


Anyway It was good fun. It’s my first time on a rally and I need to learn the best compromise: riding as fast as possible while reading the roadbook!

Mirco Miotto: “I struggled in the SS1 as it was more technical and demanding on a hard stony terrain. The SS2 was beautiful. The sun was shining and I had a lot of fun”.

miotto02Mirco Miotto

Day 4 Tiznit-Agadir, fourth and last stage m 249 SS1 “Petit Sahara” 62 km SS2 Aeroport” 54 km

Another technical and demanding day for the competitors of the Enduro d’Agadir/XRally.

In the first stage the riders tackled the dunes of the “Petit Sahara”.

As in the previous day, the navigation was the key element to be on top of the time sheet and Alessandro Fadda secured his third win stage ahead of Antonio Gimeno and Arnold Brucy.


At the end of the SS4-1 the crossing of a river was particularly demanding and fun to ride at the same time. The navigation was the key also of the second stage: 54 km of sandy fast track and a precise but not tricky navigation.

Antonio Gimeno, who is training in preparation of the Dakar won the second special stage of the day. Unfortunately a navigation mistake made in the morning spoiled his final result, 4th. Gimeno finished the Stage in front of Arnold Brucy and Andrea Manzone. A short liaison took the riders directly on the beach of Agadir for the last picture of the Enduro d’Agadir/XRally.

Regarding the final classification, Sandro Calesini gained the first spot on the podium ahead of Alessandro Fadda and François Charliat.

XRpremiazioniSandro Calesini Alessandro Fadda Francois Charliat with Edo Mossi

X Rally Final Classification
1 ) CALESINI Sandro
2 ) FADDA Alessandro
3 ) CHARLIAT François
4 ) GIMENO Antonio
5 ) GANDINI Marco
6 ) BRUCY Arnold
7 ) DEBRON Arnaud
8 ) BELLINI Paolo
10 ) RIZZI Matteo

beachEnduro race

Enduro The 4th and last day saw the competitors cover 169 km and compete 3 special stages of 4’,30”/3’,00”/2’,00” respectively. The most spectular was the third one that took place on the beach of Agadir. Loic Minaudier confirmed once again his talent and speed, winning the 13th edition of the Enduro d’Agadir.

Enduro Final Classification
2 ) BORER Richard
3 ) LEROY Sebastien
4 ) UDRY Damien
6 ) PITUSSI Stéphane
8 ) BROTELANDE Jean-louis


The Enduro d’Agadir XRally is the first of the three races of the Rally Pro Series Championship. Next events are the Serres Rally that will take place in Greece from the 26th to 31st of August and the Merzouga Rally, Morocco that will take place in October from the 21st to the 26th.
The Championship has a final money prize of 15,000 euro for the winners of the Rally and Rally Lite Category.


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