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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (October 21, 2014) – SPEED Energy Formula Off-Road Presented by TRAXXAS will make its return to Las Vegas Nov. 1 and 5 at the MGM Resorts Village under the famous lights of the Las Vegas strip.

The events will mark the culmination of the Stadium Super Trucks’ (SST) second season and will take place while thousands of off-road automotive experts gather for the annual SEMA show – a premier automotive specialty products trade event. A full schedule of racing will take place both nights with other racing series joining the SSTs, including a full field of high-powered Legend Cars.

The series will race on a similar circuit as last month’s OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, California, which featured dirt and asphalt, metal ramps, a crossover jump and a technical rhythm section.

Tickets are on sale via the MGM box office (877-274-6958 from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. PST) and Ticketmaster, and are priced at $25 for adults, and $15 for children (12 and under) and military personnel. Tickets will also be available at the gate on days of the event.

The SST series has raced in front of more than 600,000 spectators so far this year as well as national television audiences on NBCSN, ESPN and ABC. The series also made its first appearance at ESPN’s X Games Austin and the event was overwhelmingly voted fans’ “favorite moment” on an ESPN.com poll.

The series features identically prepared trucks, which are made to resemble their scaled-down TRAXXAS radio-control-car counterparts. Like their TRAXXAS namesake, the trucks are designed to take flight. However, unlike RC trucks, they generate speeds of more than 150 mph. The trucks race on DOT-approved Toyo Tires and put on breathtaking shows by flying more than 15 feet in the air and hundreds of feet down course, launching off of man-made ramps and jumps.

SPEED Energy Formula Off-Road Presented by TRAXXAS will begin its 2015 season in Adelaide, Australia, and later return back to North America for a full season featuring several IndyCar companion races and a number of stand-alone stadium races the series is known for. A complete 2015 schedule will be announced following the Las Vegas events.

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RJ Anderson XP1K2 – Official Trailer http://www.race-dezert.com/home/rj-anderson-xp1k2-official-trailer-114852.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/rj-anderson-xp1k2-official-trailer-114852.html#comments Tue, 21 Oct 2014 20:10:27 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114852 ]]> xp1k2-rj-anderson-polaris-rzr

XP1K2 is coming November 4th!

The highly anticipated follow up to RJ Anderson’s mind bending viral off-road video XP1K is currently in final stages of editing. For XP1K2, Mad Media and UTVunderground have developed a stunning array of creative obstacles and death-defying stunts. They have transformed a private facility in northern Washington, into a massive off-road playground connected with mountain trails, massive dirt jumps and jaw-dropping man-made obstacles.

Off-Road racing champion RJ Anderson will again pilot a custom built RZR® XP 1000 built specifically to attack the mountain bike style course. XP1K2 will premier in front of a live public audience at the Polaris Camp RZR Glamis event, Halloween weekend, in Glamis Dunes, Calif. The audience will get to see, hear and feel XP1K2 in its entirety at one of the largest ride events of the year!

Directed by The Martelli Brothers – Produced by Mad Media
Photography by Mad Media

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Get in the Game – Race the Biggest Races with VORE http://www.race-dezert.com/home/get-in-the-game-race-the-biggest-races-with-vore-114739.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/get-in-the-game-race-the-biggest-races-with-vore-114739.html#comments Tue, 21 Oct 2014 14:00:09 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114739 ]]> vore-off-road
Imagine yourself blasting down a world famous off-road racecourse; the thrills, the danger, the adrenaline coursing through you as you experience everything an off-road race course can throw at you. From silt beds, to whoops, dry lake beds, to rock strewn passes; VORE (Vegas Off-Road Experience) can deliver that once-in-a-lifetime experience to anyone willing to take up the challenge. Whether it’s Baja, The Mint, or Vegas to Reno, VORE can put together a racing package where you arrive and you’re ready to race.


vore-off-road-challenge-truck-02 vore-off-road-challenge-truck-04 vore-off-road-challenge-truck-05 vore-off-road-challenge-truck-06 vore-off-road-challenge-truck-07 vore-off-road-challenge-truck-08 vore-off-road-challenge-truck-09 vore-off-road-challenge-truck-10 vore-off-road-challenge-truck-11 vore-off-road-challenge-truck-12 vore-off-road-challenge-truck-13 vore-off-road-challenge-truck-14

The VORE Challenge Truck is a tremendous off-road vehicle. The drive is smooth with exceptional wheel travel to get you over the holes and rough that Baja delivers. No matter your driving skill or off-road experience, the VORE Challenge Truck allows you to quickly adjust to the challenges of the race course as the vehicle is extremely forgiving and drivable through the toughest terrain. Also, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of a peninsula run in Baja as the VORE team of experienced off-road racers have already figured out everything that needs to happen in order to get you to the finish line.

If you can’t make it to Baja to race, the next time you’re in Las Vegas check out the VORE facilities. They have a world class short course off-road track that’ll challenge you and help you learn vehicle dynamics on dirt and in the air as you soar over some pretty gnarly jumps. Get in touch with the VORE team today and you could find yourself racing in Baja in November.


vore-off-road-raptor-svt-38 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-31 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-35 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-34 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-29 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-41 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-37 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-48 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-28 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-30 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-39 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-26 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-46 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-27 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-36 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-43 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-45 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-33 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-47 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-32 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-42 vore-off-road-raptor-svt-40

VORE can be reached at 702-622-7770 or via their website at www.vore.com

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2015 F150 Raptor Replacement? http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2015-f150-raptor-replacement-114743.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2015-f150-raptor-replacement-114743.html#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 22:29:18 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114743 ]]> ford-f150-baja-xrt
For whatever reason, FORD is not producing a new Raptor until 2016 but they do have brand new F150 which is an all new stronger lighter design using a combination of high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy and high strength steel. In fact the F150 was covertly raced with a 2013 body on it at last years Baja 1000 as a way to test its durability.

So if you can’t bare the thought of being Raptor-less for an entire year worry not, because A.D.D. has come up with a solution to turn your new stock 2015 F150 in a bad ass off-road machine!  The two different levels of kits are due to be unveiled at SEMA along with the new 2015 F150. The kit rivals the Raptor widen your wheel base 7 more inches and gives you 13 inches of travel in the front and up to 18 inches in the back!

A.D.D has 2 kits. One called the Baja XT which is an under the bed shock kit with less rear wheel travel at about 14” and one called the Baja XTR for a more extreme version. The Baja XTR has a bed cage and shocks that go into the bed to deliver 18” of travel in the rear. Both kits have fully fabricated front suspension system which consists of custom fabricated lower and upper arms and and a custom fabricated replacement spindle. The truck is 7” wider than the normal F150 and both have about 12” front wheel travel with Fox Shocks all the way around. A.D.D also uses a Fox bump stop in the rear for bottom out protection with a custom built mounting kit that is all 100% bolt on.

Here are the details:

2015 Ford F150 Baja XT
Full 7” wider then stock F150
Custom wide body fender kit for front and rear
Front travel of about 12” total
Fabricated lower and upper a-arms
Fabricated replacement spindle
Billet tie rod kit
Rear travel of about 14” total
Ford Factory rear end widened by Currie (or Full fabricated Currie F9 full floater optional)
Custom under bed shock mount and cross member
Bump stop kit in rear

2015 Ford F150 Baja XTR
Full 7” wider then stock F150
Custom wide body fender kit for front and rear
Front travel of about 12” total
Fabricated lower and upper a-arms
Fabricated replacement spindle
Billet tie rod kit
Rear travel of about 18” total
Currie F9 fabricated full floating 4” tube rear end housing
Bolt in bed cage with tire carrier and jack mount
Bump stop kit in rear

Alcon brake update kit
Interior package with leather seats
And much more…..

Now we just need to get your hands on one to test!

ford-f150-baja-xt-race-dezert-02 ford-f150-baja-xt-race-dezert-04 ford-f150-baja-xt-race-dezert-03 ford-f150-baja-xt-race-dezert-01 ford-f150-baja-xt-race-dezert-05 ]]>
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Robby Bell – 24 Hours of Glen Helen October 11/12, 2014 Devore, CA http://www.race-dezert.com/home/robby-bell-24-hours-of-glen-helen-october-1112-2014-devore-ca-114734.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/robby-bell-24-hours-of-glen-helen-october-1112-2014-devore-ca-114734.html#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 21:11:18 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114734 ]]> 24 Hours of Glen Helen October 11/12, 2014 Devore, CA

“Are you ready for twenty-four hours?” It’s a standard question that is
asked through the pits before the start of the John Burr Cycles 24 Hours
of Glen Helen endurance race to get fired up for the long day ahead.
Most answer with an enthusiastic “yes!” but when I actually thought
about my answer, I came to the conclusion that even after pretty much a
decade of participating in this event, I’ve never been truly ready for
the physical annihilation that my body goes through each and every time.
It is with out a doubt the toughest event, both from a physical and
mental standpoint, due to the sleep deprivation, the riding schedule
(usually one hour on the bike, three hours rest, which sounds easy
enough, until you’re actually in the race; wash, rinse, repeat that
cycle five or six times), and the fact that it gets really hard to eat
much in the way of food past two or three in the morning, which means
your body is more than likely beginning to eat itself by the end of the
race. But there must be some kind of satisfaction in the suffering, how
else could I want to keep doing the race year after year.

The 24 Hour has been a rivalry race for a few years now between my team,
Precision Concepts, Kawasaki, and the Honda team (previously JCR Honda,
now WFOx Honda). We’ve had some amazing battles and close finishes, but
our team has come up just short of winning every year since 2009. To
state the obvious, it’s been incredibly frustrating for us, but it’s
been our goal from the time we started racing the 24 Hour on the
Kawasaki to win it, and we weren’t going to stop until we accomplished
that goal.

For this years event our team consisted of Ryan Abbatoye, Justin Seeds,
Ryan Dudek and myself, while the Honda team was made up of Colton Udall,
Ian Young, Mark Samuels and Sean Collier. Once again, it looked as
though we were quite evenly matched and it was going to be yet another
hard fought battle. Traditionally, our strategy has been to go out hot
and try to pull a lead during the daytime to have a cushion as we
reached the night, but I decided to change our strategy somewhat this
time around. We changed the set-up of our bike to be a little softer,
more forgiving (sacrificing a little speed for comfort) and our game
plan was to ride well during the day, but more importantly, to really
peak during the night and into the following morning; that’s when the
race has always been decided.

It seemed early on that we were going to have the best of both worlds as
Ryan Abbatoye got us off to a fantastic start and we held the lead
through our first few rotations, stretching out to around three minutes
during the early afternoon. Then unfortunately we had a little trouble
with the rear brake system during our first major maintenance pit. It
took a little time to get the bike sorted out in the pits and in the
process we had lost the lead as Justin mounted our bike and the sun
began to set behind the hills.

We had dropped a few minutes behind the Honda team as night fell, but
everyone on our team was riding well and there was still so long to go
in the race. I felt confident that if we just stuck to our plan we’d be
fine. That’s when we got thrown another little curveball as during Ryan
Abbatoye’s first stint at night he suffered a pretty terrific crash. He
was on the ridge heading back towards a single-track section with a
lapped rider just ahead of him. Anyone who’s ridden in the dust at night
knows it’s difficult to see the terrain, as when the headlight beam hits
the hanging dust, it creates a thick fog. Ryan wanted to pass the rider
before the long single-track section (so as not to get slowed down since
there was no way to make a pass in the tight stuff) and was trying to
push through the dust to get close enough when his front end hit a rain
rut and he said he literally flew twenty feet through the air into the
bushes on the side of the course. Luckily he was ok physically and got
back going pretty quickly, but the front end of the bike was pretty
twisted and the lights had been shifted as well.

We were able to get the front end fairly straight, but repositioning the
light was more of a guess-and-check procedure, as we’d adjust the angle
to what we thought was close and then our rider would take a lap to see
how it was and if we needed to adjust it again. It took a few laps, but
we finally had the light aiming the way we wanted and we were back up to
speed. The unfortunate fact was that we had dropped nearly ten minutes
behind the Honda; we were closer to getting lapped than we were to the
lead at this point.

Our riders were doing really well, clicking off fast laps at night, and
a little ways past the halfway point of the race we were slowly inching
back toward the leaders, when in the span of just a couple hours the
entire race was turned on its head. First, Honda came in with a fork
problem that took a few minutes for them to get sorted out, then just a
little while later they suffered some light problems and not only had we
retaken the lead, on my second stint during the night I actually passed
the Honda while they were in their pit and put them a lap down. I
remember having to do somewhat of a double take as I rode past, as it’s
pretty rare to see the Honda team having to spend much time in the pits.

From that moment (around three in the morning) on, we never relinquished
the lead. Justin, both Ryan’s and myself did exactly as I’d hoped as we
all produced strong, fast laps during the night, which carried through
into the morning. It was almost surreal as, for so many years, we were
used to disappointment as the race reached the morning hours, but this
time around we were able to ride smooth and pressure-free, and we could
take lengthier pit stops to give the bike a good looking over without
the stress of chasing the race. When we took the checkered flag, we had
maintained nearly seventeen minutes over the Honda team and we had
finally accomplished our long-sought goal of winning the 24 Hours of
Glen Helen.

It goes without saying that I want to thank my teammates. Ryan Abbatoye,
Justin Seeds and Ryan Dudek rode incredibly well and I’m so happy they
wanted to share in twenty-four hours of dirt bike madness with me. Also,
thank you to everyone in the pits who supported us, staying up all
night: Bob, Phil, John, Ty; my wife, Mark Abbatoye, my mom and all of
the girls in our pit for supporting, cheering and cooking for us (having
all of that food made such a huge difference!). Thank you to my personal
sponsors: Precision Concepts, Kawasaki, MSR, Shoei, Sidi, SPY, Focus
Apparel, EVS, USWE, FMF, BRP, A’ME grips, Ryan Abbatoye Designs,
Northland Motorsports, Alamo Alarm, THR Motorsports, and ATP Mechanix
supplements. I’d also like to thank the Goolsby’s for helping us get our
Rigid Industries light package together; the lights were fantastic! I
want to give a shout out to Gary Jones, Ron Lawson and the SRA crew for
putting together a great course. It was probably one of the best 24 Hour
courses in recent memory, and that’s saying something, as the lack of
rain had everyone nervous that the race was going to be a dusty, silty
mess. I was impressed that there weren’t any sections that deteriorated
to the point of having to re-route (which usually happens in dry
conditions) and I don’t think there were too many bottle necks (also
common in the dust), so kudos.

To me, the 24 Hour has such an odd finish: at the close of such a long,
dramatic, mentally exhausting, physically demanding day, it feels as
though there needs to be a huge celebration, a party full of marching
bands and champagne to acknowledge the accomplishment of just finishing
the race, let alone winning. But when the event is over, it literally
just ends. Sure there’s the gathering at the finish, some high fives,
hand shakes and pictures, but then we all walk back to our motorhomes,
pack up our stuff and head home for a day and a half of sleep. I guess,
thinking about it a little further, that pretty much sums up what the 24
Hour event is and why we do it: it’s not for any glory or recognition,
it’s for the personal accomplishment of pushing your body to it’s
physical and mental capacity and sharing that experience with your
closest friends. It’s also the personal satisfaction of knowing you just
accomplished something that most people in this world wouldn’t be brave
(dumb?) enough to undertake in the first place. You can bet that I’ll be
on the entry list in 2015.


Robby Bell www.robbybellracing.com


Thank you to each of the team sponsors: Kawasaki, THR Motorsports,
Dunlop, FMF, Maxima USA, Renthal, GPR stabilizer, Hinson, VP Race Fuels,
IMS, BRP, LA Piston Co., A’ME grips, Braking, RK/Excel, ARC levers, DT1
filters, Acerbis, Zip-Ty, Ryan Abbatoye Designs, Seal Savers, MotoSeat,
MotoHose, Northland Motorsports, CryoHeat, Rigid Industries

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NORRA Announces New Event Formatting For 2015 NORRA Mexican 1000 Rally http://www.race-dezert.com/home/norra-announces-new-event-formatting-for-2015-norra-mexican-1000-rally-114728.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/norra-announces-new-event-formatting-for-2015-norra-mexican-1000-rally-114728.html#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 20:57:16 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114728 ]]> norra1

– Sanctioning Body To Separate Vintage And Evolution Classes –
– NORRA Creates New “Historic Trophy” Category –
– Tire Size Regulations Also Announced For 2015 –

(Agua Dulce, Calif.): As the off-road world prepares for this weekend’s annual gathering at the 2014 Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo Powered By General Tire, NORRA (National Off Road Racing Association) today announced new event formatting and tire sizes for next year’s General Tire NORRA Mexican 1000.

Citing the need to stay true to NORRA’s “Honoring the Past. Forging the Future” event theme, next year’s Mexican 1000 will separate the Vintage four-wheel classes from more modern Evolution and Rally categories. Beginning in 2015, the unlimited-style Vintage class vehicles must represent vehicles (and some technology) that were built by 1992 or earlier.

NORRA will also insure that certain vehicles classes with limited wheel-travel can also participate with the Vintage categories in the rally.

The fun-themed rally — known affectionately as “The Happiest Race on Earth” — is scheduled to take place from Saturday, April 25 through Wednesday, April 29, 2015 and will run the length of the Baja peninsula from the seaside city of Ensenada to the white sandy beach resort town of San Jose del Cabo.



For 2015, NORRA is working toward balancing the needs of vintage racers like Don Roundtree and his recently restored Sandwinder Buggy (top) with the desires and capabilities of modern high-performance cars such as this Team El Martillo four-seater.

More modern historic unlimited off-road vehicles built after 1992 will run with the Evolution and Rally-Raid-based vehicles in a newly named “Historic Trophy” category.

While the 2015 NORRA category regulations are still being finalized, the sanctioning body will also institute new tire size rules. Next year all Vintage four-wheel classes will be limited to 35” tall tire sizes, while all Evolution, Rally and Historic Trophy vehicles cannot use any tire larger than 37” tall.

Along with tightened regulations regarding various Vintage classes, NORRA will also offer separate routes used on each of the four rally day’s to better suit both types of four-wheel vehicles.

NORRA used a similar split route format with very positive results in 2014 and looks to better perfect that unique concept at next year’s 6th annual Mexican 1000 rally. Next year’s rally will once again separate cars and motorcycles with enough time and distance between two and four-wheel entries to insure participant enjoyment and safety.


Motorcycles are an important component to the NORRA Mexican 1000 family of competitors. As it did in 2014, next year NORRA will again evolve its motorcycle format to highly elevate the safety of two-wheel racers all the way down the Baja peninsula.

In addition, those choosing to compete in the Vintage classes will run using NORRA’s traditional GPS (with road book back-up) navigation format, while all Evolution, Rally-Raid and Historic Trophy classes must adapt to the road book and odometer navigation (with limited GPS files as back-up) used in international rally-raid events.

As has been NORRA tradition, the routes will be kept secret until just prior to the rally’s start, with no pre-event course reconnaissance (pre-running) allowed.

“As a group, NORRA wants to insure that our expanding family of racers has a clear understanding of where the Mexican 1000 is going,” explained organization President Mike Pearlman. “We spoke to many of our customers, and it was clear the Mexican 1000 has reached an important crossroad. Creating the most enjoyable event possible while staying true to the vintage off-road movement we are responsible for igniting are our first priorities. Blending those goals while also expanding the event’s ability to insure our Evolution class participants have a good time is a tough balance. We feel that these new formats and tire regulations are the proper way to insure the future.”

A diverse field of over 200 trucks, sedans, buggies and motorcycles are expected to take on a 1,300-plus mile, four-day on and off-road rally in 2015. In keeping with a popular NORRA tradition, online registration for all participants in the 2015 Mexican 1000 will once again commence precisely at 12:00pm (noon, PST) on New Year’s Day, January 1st.

NORRA is supported by the generous support of General Tire, American Racing Wheel, Azunia Tequila, South Point Hotel and Casino, Walker Evans Racing, Bilstein Shocks, KC HiLites and MasterCraft Safety.

# # #

Beginning in 2010, the National Off Road Racing Association (NORRA) began promoting a rebirth of the NORRA Mexican 1000 rally. The unique off-road rally was co-created by promoter Mike Pearlman to consist of special stages (unlimited speed timed stages in the dirt) linked together by controlled speed liaison / transit sections (highway). The one-of-a-kind, once-a-year, four-day rally includes vintage off-road vehicles and motorcycles, rally cars, a limited group of modern desert racecars and classes for prerunner trucks and buggies.

Pearlman’s late father Ed and others established the first running of the NORRA Mexican 1000 off-road rally in November of 1967, which eventually became internationally recognized and evolved into the Baja 1000 in the mid-1970s.

The General Tire NORRA Mexican 1000 is supported by General Tire, American Racing Wheel, South Point Hotel Casino, Walker Evans Racing, Azunia Tequila, KC HiLites, Bilstein Shock Absorbers and Mastercraft/Impact Safety.

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Rigid Industries® Announces Mail-In Rebate Program http://www.race-dezert.com/home/rigid-industries-announces-mail-in-rebate-program-114726.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/rigid-industries-announces-mail-in-rebate-program-114726.html#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 20:50:16 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114726 ]]> Rigid Industries LED Lighting is excited to announce the first ever Rigid Mail-In Rebate Program

Phoenix, AZ – October 7, 2014 – Rigid Industries® LED Lighting, the world’s leader in forward projecting LED lighting via its patented optic systems and torture-tested housing, announces the first ever Rigid Mail-In Rebate Program for consumers. From October 1 to December 31, 2014, Rigid Industries LED Lighting is offering a Rigid mail-in Rebate promotion where the customers can earn up to a $100 rebate with proof of purchase.

Rigid Industries LED Lighting is thrilled to offer this to its customers and dealers around the country. Look to your local authorized Rigid dealer for the signs, rebate forms and countertop displays with all the details. The program is simple: Buy a Rigid product (or products) valued at a certain price and fill in all requested information on the rebate form, which can be downloaded atwww.rigidindustries.com/rebate. Mail in the rebate form with the original retailer receipt and the UPC from the product packaging, and a rebate will be sent directly to the customer.

This offer is valid only for Rigid products purchased in the United States and Canada, and valid for US and Canadian residents only. All rebates must be postmarked no later than January 9, 2015.

Make your purchase now and earn the rewards with the Rigid Rebate mail-in promotion.

About Rigid Industries®: Thanks to its unparalleled patented Hybrid™, Specter™ and Hyperspot™ optics and its torture-tested housings, Rigid Industries® is a world leader in the forward projecting LED lighting industry. Rigid Industries® ranked 316th on the Inc. 500 list for 2014 and ranked as the fastest growing off-road LED lighting manufacturer in America. Rigid LED lighting products can be used in a plethora of applications across industries such as: agriculture, construction, emergency response, industrial, marine, military, mining, and, of course, off-road and power sports. Rigid Industries® is committed to providing top-notch, innovative technologies and always guarantees a quality product which has been designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. For more information and a comprehensive list of products, visit http://www.rigidindustries.com or follow the company onFacebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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2015 Africa Eco Race http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2015-africa-eco-race-114720.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2015-africa-eco-race-114720.html#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 20:45:30 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114720 ]]> THE DUNES ARE GREEN IN MAURITANIA!

News concerning the AFRICA ECO RACE reco team which is actually in Mauritania have arrived! As usual, they were beautifully welcomed by the population with a lot of affection.

After quite difficult recos, mainly due to bad weather conditions in Morocco, Mauritania will be giving some rest for the team.

The rain of the two passed weeks gave birth to a nice green landscape. Camels were seen on top of green dunes, which is pretty.

The team now suffers because of « Chergui » which are sand winds but also because the thermometer is nearly reaching 50°c during the day. Even with such heat, it’s ok, thanks to the air conditioning inside the cars whereas during the night time, temperatures rarely go under 40°c which is really not pleasant.
Because most of the tracks disappeared over the time, the reco team has no other choice than to receive some help from locals, in order for them to find new paths.

4 days to go before entering Senegal which should be cooler.


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Justin Davis & Green Army Dominate at Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge http://www.race-dezert.com/home/justin-davis-green-army-dominate-at-rigid-industries-score-desert-challenge-114716.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/justin-davis-green-army-dominate-at-rigid-industries-score-desert-challenge-114716.html#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 20:37:05 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114716 ]]> For Immediate Release –

Montclair, CA – October 6, 2014: Young gun Justin “El Rey” Davis piloted the Rigid Industries #1085 Class 10 car to victory lane last weekend in Imperial Valley at the Inaugural Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge. Not only did Justin beat the entire class 10 field in the premier sanctioning body, SCORE International, his elapsed time placed him 4th overall against the Class 1 unlimited buggies which also ran in his heat.


The only thing hotter than the weather was the competition in the inaugural Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge held just outside of El Centro, California. Hosted on off-road racing legend Marty Coyne’s property, Roger Norman and crew put on a show that reminded many of the old days of the SCORE Desert Challenge in Laughlin. Intense door-to-door racing over two days would prove to be the exact format Justin excels at. “One year ago, we picked up this 10 car at the Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo from my friend and sponsor Clint Barry. The CBR radiators made it possible to charge hard, despite the hot weather, without missing a beat” Justin said. “We picked up this 10 car because I really enjoy the top notch competition that Class 10 offers and it helps keep my skills sharp when I am not competing in my Jimco Trophy Truck.”

“The racing history in Imperial Valley is something I grew up hearing stories about. To come out here and win like we did makes me really proud of our entire team. I couldn’t race at the level I do without the partnership with Rigid Industries, so to bring home the win at their title event is that much better” Justin said. The next race for the Green Army will be the granddaddy of them all, the SCORE International Baja 1000. Justin and crew will spend their time preparing for this year’s peninsula run by heading south of the border to pre-run and plan the logistics needed to bring home another win.
Green Army Motorsports is proud to represent the finest companies and products in off-road racing, including: Rigid Industries LED Lighting, King Off-Road Shocks, Jamar Performance, K&N Filters, PPM, CBR Performance Products, Reel Drivelines, GatorWraps, Replay Cameras, Jimco Racing, Lucas Oil Products, Dougans Racing Engines, Wiks Racing Engines, Dave Folts Transmissions, Beam Designs, BFGoodrich Tires, MOMO USA, Checkers, Fast-Aid and WRP Premium Threadlocker.

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America’s Top Rally Team Wins On Two Continents http://www.race-dezert.com/home/americas-top-rally-team-wins-on-two-continents-114714.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/americas-top-rally-team-wins-on-two-continents-114714.html#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 20:23:30 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114714 ]]>  

Dakar Dream Hinges On Garnering More Support

October 3, 2014, San Rafael, CA

Rally Pan Am scored two wins on two continents with it’s new team riders. The victories showcase the team’s talent and highlight need for additional sponsor support.

The team’s lead rider, Ian Blythe of Sedalia, CO, won the Dakar Challenge prize at the Australasian Safari, finishing 3rd overall behind American Dakar veteran Quinn Cody. This was Ian’s first rally and the prize is free entry into the Dakar Rally.

The team’s support rider, Scott Bright, also of Colorado, took the overall prize in the Baja Rally in Mexico. Scott bested the efforts of multi-time Baja champions Andy Grider and Steve Hengeveld.

Rally Pan Am is rebooting after the retirement of Jonah Street in 2012. Prior to this week, the new riders were unknown in the rally world, but have now proven that they have the right stuff.

Ian’s prize takes some financial pressure off the team, which is still short of raising the funding needed to make it to the start in Buenos Aires. Team Manager, Dave Peckham, says, “it’s been a difficult challenge to attract sponsors to a rebooted team with unproven riders. But now we’ve made it clear that Rally Pan Am is back, and we have the talent that America needs to challenge the top international teams.”

Interested sponsors are asked to contact Mr. Peckham directly. Both business and grassroots supporters are invited to join the team’s Riff Raff fan club at http://www.rallymanagementservices.com/collections/rally-pan-am-riff-raff.

About Rally Pan Am
Rally Management Services fields America’s premier motorcycle rally team–Rally PanAm. Since 2006, their long-term goal remains the same–to win the Dakar Rally. Rally Pan Am has signed two new riders, Ian Blythe and Scott Bright. They have a multi-year program to put an American rider back in the spotlight.

About The Dakar Rally
The Dakar Rally is the most grueling race in motorsport. The 2015 edition crosses Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile over 14 days and 5000 kilometers. The race takes place in January.

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Bailey saw positives before weather forced postponement http://www.race-dezert.com/home/bailey-saw-positives-before-weather-forced-postponement-114709.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/bailey-saw-positives-before-weather-forced-postponement-114709.html#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 20:05:21 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114709 ]]> bailey
RIVERSIDE, California (September 24, 2014) – To be continued. That’s what Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series officials were forced to say late Saturday (September 20), when heavy rain and lightning in the Las Vegas area forced them to postpone the second round of racing in the Loctite Fight under the Lights.

“I was definitely disappointed,” Stronghold Motorsports Pro 4 driver Brandon Bailey said, “especially after what happened on Friday (when he finished eighth after a first-lap mishap forced him to spend six laps in the pits). I ran pretty good in qualifying on Saturday. I was feeling pretty good and couldn’t wait to go racing.

“I don’t mind the rain, but the lightning is scary.”

It primarily was because of the possibility of a devastating lightning strike in the heavily-populated pits and spectator area at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that officials called a halt to what would have been round 14 of the 15 that determine the major class championships.

The details haven’t been finalized, but the main events in the Pro 4, Pro 2, Pro Buggy and Pro Lite classes that were not run in Las Vegas will be run before the final round of the championships and the season-ending Challenge Cup races at Lake Elsinore (California) Motorsports Park on October 23rd-25th.

That will give Bailey, crew chief Nick Griner and the rest of the team, time to go through the vehicles and make any needed repairs. They will have the opportunity to do some testing to continue refining the new MAVTV/Toyo Tires/SolarWorld Pro 4 Ford truck the team debuted in March and the Pro Buggy of Larry Job, who was having his best weekend of the season at Las Vegas.

Also on the schedule, is an appearance at Lucas Oil Off Road Expo at the Los Angeles County Fairplex in Pomona, California, October 4th-5th.

“I hated to see everything get postponed,” Bailey said, “but now we’ll get to go racing in beautiful Southern California, at home, where I like to go racing anyway. Having three rounds of racing that weekend will be tough on the crew, but it’s a good thing it’s the last weekend (of the short course season). They’ll know they just need to push through and it’ll be over.”

It hasn’t been the type of season the series’ three-time Team of the Year had anticipated because of a series of teething problems with the Pro 4 and hard-to-diagnose issues with the Pro Buggy engine and transmission. The team has maintained a positive attitude throughout it all, however, and showed again at Las Vegas that it remains committed to winning.

Job’s strong fourth-place finish in the Pro Buggy race followed sixth-place showings at the two previous events and positioned him for a top 10 finish in the point standings.

Bailey is ninth in the Pro 4 standings after battling back from the first-lap incident that occurred when “I got off the (Turn 1) tabletop a little bit sideways, with a little bit of help” and was unable to prevent a rollover that resulted in a tow to the hot pit area.

“It was unfortunate,” Bailey said. “We were just in a bad spot and there was not much we could do about it. I was glad we got it fixed and came back out and finished. I think we even gained two points.”

The busiest member of the team on Saturday was the youngest. Madix Bailey, Brandon’s son, drove to a fourth-place finish in the beginner-level Junior 1 Kart main event and then had an impressive seventh-place finish in his debut race in the intermediate-level Junior 2 Kart division.

“It wasn’t a bad weekend for the team,” Brandon Bailey said. “I think we gained some momentum, so it was all good.”


Jan. 31-Feb. 2 Best in the Desert BlueWater Parker 425 desert race, Parker, Arizona
(Finished 2nd in Class 1, 16th overall)
March 14-16 Best in the Desert General Tire Mint 400 desert race, Las Vegas
(Finished 5th in Class 1, 16th overall)
March 22-23 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Wild Horse Motorsports Park, Chandler, Arizona
(B. Bailey 9 & 5, Pro 4; Job 5 & 11, Pro Buggy; M. Bailey 1, Jr. 1 Kart)
April 25-26 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Lake Elsinore (California) Motorsports Park
(B. Bailey 5 & 5, Pro 4; Job 6 & 19, Pro Buggy; M. Bailey 6, Jr. 1 Kart)
May 2-4 Best in the Desert Canidae Tap It SilverState 300
(Finished 14th in Class 1500, 34th overall)
May 10-14 NORRA Mexican 1000, Ensenada to Santa Rosalita, Baja California, Mexico
(Finished 6th in Evolution Unlimited class, 7th overall)
May 30-31 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Wild West Motorsports Park, Sparks, Nevada
(B. Bailey 9 & 10, Pro 4; Job 15 & DNS, Pro Buggy)
June 21-22 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Miller Motorsports Park, Tooele, Utah
(B. Bailey 6 & 10, Pro 4; Job 9 & DNS, Pro Buggy; M. Bailey 6, Jr. 1 Kart)
August 1-2 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Glen Helen Raceway, Devore, California
(B. Bailey 10 & 5, Pro 4; Job 6 & 14, Pro Buggy; M. Bailey 6, Jr. 1 Kart)
August 14-16 Best in the Desert General Tire Vegas to Reno
(Finished 21st in Class 1500; 79th overall)
August 22-23 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Wild West Motorsports Park, Sparks, Nevada
(B. Bailey 8 & 6, Pro 4; Job 6 & 14, Pro Buggy)
September 19-20 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Las Vegas Motor Speedway
(B. Bailey 8, Pro 4; Job 4, Pro Buggy; M. Bailey 4, Jr. 1 Kart, 7 Jr. 2 Kart; 14th round postponed)
October 24-25 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Challenge Cup, Lake Elsinore, California
November 12-16 SCORE Baja 1000 desert race, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

MavTV * Lucas Oil * SolarWorld * Toyo Tires * KC Hilites * Stronghold Engineering * Lamb Energy *
VP Racing Fuels * Go Pro * Kroyer Racing Engines * Pro Power Racing * K&N Filters *
Pro Am Racing Products * Power Steering Solution * Alumicraft * Motive Gear * MSD Performance *
Boot Campaign * Protect the Harvest * Fiberwerx * Sign Pros * Inland Powder Coating *
Eibach Springs * American Wiring Harness * Simpson Race Products * Corona Motorhome Rentals

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Alessandro Botturi Factory Yamaha Racing Dakar 2015 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/alessandro-botturi-factory-yamaha-racing-dakar-2015-114703.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/alessandro-botturi-factory-yamaha-racing-dakar-2015-114703.html#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 19:45:22 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114703 ]]> dakar1

Press release
Alessandro Botturi Dakar 2015 Announcement:
Yamaha Racing Factory Rider!

This is the official press release of an… unofficial press office. Let’s say that the press office of Alessandro Botturi is, for this occasion, the plebiscite of his supporters. So here we are, therefore, at the forefront.
Alessandro Botturi is, from Monday, September 15, 2014, the new Factory Rider of the Yamaha Factory Racing Team Yamalube for the 2015 Dakar. The agreement has been signed in Paris, in the offices of Yamaha Motor France, in the presence of the General Manager Eric De Synes and of Alexandre Kowalski, Marketing and Communications Director. The “negotiations” started at the end of the Sardinia Rally Race, when Alessandro Botturi has risen to the top step of the podium in a Cross-Country Rally World Cup date.

Botturi and Yamaha Racing signed a one-year collaboration agreement with effect from September 15, with a program the core of which is the participation in the Dakar 2015 Argentina-Bolivia-Chile. A projection of the program on the World 2015 is yet to be defined.
Botturi will participate in the entire planning of pre-Dakar tests of his new Team, including the OiLibya Rallye du Maroc NPO, scheduled for October 3 to 9, and the subsequent Merzouga Rally.

The bike.
Alessandro Botturi will ride the brand new Yamaha WR450F Rally. The bike has been completed and will make his first appearance at the OiLibya Rally of Morocco. It is a completely new bike, which condenses the brand’s success story and introduces all the latest technological experiences of the Japanese Factory, and is specifically designed for the Great Rally. The adaptation to the new regulatory solutions imposed engineers to prepare a Yamaha Factory Moto extremely compact and lightweight, with a new generation engine designed for maximum reliability even in the presence of large values of power and torque.

Grazie mille
Piero Batini


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Galindo Motosports returns to BFGoodrich for the remainder of 2014 and on through 2015 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/galindo-motosports-returns-to-bfgoodrich-for-the-remainder-of-2014-and-on-through-2015-114695.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/galindo-motosports-returns-to-bfgoodrich-for-the-remainder-of-2014-and-on-through-2015-114695.html#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 19:34:03 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114695 ]]> galindo1

Galindo Motosports is happy to announce it’s return to BFGoodrich Tires. “We’re really happy to be partnered again with BFGoodrich.” Said Eugenio, driver of the #7 Trophy Truck. “We won a lot of races over the years in the limited classes on BFG’s and we think with BFG’s support this is the final piece of the puzzle to grab that first class win in Trophy Truck.”

“On behalf of BFGoodrich Tires, welcome back!” Commented Nate Hunt of BFG. “After talking with Steven and discussing his plans for the future, being a part of his team just makes sense. We look forward to working with Steven and his team. Good luck guys!”

“BFG’s are Baja tough.” said Eugenio. “We can wait to get on the new KR2 and go for the win at the SCORE Desert Challenge. We’re really happy to be back.”

“As always I want to say thanks to my team, sponsors and partners who make it all possible, we can’t do any of this without them.”

For Chico!

About Galindo Motorsports

Galindo Motorsports is a professional Trophy Truck team racing the SCORE International World Desert Championship series. The two-truck team owned and operated by Fidel Galindo, campaigns a state-of-the-art ID Designs Trophy Truck #7 and a Porter Trophy Truck #8 in the SCORE series. Steven Eugenio pilots the #7 while chief mechanic and co-driver Steve Covey handles navigation. The years of racing in the ultra tough and competitive proving grounds of class 1600, 12 and class 1, has hardened our team into a well-run and winning machine.


For more information on Galindo Motorsports or high resolution images please contact:galindomotorsports@gmail.com


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Toyo Tires launches two new exciting videos http://www.race-dezert.com/home/toyo-tires-launches-two-new-exciting-videos-114689.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/toyo-tires-launches-two-new-exciting-videos-114689.html#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 19:00:19 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114689 ]]> Toyo Tires is excited to share to recent videos on their site at YouTube.com/toyotires.

One action video, entitled “Two of Us” features BJ Baldwin and the new Open Country R/T:

In addition, there is a new Open Country video starring Robby Gordon called “Durability in the Shape of a Tire” also on YouTube:

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From the Driver Seat with Judy Smith: BITD BlueWater Desert Challenge http://www.race-dezert.com/home/from-the-driver-seat-with-judy-smith-bitd-bluewater-desert-challenge-114631.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/from-the-driver-seat-with-judy-smith-bitd-bluewater-desert-challenge-114631.html#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 17:39:17 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114631 ]]> from-the-drivers-seat-judy-smith
This was a cumulative two-day event, so the times from Day 1 and Day 2 were added together to determine the various winners. We talked to as many as we could catch on Sunday, as they finished. They rolled down off of the podium after talking to George Antill, and some sprinted away, obviously heading for a cold drink or a bathroom.

There were 199 entries, split into five races each day. They started with the slower classes, and built to the Trick Trucks and Trick Truck Specs, which capped off each afternoon. Each event was three laps long (except for the Sportsman Class which did just two) and consisted of two 26 mile loops, and a third of just 21 miles, for 73 miles each day: a total of 146 miles for the event.

Best In The Desert watered the course, which is entirely on Indian land, for a week before the event, then overnight the night before, and Saturday night on race weekend, and throughout the weekend, depending on where it was needed, at any given time. Spectator areas and the finish line were kept damp also. But there was still plenty of dust out on the track. Happily, there was enough breeze to keep it moving most of the time.

The first event started just before sunrise each morning, so they had some sun in their eyes, but no one seemed inclined to complain. This group was mostly side-by-sides, but also included a few “pre-runners” who did only one or two laps, plus the JeepSpeeds, and the Sportsmen, for a total of 67 vehicles on the course.


#1846 Merlin Johnson: Johnson had his grandson, Cody, navigating for him on Sunday. He said the course “got worse and worse and worse!” Saturday they’d had trouble when the throttle “hung wide open”, but Sunday was trouble free. Their car was a Desert Dynamics four seater. They won the Sportsman class.

#1827 Faith Kincaid: Kincaid drove Saturday and Richard Robinson drove Sunday, each navigating for the other. They had a short in the wiring on Sunday, but Saturday had been flawless. With the wiring problem they couldn’t run their helmet pumpers, a big disadvantage on such a dusty course. They too, said that the course was “way rougher and softer” and that in the Python (the infield “short course” section) it was particularly dusty and hard to see. They were third Sportsman for the weekend.

#1913 Branden Sims: Sims drove the Polaris both days, with Justin Krause navigating. He said they’d had “two good days”, and actually “had no dust most of Sunday”, because of their up front start position. Justin Krause, his navigator, said, “I was hungover” so it was probably a good thing he was dust free.

#1919 Brandon Schueler: Schueler drove and Blake Van de Loo navigated. Their Polaris was new for the Vegas to Reno this year, so this was just its second race. They said that this event is “a bit more stressful, more pressure” than the Vegas to Reno event, because “you know how close it is.” They got the win.

#1906 Paul Cooper: Paul drove and his son, Chris, navigated. This was the first race for their Polaris, and they finished with a destroyed right front A-arm. This was their first BITD event.

#1904 Cory Sappington: Sappington drove their Can-Am Maverick Max, and Donovan King navigated. They said they’d had no problems on Sunday, but on Saturday they “broke every CV and bent two tie rods.” For Sunday’s run Sappington said, “I tried to stay off the accelerator when I was in the air.”

#1917 Jason Murray: Jason drove on Sunday and his brother, Derek, drove on Saturday. Sunday they lost two axles. They said it was “really soft.” They added that their “shocks went away, and the car bounced around.” They were really proud to add that they’ve had 30 starts in BITD events, with 30 finishes.

#3799 Tarek Karam: Karam drove the Jeep on Sunday and Billy Bunch drove on Saturday. Bunch broke an axle on Saturday, and had some power steering trouble. Karam had a “bad vibration”, so didn’t use his 4WD all the time. He thought it was a “fun course.” They started the weekend with a new motor.

#3704 Bob Mamer: Mamer drove his Jeep both days, with Mark Courn navigating. They said they’d “almost got stuck” a couple of times Sunday, but had no problems on Saturday.

#1942 Joe Owen: On Sunday Owen drove the Polaris, and Sean Wolfe navigated. On Saturday Scott McFarland drove and Owen navigated. Saturday they had “issues” with their four wheel drive and the fuel pump, but not on Sunday. They said, “Now we’re gonna go take a shower.”

#1918 Justin Lambert: Lambert drove both days, with Justin Sheakley navigating. They said they’d “started 20th” on Saturday and got up to second on the road, then lost a belt, and finished fourth. Sunday they were “conservative for two laps”, and on lap 3 a drive belt broke, and that “cost 45 minutes all told.”

#3798 Rob White: White drove the Jeep both days. He said this truck was driven to victory by Roger Mears in the 1978 Baja 1000. This weekend Alan Kaiser navigated on Saturday and Josh Mattox was in for Sunday. On Saturday they broke a wheel and that broke a brake line. So they pinched it off and then went to the pit. Sunday was good – “no problems.” The Jeep was bright red – a real Roger Mears color.

#3718 Brian Davidson: Davidson drive and John Tuben navigated their Jeep. Zak Steel navigated on Saturday. They ran with only half their brakes and half their steering on Saturday, and no front drive on Sunday. They were a lap short Saturday, thus a DNF.

#1707 Skyler Gambrell: Gambrell did only three miles on Saturday, in his Jeep, and broke a water pump. He started dead last on Sunday, and his fuel pumps were “working intermittently”. He ran on five cylinders, “mostly.” He was another DNF.

#1922 Bret Ferrell: Ferrell drove the Polaris on Sunday, and Russell Griffin drove Saturday. Jon Arnold navigated both days. They said they “ate a lot of belts today.” They’re from Tennessee, and have raced the whole season. They said they’d used up five belts in all.

#1724 Rob Seibert: Seibert, who drove, said they’d “played the turtle today.” His dad, Cliff, navigated both days. They came down from Oregon for this event, and had no pit crew. Their engine was cutting out, but they said that was “not that big of a deal.” They were second in their class.

#1731 Dustin Hoffman: Hoffman, too busy celebrating to talk much, said they’d had to change a fuel filter in the Hot Pit and had been stuck. He won his class.

#3767 Mike McCombs: McCombs and Jason Mac were both in the Jeep both days. They said the “trans is no bueno – ran out of gas, broke a sway bar and broke a shock, but we made it.”

#1787 Joey Miller: Miller drove, with his dad, Rick Miller, navigating Saturday. Mike Lutz navigated on Sunday. They described the course as “One big water puddle”, and said they’d been stuck on the first lap. Saturday they had “zero problems.” (There was a section of pavement, near town, that was heavily watered to keep dust from annoying local citizens, and racers who came by shortly after the water truck (in all classes) were sure to complain about all the water.)

#1902 Jeff Obering. Obering brought his Polaris in about 20 after nine, and reported that he’d tossed four belts. His navigator, Darren Gillhouse, thought the number was five. They said they’d been one of the entrants held at the start area, while starters in the next event were flagged off. This was a bit frustrating, but the BITD kept track of the times, and corrected the total race time accordingly, so it didn’t change much, though, of course, it meant that those who were thus behind the first lap of the next race, had a lot more dust to contend with on their own last laps.

#1912 John Melvin: John drove the Polaris, and his brother, Melvin, navigated. They said they’d had electrical problems, and had to “keep pulling over to the side to fix the injector harness.” But they’d had no flat tires. They were also held for the start of the next event.

#1786 John Brannon: Brannon drove the Jeep and Brendan King navigated. They had “no trouble either day.” Then they added, “It was about finishing.”

#1717 Eric Heiden: Heiden finished uncharacteristically late, at ten of ten, reporting that he’d broken a lower arm on his Jeep. Dylan Cochran navigated on Sunday. On Saturday they’d DNF’d with a blown rear end. Sunday they lost all forward gears when the linkage “popped into neutral”. Cochran slithered under the Jeep with a wrench and managed to put it into 4WD, and then they went on to finish.


#1153 Brad Wilson: Wilson drove the Jimco Saturday and Kyle Quinn drove on Sunday. They said they’d had “no problems, no issues.” Then they added that “the course is rough, sandy. We kept to our plan to be out front and here we are.” They took the weekend win. They said they’d had a “good battle with Mike Malloy off the start, then he had power steering trouble and Kyle went by.” They added that it was “A pretty easy race – nice big holes, nice and silty.” They had no flats. (Note: The Wilson Class 1500 car lost a torque convertor on Saturday.)

#6006 Logan Holladay: Holladay drove and his fiancee, Tyler Eubanks, navigated. They had no problems either day, but “it was dusty.” The team said it was so dusty on Sunday that they were down to “one mph.” They added that the course was very rough, rougher than last year, and siltier than last year.

#6002 Todd Jackson: Jackson drove both days and Mike Slater navigated both days. They said they’d had “no mechanical issues all weekend.” Their truck was brand new, its first race having been the Vegas to Reno event. They added they’d run the same tires this weekend that they ran at the V to R. They said it was a “close race, down to seconds.” And they won by just 27 seconds.

#3002 Tim Brown: Brown drove both days, with Kevin Maxson navigating both days. They pointed out that their car is a “truggy.” They said their only problem had been, “Just dust – no wind – tons of dust – started way back – tons of dust.”

#1178 Steve Melton: Didn’t stop to chat.

#1160 Mike Malloy: Malloy drove Sunday and Rick Poole drove Saturday, in their Jimco. They have a GPS mounted in the one-seater, but said they don’t use it.   They lost a power steering belt on the first lap and got a new one in the Hot Pit on the second lap. Jimmy Hook fixed it for them.

#6001 P.J. Guglielmo: Guglielmo did all the driving, and Shon Hepler did all the navigating. On Saturday they tipped it over on to its side and lost 20 minutes or so, finishing back in about eighth place they thought. On Sunday it was “pretty flawless”, but “the motor is getting hot.” They said they liked the race, “but it’s rough.”

#6048 Jeff Mortis: Mortis drove Sunday only, and navigated on Saturday. Lewis Chamberland drove on Saturday and Brett Young navigated on Sunday. Mortis said, “The only problem in two days was I put it on its lid with five miles to go – half on cement and half on dirt.” A BITD truck was right there to help set them back up, and they figured they’d lost no more than five minutes.

#2031 Wheeler Morgan: Morgan drove his custombuilt one seater both days. It has a GPS unit in the cab, but he said he uses it only when it’s dusty. He won his class, telling us that he got some good coaching from his brother-in-law, Justin Lofton.

#2019 Ryan Mattox: Mattox drove both days in his one-seat Alumicraft. He was first on Saturday, but got stuck four times on Sunday. He has a GPS mounted in his car, and uses it.

#2027 Day Gang Daniel: Daniel did the driving and Nick Tonelli navigated for her both days. She said it was “fairly uneventful”, she had stuck cars to get around a couple times, and did a lot of driving in first and second gear. She said, “The game was momentum.” She finished third.

#1157 Gavin Ferguson: Ferguson drove on Saturday and his wife, Whitney, navigated for him in their Bunderson. They lost a plug wire near the end of lap one, and got it fixed in the hot pit. They had no other trouble. On Sunday Steve Waters drove and Dave Jackson navigated. A rolled-over Trophylite blocked the course, and since they had no reverse gear they were stopped for a bit. Someone pushed them back, onto a berm, and they got high centered for about a half hour. The BITD finally turned them loose. They had no flats and no mechanical problems.

#6099 Gene Addison: Addison drove on Sunday with Daniel Plaza navigating. It was the first time Addison drove a Trophylite. On Saturday Rick L. Johnson drove, with his 16-year-old daughter, Ashley, navigating. It was the first time she’d been in a race car.

#1002 Cody Freeman: Freeman drove the Bunderson both days, and won both days. He said that on Saturday it was soft and “Air, ground, air, ground. . . .” The crew made a shock adjustment overnight and “that helped.” He added, “I’ve got nothin’ to report but good things.”

#1049 Adam Pfankuch: Pfankuch drove and Josh Treman and Seth Walther navigated. It’s a brand new car. He started behind Freeman and a truck and was stuck behind the Class 8000 truck for a lap. Pfankuch said he “pushed hard” on the last lap. He finished second.

#8027 Steve Olliges: Olliges drove both days and Jason Bateman navigated both days in the Ford.   On Sunday, Olliges said he “Didn’t have to push it today.” The rear end overheated and was on fire on the last lap Saturday, so their last lap was slow that day. The crew changed the ring and pinion overnight and they had no problems on Sunday. They ran on the same set of tires both days.

#1087 Troy Messer: Messer drove the Jimco one-seater both days. He said there were “really huge, big bumps.” And added that he “had to hold on for dear life. . . had a few close calls.” He had a GPS, but didn’t use it.

#7287 Dallas Luttrell: Luttrell drove both days. Bill Billington and Billy Goerke navigated for him. They had “no problems, no flats – great race – rough today.”

#7281 Randy Merritt: Merritt drove both days in the Ford and his son, R. J., navigated for him. Merritt said he had “made some changes in the truck – live and learn.” They had no problems either day. Merritt and his son are local boys, from Parker.

#1053 Kyle Quinn: Quinn drove this Jimco on Saturday and Brad Wilson drove it on Sunday, so the team ran two cars in the same race each day. (See Car #1153). Jeremy Munyon navigated both days. He said he “never had to get out.” They had no problems either day, and were happy with their “new tires from BFG.”

#1014 Roberto Romo: Romo drove the Alumicraft on Sunday and Cody Robinson drove it on Saturday. He had a flat and lost ten or 15 minutes with it. Sunday “was good.” This was their first time racing here. They had a busy weekend, racing on Saturday in the CODE race down south of the border, winning the 1600 class there, then heading north to Parker.

#1013 Ryan Hancock: Hancock drove the Alumicraft both days, and Jordan Poole navigated. They had no trouble at all, and said that the course was “really rough.”

#1068 Blade Hildebrand: Hildebrand drove both days and Josh Thompson navigated both days. They lost their power steering pump on Saturday and stopped for a fix which cost ten minutes. They had no problems on Sunday. This was the first time Hildebrand drove in a race.

#7298 Jordan Brenthel: Brenthel drove both days. He said he was on his lid on Saturday for 20 minutes. Ryan Graham navigated both days. They made up time on Sunday, and had no problems.

#8025 Macrae Glass: Glass drove the Ford on Saturday and Curt LeDuc drove on Sunday. LeDuc had no brakes on the last lap. Glass had no problems on his stint. But they did think the steering was “a little vague.” LeDuc built the truck and raced it a couple of years before Glass bought it.

#1072 Keith Waibel: Waibel drove both days and Jeff Vetter navigated both days. They said that on Sunday “there was a lot of dust.” They got stuck once and had to back down a hill to get unstuck.

#1035 Mitch Armstrong: Armstrong drove both days and Ben Shaw navigated both days.

#7208 Adrian Diaz: Miguel Velardo Jr. drove on Saturday, and Diaz drove on Sunday. Saturday they had a shock problem that caused a rollover. They said it was “not right today either – can only go fast in the flat.” They were trying “to dial it in.” This team lives in Parker also.

#1056 Johnny Buss: Buss did the driving while Jim LeVesque and Ron Satter navigated. They had no car problems until near the end, when they had an “engine noise.”

#7244 Matt Lovell: Lovell drove the Ford, with navigating from Bret Meister and Gavin Wallace. They said that Saturday had been pretty brutal, with no power steering for the final 15 miles. Lovell said that ‘finishing was one of the most difficult tasks I’ve done.” This was their first time at this event, though they had competed in the Parker 425. They noted that they needed “Taller tires.”

#1575 Harley Letner: Letner drove the Tatum and Jimmy Hook navigated. They said, “It was an intense first lap.” Letner added, “All I had to do was stay ahead of him” (referring to Lalo Laguna.)

#1531 Lalo Laguna: Laguna drove and Charlie Holbert navigated the Geiser both days. Said Laguna, “We tried as hard as we could to catch him.” (Referring to Letner.) They had no problems, and Laguna said it was “a really, really clean day.” They have a new motor – a bigger motor than they had before. Said Laguna, “The tranny – she is not really happy.”

Note: There were 25 Class 1500 cars racing, but only eight finishers.

#1553 Ray Griffith: Griffith drove the Jimco both days, with Mike Hill navigating, and celebrating his 30th birthday in the car on Sunday. Griffith said, “The course was soft and rough, and top speeds were way down because of that.”

#1527 C. J. Hutchins: Hutchins drove both days with Drew Aguiar, in his first race ever, doing the navigating. C. J. said they were “happy to be here” (at the finish.) He added that the “holes are definitely bigger, really, really soft, hard to get these things going. Good clean run.”

#1501 Jon Walker: Walker drove both days and Brad Barron navigated both days. Said Walker, “Damn near killed ourselves twice – had it on its nose a couple times.” But, he added, they’d had no mechanical problems and no flats.

#1590 Kevin Thompson: Thompson drove the Jimco both days and Brian Crawford navigated both days. They didn’t finish on Saturday, due to a throttle body that got bent. They worked on the car all day and night to get it ready for Sunday, and it ran trouble-free, except that it finished on a right rear flat tire.

#1519 Shannon Campbell: Campbell did all the driving. His car is a four-wheel-drive rock racer that he designed and built. On Saturday he had a flat, but since he carries no spare (because there’s no mount for one) he simply ran on the empty wheel. BITD officials stopped him as he neared the pavement section, not wanting him to tear up the roads of Parker, and made him put on a new tire and wheel, which they’d apparently taken out to him. On Sunday a belt and a pulley came off, and he had another flat. This time he drove ten miles on it to the pit and got a new tire. His four-wheel-drive, which sometimes doesn’t survive, was still working at the finish this time. He said he’d had a few problems “on the hills”, and “I landed on one of ‘em (another racer) – I better go tell him I’m sorry.” He thought maybe it was Lofton.

#1560 Brad Etter: Etter drove the Porter both days. He had Curt Martensen and Kenny Sanatar as navigators. Saturday the car overheated and they did only one lap, but the car “ran really good” on Sunday.

#1566 Levi Rockhill: His car is a Rockhill. He said that it had overheated and he’d “had to back out of it.” But he added that he’d had no flat tires.

#1561 Ben Napier: Napier drove the Penhall and Clem Grieco navigated. They DNF’d on Saturday because they’d overheated and lost a front CV. This car is another rock racer, and Napier comes from Australia to race here in the KOH. It ran hot the first lap Sunday, but the second two laps were much better.

#1562 Ladd Gilbert: Ladd is apparently the father, and Sean Gilbert, his son, and both drove. Ladd rolled on Saturday. And Sean finished with a broken front shock bypass on Sunday. He was very late getting his laps done.

#94 Steve Strobel: At 2:40 on Sunday, Strobel parked in the area just beyond the finish line and climbed out of his truck. He said that on Saturday a part failed and heated up the transmission, which then quit. They’d gone eight miles. “Today we made a lap. It’s really, really soft out there.” His motor was gone.

#27 Steve Olliges: Olliges drove the Ford on Saturday, and Rob MacCachren drove on Sunday. Olliges finished third to Daniel on Saturday by 5 minutes. MacCachren worked hard to make it up. He drove an awesome race, and took the Sunday event by a minute and 13 seconds, but it wasn’t enough to get the weekend win. At the finish he said, “Actually, I wish it was raining today. I beat Losch going out of the infield, then Voss had a problem and I got him. It was a good weekend. Good weekend on the river too.” He added, “The rolling whoops are really deep – great fun! Nothing went wrong.”

#90 Josh Daniel: Daniel drove his twin-turbo Ford both days. He said, “I knew if Rob got around me he could check out. We tried to save the truck, backed down to save it. Rob was comin’ hard. We needed to stay positive and not break the truck.”

#32 Shawn Croll: Croll drove both days. He said it had been a “great day today – had one bit of bad luck yesterday that put us last on the road. Today was an awesome day!”

#69 Carl Beal: Beal drove his Geiser both days. He said, “For an ol’ boy from Texas, we did pretty good!”

#45 Scott Schovajsa: Schovajsa drove the truck both days with Brock Dudley navigating both days. They said they’d had “no truck problems”, and said it was “a real rough course.” Schovajsa also drove the #1541 car, in which he’d had a flat on Sunday, and finished sixth in class.

#59 Craig Potts: Potts drove the Geiser both days. He said, “We were trying hard today – it was a good day, great weekend. Super dusty – couldn’t see the front of the truck.”

#6119 Brett Sourapas: Brett drove the Mason both days, with Robert Mason navigating. He said he “ran on cruise control” to win the race, and had had no flats for the weekend. He was surprised to learn that he was fourth overall for the final race of the day, finishing ahead of many of the full-fledged Trick Trucks, while winning the Trick Truck-Spec Engine class.

#57 Carty Beal: Seventy five year old “Gramps” (Carty) Beal drove laps one and two in the Geiser on Saturday, and Brian Sherry, his son-in-law did the last lap. On Sunday Sherry drove all the way. They had no trouble, and said it was a “super fun weekend.”

#15 Jim Beaver: Beaver drove the Ford both days, and as it’s a single-seat truck, did his own navigating. On Saturday he lost second gear on the first lap, and lost power steering on the last lap. He said he “did a lot of work the last mile.” About Sunday – “All good today.” But the crew had worked on the truck overnight until 3 a.m.

#6175 Sean Backus: Backus drove the Camburg on Sunday, while Jason Campbell drove on Saturday. Trina Campbell navigated on Sunday. They said it was “real soft.”

#6106 Christian Sourapas: Sourapas drove and Conor Jackson navigated. On Sunday they had no radio, so they used hand signals to communicate. They had no flats for the weekend.

#6158 Tony Smiley. Smiley and Jeff Geiser did the driving in the Geiser truck. Perry Vincent navigated. They said that on Sunday they “Used first gear a lot.” They also said, “It was very dusty.”

#79 Dana Nicholson: Nicholson drove on Sunday and Andy Rodman drove on Saturday. Eric Bingie and Aaron Gomez navigated for them. They said it was “a little rough”, but they had no mechanical problems on Sunday. On Saturday they’d had a fuel pump problem.

#93 Kevin Curtis: Curtis drove the Jimco both days, and on Saturday he “cartwheeled it off the road”, going over three or four times. Fortunately, there were people near where he landed to help, but in any case, he was a non-finisher on Saturday, and thus, a non-finisher for the weekend. He’d bent the front end, so he had some parts flown in and his crew worked all night to make repairs. Matt Ortiz navigated on Saturday and Lauren Armstrong navigated Sunday.

#58 Tracy Graf: Graf drove the Ford both days and rolled it two separate times on Saturday. Once he went over sideways, and once end-over-end. He said he’d kept it on its wheels Sunday, with “no big issues.” Curtis Warner navigated both days.

#34 Ken Losch: Losch did all the driving in the Geiser, and Caleb Derby navigated both days. on Sunday they came upon Kyle LeDuc going slowly with a problem in a canyon, and while trying to get around him Losch got himself high-centered and stuck. He and Derby did some digging, but ultimately the Canaday truck pulled them out.

#6183 Darren Rude: It wasn’t clear who drove this team’s vehicle. They list brothers Anthony and Jeff Terzo, who were each in the truck on one of the weekend days, and also Rude, and Andrew Whitehead. They broke a power steering hose on Saturday and had one flat. Unfortunately, they were among the DNFs.

#53 Adam Lunn: Lunn drove the Ford and Ryan Landik navigated all the way. It’s fairly amazing that it was even at the event, having been smashed nearly flat in a multiple rollover during the Vegas to Reno race. At the finish there it had looked like rolling trash when it came in. This time they had a power steering problem on Saturday and an oil pressure problem on Sunday, but they finished both days. The team is from Texas.

#1 Jason Voss: Voss drove the Ford and James East navigated both days. After finishing second on Saturday, things went really bad on Sunday and the news came over the radio, that he’d “lost all the water out of his radiator”.     It turned out it wasn’t quite that bad – but it was bad enough – the fans weren’t working, and he’d had to stop twice to let it cool down. And, when he was running, he wasn’t able to go at top speed. But he did get a finish.

#6130 Sam Cothrun: Cothrun drove the Chevy on Sunday and Chad Hall drove on Saturday. Jim Berryman and Tim Sanders navigated. They said the truck doesn’t really have enough wheel travel to be competitive, so they ran “for points.” The fan shut off but the breakers didn’t pop, and the truck overheated. They were “a long time getting it home.” At the finish they discovered that one c.v. boot was “wrecked” also.

It was a busy weekend, with a total of 199 starters divided into five events each day. They started at sunrise, and finished well before dark – in fact, just in time for showers for everyone and then a nice dinner to cap things off. The awards were held at 5 p.m. and there was plenty of time for everyone to make it. Whew!

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/from-the-driver-seat-with-judy-smith-bitd-bluewater-desert-challenge-114631.html/feed 1
Watch the Ultra 4 Nitto Nationals LIVE from Reno, NV http://www.race-dezert.com/home/watch-the-ultra-4-nitto-nationals-live-from-reno-nv-114614.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/watch-the-ultra-4-nitto-nationals-live-from-reno-nv-114614.html#comments Sat, 18 Oct 2014 06:47:30 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114614 ]]>


Thursday, October 16th
6:00 – 9:00PM Driver Registration @ Atlantis Casino
Friday, October 17th
8:45 Drivers Meeting for Practice
9:00 – 11:00 4400 Practice/pre-running
11:00 – 12:00 Stock/Mod/Spec/Legends practice – pre-running
12:00 – 12:30 UTV Practice/pre-running
12:30 – 1:30 Track Maintenance
1:45 Drivers Meeting for Qualifying
2:00 – 6:00 Qualifying for all Classes – Short Course Only
Saturday, October 18th
7:30 Limited Class Drivers Meeting – UTV, 4500-4800
8:00 – 8:30 UTV Prelim
8:45 – 9:15 Stock Prelim
9:30 – 10:00 Legends/Spec/Mod Prelim
10:00 – 10:30 Track Maintenance
10:15 Unlimited Drivers Meeting – 4400
10:30 – 11:00 Prelim 1 – 4400 – 10 cars advance to final
11:15 – 11:45 Prelim 2 – 4400 – 10 cars advance to final
12:00 – 12:30 UTV Main
12:30 – 1:00 Track Maintenance/lunch
1:15 – 2:00 4400 B Main – 4 cars advance to final
2:15 – 2:45 Stock Main
3:00 – 3:15 4400 LCQ – 1 car advances to the final
3:30 – 4:15 Legends/Spec/Mod Main
4:15 – 4:45 Introduction of Drivers/Track Maintenance
5:00 – 5:45 4400 Main Event – 25 Cars
7:00 PM Doors Open @ Atlantis Ballroom for ULTRA4 Nitto Banquet
8:00PM Banquet Dinner and Awards Ceremony Begins @ Atlantis Casino
Banquet Dinner Tickets for sale until October 14th!

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2015 “PURE UTV” SERIES SCHEDULED RELEASED It’s now an International Series UTVs HIT BAJA & ENSENADA! http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2015-pure-utv-series-scheduled-released-its-now-an-international-series-utvs-hit-baja-ensenada-114606.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2015-pure-utv-series-scheduled-released-its-now-an-international-series-utvs-hit-baja-ensenada-114606.html#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2014 21:35:26 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114606 ]]> California City, CA – October 4, 2015 – Dates for THE AVE/Baja Promotions 2015 events were released today showing the addition of one event in the series (from five events to six) and showing two specific and first-time-ever events in Baja California.

Lou Peralta, CEO of AVE/Baja Promotions just returned from Baja California, with an agreement endorsed not only by land-owners and members of Ejido Coronel Esteban Cantu, but by the Federal, State and City governments for two additional events as part of the 2015 PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT Series.

The additional two events will be in Ensenada, Baja California, MX, on an exclusive basis to AVE/BPR. The route is all inside the famous Ejido Coronel Esteban Cantu, located 18 miles south of Ensenada, near the famous “Bufadora” tourist attraction.

According to Peralta, the course will consist of a 25.8 mile-loop for the first event in May 27-29, 2015, traveling counter clock-wise and the event scheduled for later in the year, September 11-13, 2015, will run clock-wise.

What makes these two events so unique and bordering on “epic” status is that this route and the Ejido have never been used for any type of event, including off-road. The spectacular views and panoramas that racers will have the opportunity to witness, are no less than breathtaking, as the route meanders through hillsides, ridges, canyons and onto the Pacific Coast beach, before heading inland on a tight but lusty-green canyon before climbing to the top of the mountain range known as Punta Banda and El Retiro, on the way back to the finish. Simply “Spectacular” says Peralta. He added, “I remember being in this area many years ago as we negotiated with the Ejido to possibly place power-generating wind mills, so it was fortunate that I remember how excited and awe-stricken I was then, when I traveled these fabulous routes.”

And interesting plus about the location of the race course, in some ways, is that there will be restricted access to all spectators into most of the course, save for specific areas that will be set aside for viewing. An emphasis will be made by the promoter, the city and the Ejido to invite thousands of spectators from Ensenada to view the events, but only in restricted areas.

In Baja this is a rare commodity since in the last few decades huge crowds gather along routes of the San Felipe 250 and Baja 500 and 1000 events, at times presenting dangerous situations for locals and racers alike. Instead, access to the race course will be limited through certain entryways, and in some cases spectators will not be able to leave until the event is concluded, but they will be able to see spectacular racing.

IMG_9056 copy
The first event in Baja and third event as part of the PURE UTV SERIES, is The Punta Banda “125” – May 15-17, 2015. There will be pre-rerunning starting on the Wednesday, May13 and Thursday, May 14, before the event, and on Friday, May 15 from 6 a.m. until Noon, before Contingency and Tech opens in Ensenada, in front of “host” hotel, the famous Hotel San Nicolas, where hundreds of functions have been held over forty years and where Sunday’s awards will also take place.

The second Ensenada event, the PURE “200” and fifth outing of the PURE UTV Series is set for September 11-13, 2015, this time the course will run clock-wise. More details after the first event is concluded.

It is anticipated that a large throng of U.S. racers will take part in these two events, especially since Baja California Tourism and Ensenada in particular, are pulling all the stops to insure and assure racers, their families and friends, that “safety” for their travels into Mexico is paramount.

It’s anticipated that certain times before the weekend of the race will be set aside by the offices of Tourism and the Ensenada Municipality to meet racers at designated border spots to “caravan” to Ensenada. Peralta, who has promoted hundreds of events in Baja since 1986, indicated that when he first started bringing power-craft or jet-craft racers into Baja, this was an added feature that assured everyone from the States that they were not only welcome but were safe to travel. After the first couple of times, racers just came in on their own as most of us have been doing for over forty years. More details will be provided as the date gets near.

But what prompted Peralta to return to Baja is “The incredible amount of talent in Baja Norte and Sur who are now beginning to get into UTVs. This is an area we believe it’s going to explode with UTV racers,” said Peralta. He added that no less than forty-plus racers now own some type of UTV and can’t wait to have a series such as the PURE Series come into Baja.

The 2015 PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES is a six-event series consisting of the PURE “125” – January 30-31 in Cal-City; the PURE “150” – Mar 27-28 – Cal City; the PURE PUNTA BANDA “125” – Ensenada, Baja California, MX, May 15-17; the PURE “150” – Jul 17-18, Night Race in Cal-City; the PURE PUNTA BANDA “200” – Ensenada, Baja California, MX – September 11-13; and the final event of the series, which pays “Double Points” the PURE “250” — October 23-24 – in Cal City. CA.

Racer’s best five (5) of the six events in the series will be counted for the Class and Points Championships. Moreover, there will be a “Special award” to the best Overall points finisher in the two Ensenada events, coincidently, named the “Ensenada KUP,” where both Mexican and American racers will be eligible to win it.

Finally, the “Crown Jewel,” of awards is the “1K-KUP” given, once again, at the end of the season to the racer/team with the most miles and best Overall finishes in the Series.

For more information please visit: www.averacing.com or contact AVE/BP Racing at P.O. Box 2141, California City, CA 93504. You can also e-mail to: info@averacing.com

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2015-pure-utv-series-scheduled-released-its-now-an-international-series-utvs-hit-baja-ensenada-114606.html/feed 0
SPEED Energy Formula Off-Road Presented by TRAXXAS Starting 2015 Season in Australia http://www.race-dezert.com/home/speed-energy-formula-off-road-presented-by-traxxas-starting-2015-season-in-australia-114604.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/speed-energy-formula-off-road-presented-by-traxxas-starting-2015-season-in-australia-114604.html#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2014 21:16:31 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114604 ]]> SPEED Energy Formula Off-Road Presented by TRAXXAS
Starting 2015 Season in Australia

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (October 16, 2014) – Stadium Super Truck series founder Robby Gordon and South Australian Tourism Minister, Leon Bignell, announced today the SPEED Energy Formula Off-Road Presented by TRAXXAS 2015 season will start in Adelaide, Australia, in conjunction with the Clipsal 500 Adelaide.

The Clipsal 500 Adelaide attracted more than 273,600 spectators over four days in 2014. The invitation from Australia’s premier motorsports event is a testament to the rapid growth and popularity of the TRAXXAS-sponsored Stadium Super Trucks (SST).

“The fast growth of the SST series has been incredible and for us to take our series outside North America for the first time is a huge accomplishment, so we were very selective with which event we chose,” Gordon said. “The Clipsal 500 is one of the biggest and best entertainment events in Australia, so for us it was a perfect fit. We know how much Australians enjoy sports, and particularly auto racing, and we know that our TRAXXAS SSTs will put on a great show. It will be nothing like anything race fans in Australia have ever seen before.”

The SSTs will be introduced to the Australian public on Feb. 26 with two practice sessions, followed by one race each day Feb. 27-March 1. Each race will feature a mix of some of Australia’s most popular and well-known drivers and an equal number of drivers from the SST series who compete regularly in the United States.

The 14-turn street circuit at Victoria Park will be a spectacular venue for the SSTs to fly over man-made ramps placed strategically throughout the circuit while reaching speeds of nearly 150 mph (240 kph) on the longest straights. The trucks will race the same course as the V8 Supercars.

“We expect Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks to attract new audiences to South Australia from around Australia and even overseas with its cult following,” Bignell said. “The Clipsal 500 will be the first event in Australia to feature Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks which is a terrific endorsement for the event and the State of South Australia.”

Clipsal 500 CEO Mark Warren said his team is always looking to introduce new categories to Australian motorsport fans: “We introduced utes to the motor racing scene back in 2001, which regularly rates as the second most popular category for Clipsal 500 fans in post-event polling. Stadium Super Trucks was a huge hit at X Games Austin and we expect they’ll be one of the most exciting categories to race around Adelaide’s iconic street circuit in 2015.”

Finishing only its second season of competition in the United States, the series has raced in major metropolitan cities, including: Los Angeles; Austin, Texas; Detroit; Toronto; San Diego; Las Vegas; St. Petersburg, Florida; Indianapolis; Phoenix; and others. The SST series will complete its second season on Nov. 1 and 5 in Las Vegas racing directly alongside the famed Las Vegas strip during the annual SEMA Show, the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world.

The identically prepared, purpose-built race trucks provide an amazing platform for competition, with drivers from a variety of backgrounds battling side-by-side in a test of the best driver rather than engineering. Each highly specialized truck makes approximately 600 horsepower and races on DOT-approved all-terrain Toyo Tires. In addition to Gordon, among the drivers that have competed in the SST series include: IndyCar drivers E.J. Viso, Paul Tracy, Townsend Bell and Arie Luyendyk Jr.; NASCAR driver Justin Lofton; off-road stars B.J. Baldwin, Sheldon Creed, Scotty Steele and Keegan Kincaid; and sports car drivers Aaron Bambach and Burt Jenner.

More information on the SPEED Energy Formula Off-Road Presented by TRAXXAS can be found at www.stadiumsupertrucks.com.
More information about Clipsal 500 Adelaide: http://www.clipsal500.com.au/

Note: Click the links below to download images and video footage from SST’s preview event in Adelaide. Gordon took V8 Supercars driver Scott Pye and South Australian Tourism Minister Leon Bignell for a spin in his 600 horsepower truck, launching it through the air on the Clipsal 500 pit straight.

Video Package


Influenced by the former Mickey Thompson Stadium Off-Road Series, where drivers such as six-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnston, Robby Gordon and Casey Mears got their start, the Stadium Super Trucks that headline the series was founded by Gordon and capitalizes on the public’s overwhelming interest in trucks and SUVs as well as the fact that the majority of automotive aftermarket parts are created for trucks.

Keep up with all the latest news of SPEED Energy Formula Off-Road Presented by TRAXXAS, as well as all of its sponsors – including TRAXXAS, Toyo Tires, Freightliner, Lincoln Welders, Techni Waterjet, Valvoline, Torchmate, King Shocks, Cometic Gasket, Magnaflow, Safety-Kleen and RePlay XD – by liking the series on Facebook at http://facebook.com/stadiumsupertrucks as well as following it on Twitter at http://twitter.com/SSupertrucks.com.

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2014 SCORE World Desert Championship point leaders story http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2014-score-world-desert-championship-point-leaders-story-114602.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2014-score-world-desert-championship-point-leaders-story-114602.html#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2014 21:15:21 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114602 ]]> Mexico’s Vildosola Jr leads SCORE Overall, SCORE Trophy Truck

season points in 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship

Brabec, Udall tied in Open Motorcycle points, Robles Jr leads ATVs; other class leaders include

Cody Reid, Smith/Ehrenberg, T. Mills, Burnett, Chamlee, Burman, Moss, Paige Sohren, Gera, Dizney,

Ostanik, Winkelman, Spinali, heading to 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 in Baja California, Mexico 

    RENO, Nev.—Mexico’s Gus Vildosola Jr combined a second place finish with Las Vegas’ Rob MacCachren’s uncharacteristic mishap at the recent Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge to catapult himself into first place in the SCORE Overall and SCORE Trophy Truck point lead after four rounds of the five-race 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship.

With tight battles in races on both sides of the border, most classes have at least two racers within 10 points for their class point lead and a total of just 30 points separate the top 10 SCORE Overall point leaders heading into this year’s season finale. Capping of another memorable SCORE racing season will be 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, the iconic race that will cover approximately 1,292 miles of Mexico’s majestic Baja California peninsula, starting it Ensenada, Baja California Norte and finishing in La Paz, Baja California Sur. This year’s Granddaddy of all Desert Races will be held Nov. 11-15 to decide season overall and class point champions with competition in 25 Pro and 5 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and ATVs.


Winner of the season-opener in March, Vildosola Jr, of Mexicali, as at the  front of the pack in SCORE Trophy Truck points and SCORE Overall points with 300 in the No. 21 Branix Mexicana Logistics Ford Raptor.

Vildosola, who has three career SCORE Trophy Truck race wins also has finishes of seventh, 14th and second in class to move to the front of the talented SCORE Trophy Truck stable of thoroughbreds.

Vildosola Jr and his father Gus Vildosola became the first Mexican national team to win the SCORE Trophy Truck division as well as being the fastest four-wheel vehicle in the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 when they won the iconic race in 2010 when it was a peninsula run from Ensenada to La Paz.

Vildosola Racing is no on the verge of becoming the first Mexican national team to win the SCORE Overall and SCORE Trophy Truck season point crowns.

But another peninsula run over an extremely rugged course of approximately 1,292 miles still awaits their challenge.


Leading the points after the second and third rounds of the 2014 SCORE World Championship, MacCachren, 49, a two-time SCORE Trophy Truck season point champion with 11 career SCORE Trophy Truck race wins and eight SCORE season class point titles, has slipped to fifth in SCORE Trophy Truck points after an accident on the first lap caused irreparable damage to the No. 11 Rockstar Energy MacCachren Motorsports Ford F-150 and he could finish the first half of the Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge. MacCachren was unable to finish the first half of the two-day race and was the second-fastest during the second half, but was considered a did-not-finish for the race which pushed him back in the standings.


SCORE point regulations this year require four-race minimum races count for final points and one of the four races in the five-race SCORE World Desert Championship that is mandatory for the driver/rider of record to start or finish is the upcoming Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 to qualify for a class season point championship.

SCORE points are calculated on a set amount of start points and finish points for a particular race along with a variable amount for placement points based on the number of starters within the racer’s class.


Second in SCORE Overall points is Class 10 leader Cody Reid, Apple Valley, Calif., with 293 points in a Chevy-powered Custom open-wheel race car and third in SCORE Overall points and leading Class 1/2-1600 in a Mirage-VW is the team of Kevin Smith, La Verne, Calif./Sammy Ehrenberg, Las Vegas with 290 points so far.


After four races, the top 10 in SCORE Overall points are separated by just 30 points. While Vildosola, Reid and the K. Smith/Ehrenberg team are the top three, the other top 10 SCORE Overall point leaders through round 4, include three other racers in SCORE Trophy Truck along with are one more each from Class 10 and Class 1/2-1600 and one each from Class 19 and the Trophy Truck Spec class.

Second is SCORE Trophy Truck points and fourth in SCORE Overall points after winning his class in the recent Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge is Steven Eugenio, El Centro, Calif., who has 288 points in the No. 7 Galindo Motorsports Chevy Silverado. Third in SCORE Trophy Truck points and fifth in SCORE Overall points is Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va., with 286 points in the No. 5 RPM Racing Chevy Rallty Truck.

With two wins in four races this season, Class 19 point leader Marc Burnett, Lakeside, Calif., is sixth in SCORE Overall points with 285 in a Can-Am Maverick UTV.

Seventh in SCORE Overall points is Mike Lawrence, Sunset Beach, Calif., who is second in Class 10 points with one class win this season and 283 points in a Chenowth-Honda.

With 278 points, eighth in SCORE Overall points and fourth in SCORE Trophy Truck is two-time defending SCORE Overall and SCORE Trophy Truck season point champion B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, who has also won the last two Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 races in the No. 1 Monster Energy Baldwin Motorsports Chevy Silverado.

Leading the Trophy Truck Spec class with 271 points and ninth in SCORE Overall points is Taylor Mills, Corpus Christi, Texas, who has won race win this season in the No. 841 Chevy Silverado.

Tied in the 10th spot to complete the top 10 in SCORE Overall points and second in Class 1/2-1600 with 270 points are the team of Christian Celaya, 20, Paradise Valley, Calif./Aaron Ampudia, 21, Ensenada, Mexico, in a Currie-VW in Class 1/2-1600 and Derek Murray, Eastvalle, Calif., in a Can-Am Maverick, who is second in Class 19.


Currently 12th in SCORE Overall points is another RPM Racing driver, team co-owner Justin Matney, of Bristol, Tenn., who won the first two races this year in the unlimited Class 1 in a Chevy-powered Geiser open-wheel desert race car. He enters the season finale with 268 season points.


Two motorcycle racers have won their class in all four races on the 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship. Giovanni Spinali, Dulzura, Calif. leads a team as rider of record that has won all for Class 40 races for riders 40 years and older on a Honda CRF450X) and Tony Gera, 19, Santa Cruz, Calif. has won all four races in the new SCORE Ironman motorcycle class for solo riders on a Honda XR650R.


Winners of three races out of four this season have been Class 5 point leader Jose Lopez, Mexicali, Mexico in a VW Baja Bug and Pete Sohren, Phoenix, who is second in Class 7 points in a Ford Ranger.


Besides Matney in Class 1 and Burnett in Class 19, other Pro class points leaders who have won two of the four races so far in the 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship are: Ricky Brabec, Oak Hills, Calif. (Tied, Open M/C, Kawasaki KX450F), Colton Udall, Oceanside, Calif. (Tied, Open M/C, Honda CRF450X, James Burman, Heber City, Utah (Class 7SX, Ford Ranger), Mark Winkelman, Cedar Hill, Texas (Class 30, Honda CRF450X), Rick De La Pena, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. (Limited M/C, Honda CRF250X), Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif. (Class 3, Ford Bronco), Earl Roberts, Calexico, Calif. (Class 50, Honda CRF450X) and Jim Dizney, Alpine Calif. (Class 60, Honda CRF450X). Donald Harper is second in Class 5-1600 as he has won both races he has entered in a VW Baja Bug. Second in Class 8 but with two race wins in his class is Mike Meeks, Marion, Texas, in a Dodge Ram SRT10.


Based in Bristol, Tenn., prominent RPM Racing was in the hunt with five of the vehicles they enter in this season. While Matney, 29, leads Class 1 in points, Stacy, 69, and SCORE Young Gun Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez, 19 of Tecate, Mexico is third in SCORE Trophy Truck points and Juan C. Lopez is fourth. Derek Fletcher, Abingdon, Va. is second in Sportsman Buggy and Jim Bunn, Bristol, Va. is leading SPT Unlimited Truck with two race wins. Racing part-time in the Trophy Truck Spec class  Eduardo Laguna, Mexicali, Mexico who is fourth in class.


Among the other Pro car and truck class leaders are, (Emilio Salcido, Mexicali, Mexico. (Class 5-1600, VW Baja Bug), Dan Chamlee, Carpenteria, Calif. (Class 7, Ford Ranger), Paige Sohren, Phoenix (Class 3000, BajaLite-Chevy), Luis Martinez, Mexicali, Mexico. (SCORE Lites, Foddrill-VW) and Noah Ostanik, San Diego (Class 8, Ford F-150).


Following four rounds of the 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship, tied for the 2014 overall Pro motorcycle point lead with 280 points and four class race wins each are the age group team led by Giovanni Spinali, Lake Forest, Calif. (Class 40, Honda CRF450X) and SCORE Young Gun Tony Gera, 19, Santa Cruz, Calif. (SCORE Ironman, Honda XR650R). Leading the Pro ATV racers with two wins is the team lead by Javier Robles Jr, Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico (Class 25, Honda TRX450R).


Winning the class in all four races so far in 2014, the top Sportsman 2-wheel point leader is the team led by Raul Hernandez, Tijuana, Mexico, (KTM 450EXC).

Leading the Sportsman 4-wheel point lead with three race wins is Jim Bunn, Bristol, Va. (SPT Unlimited Truck, Chevy Silverado).


In its 41st year as the world’s foremost desert racing organization in 2014, the five-race 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship series, with three special events held in Baja California, Mexico, and two in the United States, started with the Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 on March 1. Starting and finishing in Ensenada, the 46th annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500 was held June 5-8 and the third SCORE Baja race, starting in Ensenada and finishing in La Paz, the 47th annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 will be held Nov. 11-15.

The two U.S. races on 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship calendar started with the inaugural SCORE Imperial Valley 250 in Plaster City, Calif. (April 25-27) and concluded with the three-day, single-race 19th annual Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge, Imperial Valley, Calif. (Sept. 25-28).


All races in the 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship series, along with the special SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience and qualifying for the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 from Las Vegas Motor Speedway, are televised on a delayed basis in the USA and Canada as a one-hour special on the CBS Sports Network. The shows, produced by SoCal’s acclaimed BCII TV, air a minimum of two times on the CBS Sports Spectacular show.

All shows are scheduled to premier in the next month following the event. The success of the productions has enabled CBS Sports Network to air multiple airings of the first three 2014 races.  The SCORE San Felipe 250 had 17 extra airings, the SCORE Imperial Valley 250 had five extra airings, and the SCORE Baja 500 garnered seven hours of extra airings in CBS Sports Network.

Following the CBS Sports Network telecasts in the US, the SCORE races air worldwide in over 100 countries through international distribution.

Following are the air dates for the debut of the remaining 2014 SCORE shows on the CBS Sports Network…

  • Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge, presented by the city of Imperial (Sunday, Nov. 9, 9 p.m. ET)
  • Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 qualifying from Las Vegas Motor Speedway/SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience (Sunday, Dec. 21, 9 p.m. ET)
  • Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 (Sunday, Dec. 28, 9 p.m. ET)

CBS Sports Network is available across the country through local cable, video and telco providers and via satellite on DirecTV Channel 221 and Dish Network Channel 158. For more information, including a full programming schedule and how to get CBS Sports Network, go to www.cbssportsnetwork.com.


Official Sponsors: Tecate Beer-Official Beer/Official Race Sponsor, Monster Energy-Official Energy Drink, BFGoodrich Tires-Official Tire, Rigid Industries LED Lighting-Official Lights, King Shocks-Official Shock Absorber, Polaris-Official UTV, Volaris Airlines-Official Airline, CBS Sports Network-Official Television Partner, Wide Open Excursions- Official Arrive and Drive Company, Coca-Cola-Official Soft Drink, Crystal Bay Casino-Official Casino, Hotel Coral and Marina-Official Hotel.

Associate Sponsors: SatellitePhoneStore.com and Symons Ambulance Company.

Additional SCORE Partners: Proturismo Ensenada, Visit Baja California Sur, Baja California Secretary of Tourism, Baja California Sur State Government, Mexicali Ayuntamineto, COTUCO Mexicali/San Felipe, Cruz Roja Mexicana, Corporate Helicopters, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance, GoPro, PCI Race Radios, McKenzie’s Performance Products and Advanced Color Graphics.

For more information, visit the official website of the SCORE World Desert Championship at www.score-international.com

 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship Point Leaders

(thru Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge, 9/26-28)

(Following Round 4 of the five-race 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship-the 19th Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge-Imperial Valley, Calif.. Remaining race: 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000-Nov. 11-15 Ensenada to La Paz, Baja California, Mexico)
Top 20 Overall Cars and Trucks
(Position, Drivers, Vehicle-Engine, Class, Points)

1. Gus Vildosola Jr, Mexicali, Mexico, Ford Raptor (SCORE Trophy Truck), 300

2. Cody Reid, Apple Valley, Calif., Custom-Chevy (Class 10), 293

3. Kevin Smith, La Verne, Calif., Las Vegas, Mirage-VW (Class 1/2-1600), 290

4. Steven Eugenio, El Centro, Calif., Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy Truck), 288

5. Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va., Mexico, Chevy Rally Truck (SCORE Trophy Truck), 286

6. Marc Burnett, Lakeside, Calif., Can-Am Maverick (Class 19), 285

7. Mike Lawrence, Sunset Beach, Calif., Chenowth-Honda (Class 10), 283

8. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy Truck), 278

9. Taylor Mills, Corpus Christi, Texas, Chevy Silverado (Trophy Truck Spec), 271

10. Christian Celaya, Paradise Valley, Ariz., Mexico, Currie-VW (Class 1/2-1600), 270

10. Derek Murray, Eastvalle, Calif., Can-Am Maverick (Class 19), 270

12. Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn., Geiser-Chevy (Class 1), 268

13. Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy Truck), 267

14. Matt Parks, Newport Beach, Calif., Polaris XP1000 (Class 19), 264

15. Jesus Velez, Mexicali, Mexico, Curry-VW (Class 1/2-1600), 261

15. Mike Johnson, Santa Monica, Calif., Alumi Craft-Chevy (Class 10), 261

17. Dan Chamlee, Carpenteria, Calif., Ford Ranger (Class 7), 250

18. Cory Sappington, Peoria, Ariz., Can-Am Maverick (Class 19), 249

19. Juan C. Lopez, Tecate, Mexico, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy Truck), 246

20. Cody Parkhouse, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1), 237


2014 SCORE World Desert Championship

Class Point Leaders

(thru Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge)

(NOTE: With Class wins in parenthesis)

(NOTE 2: *indicates racers who don’t qualify for season point championships)

Pro Cars and Trucks

SCORE TROPHY TRUCK—1. Gus Vildosola Jr, Mexicali, Mexico, Ford Raptor (1), 300; 2. Steven Eugenio, El Centro, Calif., Chevy Silverado (1), 288; 3. Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va., Chevy Rally Truck, 286; 4. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 278; 5. Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas/Andy McMillin, San Diego, Ford F-150 (1), 267; 6. Juan C. Lopez, Tecate, Mexico, Chevy Silverado, 246; 7. Robert Acer, Wilmington, Del., Chevy Silverado, 218; 8. Ken Losch, Phoenix, Chevy Silverado, 211; 9. Armin Schwarz, Austria (Germany)/Martin Christensen, Escondido, Calif. (Denmark), BMW X6, 177; *10. Tim Herbst, Las Vegas/Larry Roeseler, Boulevard, Calif./Troy Herbst, Las Vegas, Ford F-150, 166; *11. Gary Magness, Desert Hot Springs, Calif., Ford F-150, 146; *12. Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 142; *13. Jessica McMillin, National City, Calif., Ford F-150, 121; *14. Bryce Menzies, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (1), 117.

CLASS 1—1. Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn., Geiser-Chevy (2), 268; 2. Cody Parkhouse, Garden Grove, Calif., Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (2), 237; *3. Shelby Reid, Apple Valley, Calif./Darren Ebberts, Corona, Calif., Custom-Chevy, 141;* 4. (Tie) Richard Boyle, Ridgecrest, Calif., Custom-Chevy, and Lyle Bask, Canada, ESM-Ford, 139; 6. Nick Mills, Corpus Christi, Texas, Geiser-Chrysler, 117; *7. Paul Keller, Henderson, Nev., Jimco-Chevy, 105; *8. George Peters, Newbury Park, Calif., Racer-Chevy, 98; *9. Damen Jefferies, Apple Valley, Calif., Jefferies-Chevy, 97; *10. Brian Wilson/Rick Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Randy Wilson, Lakeside, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 90.

CLASS 1/2-1600—1. Kevin Smith, La Verne, Calif./Sammy Ehrenberg, Las Vegas, Mirage-VW (1), 290; 2. Christian Celaya, Paradise Valley, Ariz./Aaron Ampudia, Ensenada, Mexico, Currie-VW (1), 270; 3. Jesus Velez/Rogelio ruiz, Mexicali, Mexico, PFK-VW, 261; 4. Ruben Sanudo Sr, San Felipe Mexico, Porter-VW, 208; 5. Ernesto Arambula/Edmundo Fernandez, Ensenada, Mexico, Romo-VW, 166; 6. Mario Gastelum, El Centro, Calif., Alpha-VW (1), 159; 7. Rodrigo Elorduy, Mexicali, Mexico, BajaRacing-VW, 153. ALSO: *9. J. David Ruvalcaba/Leonel Ruvalcaba/Esteban Cruz, Ensenada, Mexico, VBR-VW (1), 118.

CLASS 3—1. Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif., Ford Bronco (2), 209; 2. Chris Wilson, Vista, Calif., Ford Bronco (1), 139.

CLASS 5—1. Jose Lopez/Arnoldo Gutierrez, Mexicali, Mexico, VW Baja Bug (3), 234; *2. Wendy Belk/David Bonner, Coachella Valley, Calif., VW Baja Bug (1), 85.

CLASS 5-1600—*1. Emilio Salcido, Mexicali, Mexico/Jose Avina, San Quintin, Mexico, VW Baja Bug, 134; *2. Donald Harper, Palmdale, Calif., VW Baja Bug (2), 131; *3. Eric Garcia, San Diego, VW Baja Bug, 119; *4. Gustavo Avina/Gabriel Avina/Gusatvo Avina Jr, Ensenada, Mexico, VW Baja Bug (1), 86. ALSO: 7. Martin Rangel, Surprise, Ariz., VW Baja Bug, 72.

CLASS 7—1. Dan Chamlee, Carpenteria, Calif., Ford Ranger, 250; 2. Pete Sohren, Phoenix, Ford Ranger (3), 236; 3. Brandon Walsh, Encinitas, Calif., Toyota Tacoma, 105; *4. Pat Sims, Eunice, N.M., Ford Ranger (1), 102.

CLASS 7SX—1. James Burman, Heber City, Utah, Ford Ranger (2), 190; 2. Justin Park, Encinitas, Calif., Ford Ranger, 148; 3. Ricardo Vindiola/Oscar Licon, Ensenada, Mexico, Ford Ranger (1), 121.

CLASS 8—1. Noah Ostanik/Kevin Guevara, San Diego, Ford F-150 (1), 156; 2. Mike Meeks, Marion, Texas, Dodge Ram SRT 10 (1), 155; *3. Rick Sanchez/Humberto Arce, San Vicente, Mexico, Ford F-150 (1), 105.

CLASS 9—1. *John Scharf, Huntington Beach, Calif., Chenowth-VW, 35.

CLASS 10—1. Cody Reid, Apple Valley, Calif., Custom-Chevy, 293; 2. Mike Lawrence, Sunset Beach, Calif., Chenowth-Honda (1), 283; 3. Mike Johnson, Santa Monica, Calif., Alumi Craft-Chevy (1), 261; 4. Cody Robinson, El Centro, Calif., Racer-Chevy (1), 228; 5. J.J. Schnarr, Incline Village, Nev., Alumi Craft-Chevy, 227; 6. Patrick Dailey, Carlsbad, Calif., Raceco-Chevy, 184; *7. Ty Godde, Palmdale, Calif./Jim Greenway, Ojai, Calif., Letner-Chevy, 145; 8. Thomas Bjorstrom, San Diego, Tatum-Chevy, 137; 9. Mark Lawrence, Sunset Beach, Calif., Lothringer-Chevy, 131; 10. (Tie) Rafael Navarro IV, Temecula, Calif., Alumi Craft-Chevy, 128 and *10. Peter Hajas, Wayzata, Minn., Kreger-Chevy, 128.

SCORE LITES—*1. Luis Martinez, Mexicali, Mexico, Foddrill-VW (1), 146; *2. Juan Guillen, Calexico, Calif., BGM-VW, 93; *3. Hector Garcia/Roberto Anda, Tijuana, Mexico, Jimco-VW, 89; *4. Caleb Sanden, Imperial, Calif., Curry-VW (1), 85; *5. Miguel Tornel, Ensenada, Mexico, Lothringer-VW (1), 67.

CLASS 11—1. Alejandro Rivas, Mexicali, Mexico, VW Sedan (1), 102; *2. Dennis Hollenbeck, Ensenada, Mexico, VW Sedan, 89.

STOCK FULL—*1. (Tie) Kay Awaad, Calexico, Calif. (Egypt), Ford F-150 (1), 65 and *1. Wes Bevly, Corpus Christi, Texas, Ford F-150 (1), 65.

PROTRUCK—*1. Chelsea Magness, Desert Hot Springs, Calif., Ford F-150 (1), 85.

TROPHY TRUCK SPEC—1. Taylor Mills, Corpus Christi, Texas, Chevy Silverado (1), 271; 2. Jonathan Brenthel, Newport Beach, Calif., Chevy Silverado (1), 217; 3. Billy Wilson, Corpus Christi, Texas, BajaLite-Chevy, 208; *4. Eduardo Laguna, Mexicali, Mexico, Chevy Colorado, 139; 5. Larry Connor, Centerville, Ohio, Chevy Silverado (1), 121. ALSO: *8. Christian Sourapas, Rnacho Santa Fe, Calif., Chevy Silverado (1), 66.

TROPHY LITE—*1. Kenneth Olson, Casper, Wyo., TrophyLite-Chevy, 35.

CLASS 3000—1. Paige Sohren, Phoenix, BajaLite-Chevy (1), 228; 2. Reid Rutherford, Montrose, Colo., Mason-Chevy (1), 189.

BAJA CHALLENGE—*1. Randolph Hoover, Norfolk, Va., BTC-Subaru (1), 65.

HEAVY METAL—1. Carlos Fonseca, Calexico, Calif., Chevy Silverado (1), 144; 2. Jorge Rivera, Chandler, Ariz., Ford F-150, 119.

CLASS 19—1. Marc Burnett, Lakeside, Calif., Can-Am Maverick (2), 285; 2. Derek Murray, Eastvale, Calif., Can-Am Maverick (1), 270; 3. Matt Parks, Newport Beach, Calif., Polaris XP1000 (1), 264; 4. Cory Sappington, Peoria, Ariz, Can-Am Maverick, 249; 5. Alonso Lopez, Murrieta, Calif., Polaris RZR XP900, 192.

Pro Motorcycles

OPEN M/C—1. (Tie) Ricky Brabec, Oak Hills, Calif./David Pearson, Panaca, Nev./Max Eddy Jr, Barstow, Calif., Kawasaki KX450F (2) and Colton Udall/Ian Young, San Clemente, Calif./Mark Samuels, Yucca Valley, Calif., Honda CRF450X (1), 268.

LIMITED M/C—1. Fernando Beltran, Ensenada, Mexico, Yamaha (1), 199; *2. Ricky De La Pena, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., Honda CRF250X (2), 150.

CLASS 30—1. Mark Winkelman, Cedar Hill, Texas/Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif., Kevin Murphy, Honda CRF450X (2), 270; 2. Todd York, Claremore, Okla./Nate Scott/Bud Carmen, Lake Winnabago, Mo., KTM 450XCF, 236; 3. Brad Baker, Austin, Texas/Brandon Allen, Battle Ground, Wash./Robert Allen, Bush Prairie, Wash., Honda CRF450X, 235.

CLASS 40—1. Giovanni Spinali, El Cajon, Calif./Paul Thomas/Mike Carter/John Griffin, Julian, Calif., Honda CRF450X (4), 280; 2. Joe Leal, Mexicali, Mexico, Honda CRF450X, 244; 3. Oscar Fazz, Yuma, Ariz./Mike Langley, Yuma, Ariz., Kawasaki KX450F, 196.

CLASS 50—*1. Earl Roberts, Calexico, Calif./Donald Connelly, Santee, Calif., Honda CRF450X (2), 130.

CLASS 60—1. Jim Dizney, Alpine, Calif./Jim O’Neal/Robert Koch, Leona Valley, Calif./Max Christensen, Sun Valley, Calif., Honda CRF450X (2), 209; *2. Richard Jackson, Acton, Calif., Honda CRF450X (1), 65.

SCORE IRONMAN—1. Tony Gera, Santa Cruz, Calif., Honda XR650R (4), 280.

Pro ATVs

PRO ATV—1. Javier Robles Jr, Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico/Mike Cafro, Fallbrook, Calif./Jorie Williams, Longview, Wash., Honda TRX450R (3), 277; 2. Adolfo ArellanoTijuana, Mexico, Honda TRX450R (1), 226; 3. Said Sanchez, Tijuana, Mexico, Honda TRX450R, 102.


SPT BUGGY—1. Martin Hoffman, Capistrano Beach, Calif., Brenthel-Chevy (2), 175; 2. Derek Fletcher, Abingdon, Va., RPM-Chevy, 173.

SPT UNLIMITED TRUCK—1. Jim Bunn, Bristol, Va., Chevy Silverado (3), 230.

SPT LIMITED TRUCK—*1. Todd Richards, El Cajon, Calif., Chevy S-10 (1), 100.

SPT M/C—1. Raul Hernandez, Tijuana, Mexico, KTM 450EXC (4), 295.

SPT ATV—1. Oscar Ruiz, El Centro, Calif., Honda TRX450R (2), 249; 2. Oscar Ruiz, El Centro, Calif., Honda TRX450R (2), 234.

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2014-score-world-desert-championship-point-leaders-story-114602.html/feed 0
The Baja 1000 marks the last race together for Armin Schwarz and Martin Christensen http://www.race-dezert.com/home/the-baja-1000-marks-the-last-race-together-for-armin-schwarz-and-martin-christensen-114597.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/the-baja-1000-marks-the-last-race-together-for-armin-schwarz-and-martin-christensen-114597.html#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2014 21:12:14 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114597 ]]> all-german-auto-off-road-02
Munich (DEU), 16th October 2014. A long-standing and successful partnership is drawing to an end: After the 2014 SCORE Championship season is over, Armin Schwarz and Martin Christensen will strike out on their own paths. Their last race together will be the legendary Baja 1000 in Mexico (13 to 15 November).

Schwarz charts a new course for the 2015 season and is currently in the process of setting this up. Christensen is keen to cut back his racing commitments after many intensive years of motor racing and would like to dedicate more time to his company. The Dane also runs the “All German Auto” car dealership in California with an attached workshop as well as a tuning and race shop.

Christensen: “After winning the Baja 1000 on Sportsman motorcycle in 1995, I was hooked on Baja Racing. I got together with a friend and raced a Class 9 car in 1996 and have raced nearly all SCORE races and a few BITD since then. Through the years, I have formed many lasting friendships which I am extremely great full for. But now, after close to 20 years of continued racing, it is time for me to take a break. The last 8 years of racing with Armin has brought extreme successes which has moved All German Motorsports up in off-road classes to the extreme of the Trophy Truck. Armin and I have formed a life lasting friendship that will continue after our racing efforts together are ending. A big ‘THANK YOU’ goes out to all the volunteers that has committed hours, days and weeks to help out AGM over the last 20 years. Our racing success could not have been accomplished without their endless dedication.”

“First and foremost I would like to thank Martin and the entire crew of All German Motorsports for the many years together,” says Schwarz. “We have shared a tremendous amount of experiences during our time together in the SCORE Championship. We have celebrated our successes together and our setbacks have had drawn us closer. It was a fantastic time and we’ve all become close friends. These friendships will continue, even when we go our own ways in racing. For us, the time has come to reorient ourselves and that’s exactly what Martin and I are doing. He is devoting more time to his company and I’ll continue to concentrate intensively on my racing goals.”

“I’m now in the planning process for the upcoming season in the USA and Mexico,” Schwarz explains further. “I’m looking into and hearing about various options that are available. There is a whole raft of interesting possibilities, but I haven’t yet made a concrete decision. But one thing is certain: My long-standing friend and navigator, Bryan Little, with whom I secured second place at the Rally Legend last weekend, will continue as my co-driver. Bryan has contributed to my successes in offroad racing and we are both looking forward to tackling the new challenges ahead. But first we have an important goal this year and that is to successfully contest the Baja 1000!”

The final joint appearance at the legendary desert race in November is where everything comes full circle. Eight years ago in 2006, Schwarz first competed for the AGM team at the Baja 1000. It was here that the former European Rally Champion and WRC pilot got his first whiff of Baja air – and he was hooked. 2007 was the first full season for Schwarz, Christensen and AGM in desert racing. Initially they celebrated successes with their Class One Buggy, clinching one of the rare outright victories for a Class One Buggy, the overall win at the Baja 250 in 2010. Since the 2012 season, they have competed in their own specially developed AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy Truck in the highest vehicle class of the offroad series.

At their last race together they are now eager to notch up another highlight. “We will be going all-out at the Baja 1000,” says Schwarz. “After our good result at the Score Desert Challenge in September we are all feeling extremely motivated heading to the finale. We’ve set our sights on a top result at our last race together before we strike out for new shores.”

About All German Motorsports
All German Motorsports will continue to manufacture and distribute our ever growing line of high end products designed specifically for racers. We are still committed to providing our team members, partners, customers and fans with the very best we have to offer. And will not stop striving to be the preeminent organization in every field we are involved in, through hard work, determination and a structured scientific approach. www.allgermanmotorsports.com

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/the-baja-1000-marks-the-last-race-together-for-armin-schwarz-and-martin-christensen-114597.html/feed 0
Henderson driver Cody Freeman captures Class 10 title in BITD Bluewater Desert challenge http://www.race-dezert.com/home/henderson-driver-cody-freeman-captures-class-10-title-in-bitd-bluewater-desert-challenge-114595.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/henderson-driver-cody-freeman-captures-class-10-title-in-bitd-bluewater-desert-challenge-114595.html#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2014 21:00:33 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114595 ]]> bitd-bwdc-saturday-31
PARKER, Ariz. — Talented Cody Freeman of Henderson grabbed the Class 10 victory here Oct. 11-12 during the Best in the Desert Racing Association BlueWater Desert Challenge off-road race.

Freeman, the current 2014 BITD Class 10 points leader, recorded a combined six-lap time of 2 hours 58.52 minutes to capture the class championship.

Sponsored by Freeman Carpet Service in Henderson, the 29 year-old Freeman powered his Fraley Chassis entry to the victory. He saluted the help of Mickey Thompson Tires for the performance during a flawless weekend that included a significant amount of soft sand.

Freeman, who won the overall 2013 SNORE championship, said a GM 2.4 Danzio Ecotec engine had the power to get the job done. He added that he is very close to winning the overall BITD points championship this year with only one race remaining.

Freeman’s next event will be the SNORE 250 Nov. 1 south of Las Vegas. Further information can be found by visiting www.snoreracing.net.

The BITD series concludes Dec. 5-7 with the Henderson 250 south of Las Vegas. Further information can be found by visiting www.bitd.com.

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Grabber’s Help Letner Nail Win at Blue Water http://www.race-dezert.com/home/grabbers-help-letner-nail-win-at-blue-water-114592.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/grabbers-help-letner-nail-win-at-blue-water-114592.html#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2014 20:57:55 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114592 ]]> 2014 BITD BlueWater Desert Challenge
Fort Mill, SC – October 16, 2014. Dry, hot and sandy. Those were the words used to describe this year’s Best In The Desert (BITD) Blue Water Desert Challenge held at the Blue Water Casino in Parker, AZ. This two-day race is not for the faint of heart and drivers struggled with rough terrain and extreme temperatures with the ambient temps reaching 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It wasn’t enough to hold back Team GT who dominated the 1500 Class on their General GRABBER’s with Harley Letner taking top honors.

“The track was very rough and sandy on day one,” said Letner following his victory. “Day two was even rougher and more sandy with giant holes that weren’t there the day before. My Grabber’s helped the most with traction. They helped put me up front both days and put the power to the ground without a single issue.

“Congratulations to Harley and all our Team GT members who raced to a podium finish at Blue Water,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing for General Tire. “These guys put our tires to the test this weekend on an extremely tough course and we are so proud that their Grabber’s gave them the durability, traction and balance they needed to run up front.

Letner piloted his No. 1570 buggy from the 16th-place starting position on day one to assume the lead and he never looked back. Navigating the dry, dusty and silty conditions served up by the Arizona desert, Letner was relentless in his pursuit of the win.

“The key point for me was being smooth and not making any mistakes,” said Letner. “After coming from 16th to first on day one to have a dust free day on day two was key. My Grabber’s hooked up like champs off the start getting me out in front and Inever looked back!”

Meanwhile Letner’s Team GT teammate, Ray Griffith, battled overheating both days due to extreme heat and soft ground. His finesse and patience paid off as he drove to a third-place finish in Class 1500 competition. C.J. Hutchins fell just shy of the podium finishing fourth in Class 1500.

Team GT member, Randy Merritt, finished second in his Ford truck in the 8000 Class. And Macrae Glass once again posted a podium finish (second place) with no flats marking 13 races and more than 4,300 miles over two years..

About General Tire
For 99 years General Tire has offered a complete quality line of ultra-high performance, passenger, light truck, off-road and commercial tires to meet all your needs. General Tire is a proud supporter of Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series, Best in the Desert Racing Series, Major League Fishing, Chili Bowl, Pro-Pulling, Late-Model Dirt Series, Drag Boat Series, World Cup of Softball, American Sprint Car Series, FreestyleMx.com Tour, Zero One Odyssey, and Spec Tire of Trophylite and JeepSpeed. Team GT supports off-road and short course teams including Mikey Childress, CJ Hutchins, Doug Fortin, Harley Letner, Jim Riley, Justin Lofton, Macrae Glass, Randy Merritt, Ray Griffith, Steve Alexander, Steve La Roza, Ryan Beat, Carl Renezeder, Robby Woods and Camburg Racing.

About Continental AG
With sales of around €33.3 billion in 2013, Continental is one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers. As a provider of brake systems, systems and components for powertrains and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires, and technical elastomers, Continental contributes to enhanced driving safety and global climate protection. Continental is also an expert partner in networked automobile communication. Continental currently employs around 186,000 people in 49 countries.

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Jordan Brenthel Rebounds At BlueWater Desert Challenge http://www.race-dezert.com/home/jordan-brenthel-rebounds-at-bluewater-desert-challenge-114570.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/jordan-brenthel-rebounds-at-bluewater-desert-challenge-114570.html#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2014 20:54:15 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114570 ]]> jordan-brenthel-bitd-2014-01
Parker, AZ - As the race season winds down, strategies are usually narrowed down to just two. Those who are in contention for a championship race for points. Those out of contention go for wins. When you throw a short course style event into the mix, strategy goes out the window. Such was the case at the Best In The Desert BlueWater Desert Challenge, (BWDC). BWDC is a two-day heat race event. Racers run three laps of the 26 mile course on each day. For championship points leaders like Jordan Brenthel, the race poses a dilemma. There is not enough time or miles on course to run a measured conservative pace. Points chase or not, you have to go for it.

“We got the hole shot off the start on Saturday, despite the truck with a full bore race engine in the next lane,” Said Jordan, “We run a basically stock engine that is tuned by CBM Motorsports. The torque curve they create is calibrated to work with our suspension design. It hooks up hard and gives us better forward drive. By the time we hit the python, we had clean air. I went into one of the big berms a little too aggressive and tipped it over on the roof. We lost 15-20 minutes before we could get going again. The truck was fine so we took off after the rest of the class that passed us but I just could not get in the zone.”

Jordan’s 7200 truck is capable of surviving a rollover without causing damage. The vulnerable coolers and fluid lines are tucked inside the cage and the components are mounted securely; nothing is sticking out from the chassis. After finishing the heat, the only work required to get ready for the following day was to change the body panels. The truck is the same one his brother Jonathan won the SCORE Championship in last year. This year, Jordan has held the Best In The Desert 7200 points lead all season. The truck has been over a couple of times with no significant damage to the chassis structure or components. It’s not that he was driving recklessly, it’s just a fact of life in desert racing; if you are constantly pushing hard, you will eventually go over. The sturdy chassis and intelligent design gives Jordan the confidence to run wide open.

With a lackluster day one in the books, Jordan was looking to turn things around when he lined up for Sunday’s heat race. “We started way back in the field, said Jordan,” The course was 3 times as rough as it was on Saturday. The unlimited cars and trucks tore it up pretty bad. The bumps were square edged, the holes were huge and the silt was deep. It was a challenge getting up the sand hills but we were making good time. We passed a lot of trucks, some on their roofs, others limping along with damage. We were flying; we never got out of the truck. I finally got in the groove; we were having fun.”

After his strong rebound on Sunday, Jordan got third place overall on the weekend. Despite a rollover, his Brenthel Industries 7200 truck ran flawlessly. It was the second race in a row with no flats to his Falken WildPeak tires. Jonathan Brenthel will be racing the 47th running of the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 in his 6100 truck.

Jordan Brenthel will be back behind the wheel at the Best In The Desert Henderson 250 December 5-7 in Henderson, NV for the final race of the year. Jordan will be looking to wrap up the second straight championship title in the same Brenthel Industries 7200 truck.

Photography By: Bink Designs
Brenthel Industries Sponsors


Brenthel Industries offers the finest in CAD development, engineering, R&D and fabrication. From ground up vehicles to Desert Racing vehicles such as: Trophy Trucks, Spec Trophy Trucks, Class 1 Race Cars, Class 7200 Race Trucks, Class 10 / 4 Race Cars and Prerunners. With expanded capabilities in Engineering & Prototyping for Military, Defense, Border Patrol & even displays for outside companies. From start to finish Brenthel Industries takes pride in each and every build.

For more information on Brenthel Industries visit www.brenthelindustries.com

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JIMCO Racing’s Brad Wilson and Ray Griffith Find the Podium in Parker http://www.race-dezert.com/home/jimco-racings-brad-wilson-and-ray-griffith-find-the-podium-in-parker-114562.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/jimco-racings-brad-wilson-and-ray-griffith-find-the-podium-in-parker-114562.html#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2014 20:51:46 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114562 ]]> jimco-pr-header-2
The BlueWater Desert Challenge could be considered one of Best in the Desert’s trickiest races. Separated in to two days of seventy-six miles and five different races separated by class, it’s an all out sprint to the finish in the sandy terrain that Parker, AZ has to offer. Vehicles are pushed to their limits as holes deepen and the course changes from race to race. Seventeen JIMCO racecars entered the BlueWater Desert Challenge and when it was all said and done, #1153 Brad Wilson won the second race overall and #1553 Ray Griffith finished third overall in Class 1500.

brad-wilson-bluewater-desert-challenge-02 (1)
Wilson jumped out to an early lead in the second race Saturday morning, which combined the 1100, 6000, 3000, 2000, 8100 and 7100 classes. Lap by lap, Wilson extended his lead until he crossed the finish line 00:47 ahead of #3002 Tim Brown. The next Class 1100 competitor finished +03:40 behind Wilson. Kyle Quinn carried Wilson’s dominant performance over to Sunday, where the duo finished +04:11 ahead of the second place finisher overall, including +14:24 faster than the next Class 1100.

To begin the weekend, #1549 Sam Berri laid down the fastest qualifying time heading in to race day, nearly three seconds faster than top Trick Truck qualifier, Josh Daniel. Five JIMCO Class 1500 racers qualified in the top eight, including #1577 Justin Lofton, #1553 Ray Griffith, #1590 Kevin Thompson, and #1525 Joel Whitted.

Starting alone off the line, Berri was first to the open desert. Berri’s clean air was short lived after lap one in which he fell back +00:39 after electrical problems caused overheating right off the start, causing him to slow from race pace. Griffith and Lofton moved past Berri on corrected time and Lofton began to lean heavy on the race leader.

When Lofton came in to the iconic Parker Python after lap two, time splits showed him in the lead on corrected time, with Griffith +00:19 in third place. Unfortunately on that last lap, Lofton suffered a flat that handed over the lead to Harley Letner. Saturday’s race ended with Griffith +00:39 seconds off the leading pace set by Harley Letner. Lofton dropped +02:42 on the third lap and Mattox, Whitted and Berri joined the two in the top ten.

On Sunday, drivers pushed the limits through the dust to earn back the time lost on day one, which ultimately dropped competitors one by one. At the finish, it was JIMCO’s Ray Griffth who took the last spot on the podium in third place, +02:45 behind Harley Letner.

Four Jimco Trick Trucks raced the BlueWater Desert Challenge. Jason Voss, having already won in Parker earlier this year, was JIMCO’s best showing. The 2013 Champion has been on a tear this year with wins at the Parker 425, Silver State 300 and Vegas to Reno and a second place finish at the SCORE Baja 500. Voss qualified as the second fastest Trick Truck and was first to chase down Josh Daniel on day one, beside Kyle Leduc.

Voss spent the majority of the day duking with Leduc, both within a couple minutes of race leader, Josh Daniel. After Leduc eventually dropped out, Voss finished in second place +04:20 behind Daniel. Daniel was again first out to the desert on day two and Voss pushed heavy right out the gate. However, Voss didn’t make it a full lap before having radiator issues that would cause him to limp to an 8th place finish.

Brad Wilson also raced in the third race in his #1053 JIMCO and finished 5th in Class 1000. Twenty Class 1000 racers started took the green flag on Saturday but only twelve saw the checkered flag. #1056 Johnny Buss finished a respectable 11th in Class over the two days.

Next up on the desert racing schedule is the grand daddy of them all, the SCORE Baja 1000.

About JIMCO Racing Inc.
Jimco Racing Inc is the largest off-road race car builder in the world. From American desert races to Baja races to the Tatts Finke Desert Race to the Dakar Rally, JIMCO has been manufacturing top of the industry off-road race vehicles since 1975. Twenty time SCORE Chassis Builder of the Year, JIMCO’s Trophy Trucks, Class 1, Class 10, Class 12, Class 1/2-1600, Pre-Runners, Pro-Lite, Pro 2 and Rally Raid vehicles are the industry standard that continue to produce wins and championships across all mediums of off-road.

About Mad Media:
Mad Media (www.madmedia.com) is San Diego based marketing and creative agency offering professional print, web, and film production. They specialize in producing culturally relevant brand messaging using professional athletes, musicians, and artists. Mad Media focuses on sports and cultures that they are passionate about, including skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, motocross, FMX, BMX, off-road racing, rally racing, Hip-Hop, Punk Rock and Mixed Martial Arts. Mad Media has produced over twenty major commercial and viral film projects this year for clients such as Subaru of America, DC Shoes, Monster Energy Drink, and Harley-Davidson. Mad Media has been executing immersive marketing campaigns since 1996.

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Camburg Racing Up For the Challenge http://www.race-dezert.com/home/camburg-racing-up-for-the-challenge-114556.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/camburg-racing-up-for-the-challenge-114556.html#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2014 20:42:01 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114556 ]]> camburg-engineering-bitd-bwdc-04
Huntington Beach, CA – With the race season rounding its way to the last few races of the year, it was time for Camburg’ s Jason Campbell to get back into the driver’s seat …. with a twist.

The BITD Parker Bluewater Desert Challenge race is not the norm. It’s a 2 day event that is more along the lines of a sprint race with having to do three short 20+ mile laps per day. Your final position is based on both days’ results, so one bad day means you better be on your “A” game the other. Conditions were dry, dusty and hot, which is to be expected this time of year in Southern Arizona.

This race had a different game plan having Jason’s 14 year old son Cody and his wife Trina split co-driving in #6175. Cody is the oldest of the next generation of Camburg racers/sons and this was the perfect opportunity to get him into the truck for some seat time under racing conditions.

Racing with the Unlimited Trick Trucks on Day 1, Jason Campbell and Cody Campbell were 7th off the line in the 6100 TT Spec. class on a side by side start. Getting out ahead and launching the starting area jump first they headed out on course. Setting a pace they were both comfortable with they were making great time and started moving through the pack. At race mile 17 on the first lap, they encountered an issue with the “fly by wire” throttle pedal assembly. It was not sending a signal out to the electronic throttle body on the engine. Losing all throttle control left them dead in the water and stuck in a silty section. After 30 minutes of trouble shooting and digging the truck free, they were back under way. Now 30 minutes behind the bulk of the class, they knew it was going to be difficult to make up that much time in this super competitive class.

Jason and Cody crossed the finish line 9th in class Saturday afternoon disappointed knowing they were up for the challenge. Their fastest lap of the day was on par with the leaders so they knew they had the speed to run up front.

For Sunday’s race Jason handed the truck over to fellow General Tire’s racer Sean Backus with Jason’s wife Trina co-driving with him. Sean drove the #6175 at Vegas to Reno and was eager to get back into the driver’s seat. This would be Trina’s first time in a race at this level. She’s raced Powder Puff behind the wheel so being in a truck isn’t foreign to her.

9th off the line Sean set a commanding pace with his first lap being under 30 minutes. A pace only the 6100 and Unlimited Trick Truck front runners were running at times. This is where #6175 moved through the pack and closer to the leader. Laps 2 and 3 were flawless and #6175 was running up front. Sean and Trina crossed the finish line and drove through the General Tire arch in 2nd place behind the class leader.

With the combined 2 day results, the Camburg team finished 6th in class and 16th overall in a field made up of 34 of the fastest full-size trucks. Not the results they were hoping for, but a strong finish on day 2 eased their frustrations. Coming into the last race of the season in Henderson Nevada the team is guaranteed a podium finish for the year and they are looking to finish on a high note.

Camburg would like to thank all their sponsors, team members and fellow racers for the opportunity to be racing in this class and series. Best in the Desert puts on the highest quality and well organized events out there today.

“I was pretty bummed with the issues we were dealt early on with, but I know I have the speed to run with the fastest in this class. Getting back in the driver’s seat and having my family there participating was worth more than any podium finish.” – Jason Campbell

“I had a blast driving the truck again after Vegas to Reno and finishing 2nd with Trina in the truck was a great end to the weekend.” – Sean Backus

For more information on Camburg products, race photo gallery and race team involvement; check out their websites www.camburg.com & www.kinetiktrucks.com

2014 Team Sponsors

General Tire | Monster Energy
KC HiLiTes | KMC Wheels | | N-Fab | Scosche
Eibach | FOX Racing Shox | FK Rod Ends | GatorWraps | GoPro | HAWK Performance
Jamar Brakes | K&N Filters | Lucas Oil | Magnaflow Exhaust | Miller Electric | Odyssey Battery
Rugged Radios | SPARCO | Surefire | Weldon | Yukon Gear

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Josh Daniel Earns First Win With New Twin Turbo Trophy Truck at BITD BlueWater Desert Challenge http://www.race-dezert.com/home/josh-daniel-earns-first-win-with-new-twin-turbo-trophy-truck-at-bitd-bluewater-desert-challenge-114535.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/josh-daniel-earns-first-win-with-new-twin-turbo-trophy-truck-at-bitd-bluewater-desert-challenge-114535.html#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2014 20:15:36 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114535 ]]> Josh Daniel Earns First Win With New Twin Turbo Trophy Truck at BITD BlueWater Desert Challenge
From the moment Josh Daniel took the TTTT off the trailer this past weekend, the race was his. The TTTT, being Daniel’s 1000 horsepower twin turbo trophy truck, was debuted at this year’s Mint 400 and three races is all it took for Danzio Motorsports to flawlessly tune the engine housed in the Geiser built trophy truck. First to the podium in both days of racing, Daniel earned his first win in the new truck at this weekend’s Best in the Desert’s BlueWater Desert Challenge.

Daniel began the weekend qualifying +04.350 seconds faster than 2013 BITD Champion, Jason Voss, averaging a blistering 61.2mph on the three and half mile track. It was a perfect start to two days of 76 miles in which an all or nothing sprint to the finish was inevitable each day. Immediately, people began speculate that Josh’s truck was “set up perfectly for this course” to which he replied, “if it’s going to work here, it’s going to work anywhere. We have this truck dialed.”

The top qualifying position granted Daniel the lone starting position off the line. The rest of the field started side by side in a head to head duel to the open desert. The open air allowed him to average two miles per hour faster than #99 Kyle Leduc, who was +00:42 back at that point. He got after it particularly on lap two and put an additional +01:56 on Leduc. Day one was wrapped with Daniel first to the finish line ahead of Jason Voss and Steve Olliges.

“Here we are. No issues today puts us up here on the podium in first place,” commented Daniel at the finish line. “Tomorrow’s another day, I know I’ll these guys behind me breathing down my back.”

Historically, Parker has been Daniel’s nemesis. Home to two of only three crashes in his career, the Arizona desert has left him pulled off the course broken on every other attempt. Even with a +04:20 minute lead on Voss and +05:07 on Olliges, Daniel knew that it wouldn’t be an easy cruise to the finish on Sunday. Looking back he said, “I had to push it hard for the first two laps to keep a cushion in case I had a flat or any issue.”

This time around, Josh started side by side next to Jason Voss. It was do or die. Open air meant controlling race pace and an easier time keeping his lead built on day one. However, the day was spent mostly fending off off-road hall of famer, Rob MacCachren, who took over driving duties from Steve Olliges on Sunday. Rob needed to make up five minutes and eight seconds to steal the win on Sunday.

Josh smoked Voss off the line and the time splits after lap one read:
1. Josh Daniel
2. Kyle Leduc +00:00:02
3. Steve Rob MacCachren +00:00:03

With Voss now out of the mix and Leduc eventually out on the second lap, Daniel and MacCachren came in to the Parker Python separated by one second, with Josh still ahead physically. The Danzio crew was watching splits and communicating that Rob was all over him. By this time, Josh was driving at about 75% to ensure the overall win and knew that MacCachren would eventually catch him.

Near the river with five miles to go, Rob caught Josh and gave him a little bump. Josh played it cool and let MacCachren go by knowing that he could cruise to the finish. Though MacCachren continued on to win the day, Josh won the race on overall time by +03:54.

“Rob Mac is a badass dude. We didn’t ‘win’ today but that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to win the race overall and that’s what we did,” said Josh at the line. He came up on us and gave us a little tap. I said, see you later! This win is just the beginning with such a great crew and endless list of sponsors.”

Josh Daniel will end the season at the Henderson 250 on December 7th.

Josh Daniel’s program is title sponsored by Rockstar Energy. The team is also supported by Jamar, Rancho Drivetrain, Turbonetics, Baja Designs, Daily Engineering, Richards Performance Mufflers, Dapper Man Brand, Mastercraft, Team Ford, Danzio Performance, D&D Laser Screed, Fox, Geiser Brothers, Heatshield products.

About Rockstar
Rockstar Energy Drink is designed for those who lead active lifestyles – from Athletes to Rockstars. Available in over 20 flavors at convenience and grocery outlets in over 30 countries, Rockstar supports the Rockstar lifestyle across the globe through Action Sports, Motor Sports, and Live Music. For more information visit: www.RockstarEnergy.com

About Mad Media:
Mad Media (www.madmedia.com) is a San Diego based marketing and creative agency offering professional print, web, and film production. They specialize in producing culturally relevant brand messaging using professional athletes, musicians, and artists. Mad Media focuses on sports and cultures that they are passionate about, including skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, motocross, FMX, BMX, off-road racing, rally racing, Hip-Hop, Punk Rock and Mixed Martial Arts. Mad Media has produced over twenty major commercial and viral film projects this year for clients such as Subaru of America, DC Shoes, Monster Energy Drink, and Harley-Davidson. Mad Media has been executing immersive marketing campaigns since 1996.

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Remembering Rick Huseman http://www.race-dezert.com/home/remembering-rick-huseman-114441.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/remembering-rick-huseman-114441.html#comments Thu, 16 Oct 2014 19:51:17 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114441 ]]> rick-huseman-race-dezert
There has never been another off-road champion that shined as brightly as Rick Huseman. He was as equally skilled in fabricating as he was in driving, a true off-roader. Watching him blast from the back of the pack to the lead was some of the most exciting off-road driving ever seen. A real family man Rick was backed by his three brothers, his father and wife. They were there with him at pretty much every race. I feel fortunate to have known him as a friend and watch him as a fan.

Gone from this earth but not forgotten. Champions Never Die. Race in Peace, Rick!

Rick Huseman Testing Glen Helen rick-huseman-surprise-2011-22 VK4_9753 Rick Huseman Testing Glen Helen Rick Huseman Testing Glen Helen rick-huseman-surprise-2011-26 rick-huseman-surprise-2011-25 rick-huseman-surprise-2011-29 Rick Huseman Testing Glen Helen rick-huseman-surprise-2011-27 rick-huseman-surprise-2011-23 rick-huseman-surprise-2011-28

rick-huseman-surprise-2011-24 rick-huseman-loorrs-surprise-2011-06 rick-huseman-loorrs-surprise-2011-02 rick-huseman-surprise-2011-21 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2010-07 rick-huseman-loorrs-surprise-2011-05 rick-huseman-surprise-2011-20 rick-huseman-loorrs-surprise-2011-04 rick-huseman-loorrs-surprise-2011-03 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2010-08 rick-huseman-loorrs-surprise-2011-07 rick-huseman-loorrs-surprise-2011-01

rick-huseman-glen-helen-2011-10 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2010-03 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2009-01 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2010-04 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2010-06 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2009-05 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2010-01 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2009-03 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2010-05 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2009-02 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2009-04 rick-huseman-las-vegas-2010-02

rick-huseman-glen-helen-2011-02 rick-huseman-glen-helen-2011-01 rick-huseman-glen-helen-2011-07 rick-huseman-glen-helen-2011-05 rick-huseman-glen-helen-2011-08 rick-huseman-glen-helen-2011-06 rick-huseman-firebird-2011-03 rick-huseman-firebird-2010-07 rick-huseman-glen-helen-2011-09 rick-huseman-glen-helen-2011-04 rick-huseman-firebird-2011-02 rick-huseman-glen-helen-2011-03

rick-huseman-firebird-2011-01 rick-huseman-firebird-2010-06 rick-huseman-firebird-2010-05 rick-huseman-firebird-2010-04 rick-huseman-firebird-2010-03 rick-huseman-firebird-2010-02 rick-huseman-firebird-2010-01 rick-huseman-crandon-2011-14 rick-huseman-crandon-2011-13 rick-huseman-crandon-2011-12 rick-huseman-crandon-2011-11 rick-huseman-firebird-2010-08

rick-huseman-crandon-2011-07 Crandon Labor Day Weekend - TORC - 2009 rick-huseman-crandon-2011-03 rick-huseman-crandon-2011-04 (Multiple values) rick-huseman-crandon-2011-09 rick-huseman-crandon-2011-05 rick-huseman-crandon-2011-08 rick-huseman-crandon-2011-10 rick-huseman-crandon-2011-02 rick-huseman-crandon-2011-01 rick-huseman-crandon-2011-06

rick-huseman-03 rick-huseman-07 Crandon Labor Day Weekend - TORC - 2009 rick-huseman-06 rick-huseman-08 rick-huseman-05 rick-huseman-09 rick-huseman-01 rick-huseman-02 rick-huseman-04 ]]>
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A clean sweep for Galindo Motorsports at the SCORE Desert Challenge in Imperial Valley http://www.race-dezert.com/home/a-clean-sweep-for-galindo-motorsports-at-the-score-desert-challenge-in-imperial-valley-114430.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/a-clean-sweep-for-galindo-motorsports-at-the-score-desert-challenge-in-imperial-valley-114430.html#comments Thu, 16 Oct 2014 17:18:38 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114430 ]]> galindo-motorsports-score-ivdc-05
In just over a year after joining the Trophy Truck ranks, Steven Eugenio and navigator Steve Covey take the Galindo Motorsports #7 SCORE Trophy Truck to the winner’s circle. “We’re so happy with this win,” said Eugenio, driver of record for the #7. “Some guys race for years without getting a class win in Trophy Truck, but here we are at the top of the box. That alone is an accomplishment, but to beat guys like Rob, Tavo and Bj; those guys are fast. I really need to thank my partner Steve Covey for his navigation skills and prep job on Zeus. Without him, we wouldn’t be here.”

Racing conditions at the Desert Challenge were less than favorable with blinding dust and near zero visibility. “It was a gamble, and I drove solely off of Steve’s notes. It takes a lot of trust. We’ve been racing together for a year now, and we’ve built a relationship on that. So when he calls a note, I’m pretty confident that’s what it is going to be. Also a big thank you to my wife and family for putting up with this obsession, and to my father in-law and team owner Fidel Galindo. Without them, none of this happens.”

“Everything is coming together now. Heading into the Imperial Valley race, we were 5th in points, and now we are 2nd just behind Tavo (Vildosola). It’s been an amazing year, and now we have a shot. It would be amazing to win the SCORE Championship, and we are committed to making that happen.”

“Physically I’m ready. I have a very strict training schedule and diet in preparation for what lies ahead of us. At 34, I’m in the best shape of my life, even more so than when I raced Supercross in my 20’s. With the training, diet and a steady 60hr workweek, the Baja 1000 should not be a problem. We are prepped for the win!”

“We really have to thank our partners and sponsors for helping us out. BFGoodrich gave us all the traction we could ask for. Obviously, it was a good decision to make the switch to BFG. Their support is second to none, and we look forward to working with them for many years. King Shocks smoothed the course out and soaked up those huge jumps. K&N helped keep that monster Kroyer engine clean while putting out the power. We felt completely safe in our Mastercraft and Impact gear, even in the most dangerous racing environment possible. All of our other sponsors include ID Designs for the awesome prep and the best chassis in the business, Baja Designs lit the way, Method Wheels were tough, Maxima Oil was the life blood that coursed through Zeus, WRP kept things in check. Finally, Apoc-Gen clothing, Dezert Cams, Dezert People and GetSomePhoto kept us looking good. Thank you all!”
And last but not least – Bud Light!

“I’m so proud to fulfill my uncle Art “Chico” Eugenio Sr.’s wish. He asked me to make sure I won at Plaster City just before he passed in March. This one was for you Chico!!!!! Thank you for all your support and love over the years. I’ll see you on the other side.”

Galindo Motorsports also won the Trophy Truck category at the Imperial Valley Big Air competition. Galindo Motorsports happily donated their $2000.00 in winnings to the Baja Relief effort for the victims of Hurricane Odile.

For Chico!

About Galindo Motorsports
Galindo Motorsports is a professional Trophy Truck team racing the SCORE International World Desert Championship series. The two-truck team owned and operated by Fidel Galindo, campaigns a state-of-the-art ID Designs Trophy Truck #7 and a Porter Trophy Truck #8 in the SCORE series. Steven Eugenio pilots the #7 while chief mechanic and co-driver Steve Covey handles navigation. The years of racing in the ultra tough and competitive proving grounds of class 1600, 12 and class 1, has hardened our team into a well-run and winning machine.

For more information on Galindo Motorsports or high resolution images please contact:galindomotorsports@gmail.com

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/a-clean-sweep-for-galindo-motorsports-at-the-score-desert-challenge-in-imperial-valley-114430.html/feed 0
Robby Gordon SST confirmed for Clipsal 500 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/robby-gordon-sst-confirmed-for-clipsal-500-114428.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/robby-gordon-sst-confirmed-for-clipsal-500-114428.html#comments Thu, 16 Oct 2014 17:11:29 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114428 ]]> Australian off road racing is set to reap the rewards of unprecedented exposure after today’s announcement by the South Australian Government and Clipsal 500 Adelaide organisers that Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Truck Series will be part of their 2015 Clipsal 500 on-track schedule.

South Australian Minister for Tourism, Leon Bignell, today announced the Australian first with American racing pioneer and NASCAR legend Robby Gordon, confirming he will bring his popular new Stadium Super Truck Series to next year’s Clipsal 500 Adelaide.

Touted as the world’s newest and most exciting form of racing, the 2015 Clipsal 500 Adelaide will be the first time these 600 horsepower V8 truck will compete for points outside North American.

Owner and headline driver, Robby Gordon jetted into Adelaide for the announcement, giving a glimpse of what’s in store for next year’s Clipsal 500 fans, putting on an impressive demonstration of the capabilities of the high-horsepower trucks. 

On board in the navigator’s seat to experience Robby Gordon’s driving prowess was V8 Super Car driver Scott Pye and the South Australian Tourism Minister Leon Bignell, both going for a spin in the 600 horsepower V8 truck, as Gordon launched it five metres in the air and over 40 metres down the Clipsal Pit Straight. 

Martin Hamilton-Smith, the South Australian Minister for Investment and Trade also took the opportunity to test his wits in the navigator’s seat, commenting afterwards “that was absolutely fantastic; much better than question time in parliament. I could do that all day.” 

The growth of the Stadium Super Trucks Series has been incredible and for us to take our Series outside North America for the first time is a really big deal so we were very selective with which event we chose. The Clipsal 500 is one of the biggest and best entertainment events in Australia so for us it was a perfect fit,” explained Robby Gordon.

“Our series has a big following in the States, and with up to 15 high powered off-road trucks racing side by side hitting speeds of 240km, launching five meters into the air and 40 meters down the track, it’s definitely going to blow the minds of Australian fans.”

“We expect Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks to attract new audiences to South Australia from around Australia and even overseas with its cult following. The Clipsal 500 will be the first event in Australia to feature Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Truck Series which is a terrific endorsement for the event and the State of South Australia” added Leon Bignell, South Australian Tourism Minister.

Clipsal 500 CEO Mark Warren said his team are always looking to introduce new categories to Australian motorsport fans.

“We introduced utes to the motor racing scene back in 2001 which regularly rates as the second most popular category for Clipsal 500 fans in post event polling. Stadium Super Trucks was a huge hit at the X-Games, and we expect that they’ll be one of the most exciting categories to race around Adelaide’s iconic street circuit in 2015,” Warren said. 

Gordon took the reins of Brad Gallard’s Toyo Tires backed Geiser Bros Trophy Truck, decked out in Robbie Gordon livery, for today’s announcement demonstration. The purpose designed and built ramp, of which there will be numerous around the track come Clipsal, showed the speed and jumping capabilities that these purpose built trucks and achieve. 

It is expected that 12 Super Stadium Trucks will debut on Australian soil when the 2015 Clipsal 500 kicks off on Thursday February 26. The proposed Clipsal race format, which is subject to confirmation, is two practice sessions on Thursday, one race on Friday, one race on Saturday between the two V8 Super Car races and the grand finale on Sunday as the precursor to the V8 Super Cars.

Competition on track is set to be fierce as the truck literally fly through Victoria Park, featuring drivers from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Gordon, the first Americans to win a stage at the Dakar Rally and a NASCAR veteran of 396 spring series races is the headline driver in the series, which has also seen Indycar driver Arie Luyendyn Jnr, motor cross rider Jeff Ward, Olympic snowboarder Nick Baumgartner and NASCAR driver Justin Lofton compete.

The identically prepared high-horsepower trucks are made to resemble their scaled-down Traxxas radio-control-car counterparts. First developed in 2013 from a previous series in the 1990’s, in 2014 Gordon took the 13 race series to some of North America’s biggest markets including Texas, Detroit, Toronto, San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and the X Games in Austin.

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/robby-gordon-sst-confirmed-for-clipsal-500-114428.html/feed 0
MAD MEDIA SPONSORS DESERT DINGO RACING FOR THE 2014 BAJA 1000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/mad-media-sponsors-desert-dingo-racing-for-the-2014-baja-1000-114421.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/mad-media-sponsors-desert-dingo-racing-for-the-2014-baja-1000-114421.html#comments Wed, 15 Oct 2014 21:58:14 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=114421 ]]> MAD MEDIA SPONSORS DESERT DINGO RACING FOR THE 2014 BAJA 1000

September 25, 2014, Felton, Calif. — Desert Dingo Racing announced today that Mad Media has signed on to sponsor the team’s fifth run at the Baja 1000, which takes place November 12-16 in Baja California, Mexico.

Mad Media first sponsored the Dingos for the 2014 Mint 400 – also known as “The Great American Off-Road Race”. The team was on its final lap when the car was sideswiped by a passing race truck and blew a transmission. Their effort did result in an appearance on the two-hour race recap on NBC Sports.

“The Baja 1000 is a the grandaddy of off road races and we started this team back in 2007 specifically to win this race,” said team co-founder Jim Graham. “Mad Media’s been tremendously supportive of our race program and we’re looking forward to bringing back a win this year.”

The Baja 1000 draws more than 100,000 spectators to Ensenada on the Baja Peninsula for Race Week, which culminates with the estimated 300+ teams pushing their race rigs through downtown streets for a daylong tech and contingency parade. This year’s point-to-point course is a 1,130 mile peninsula run from Ensenada to La Paz.

“We love the underdogs and the Desert Dingo Racing team has raced some of the toughest courses in off road racing,” said Mad Media co-founder Joshua Martelli. “We also respect their work supporting diabetes outreach and education and working with underprivileged kids.”

Desert Dingo Racing campaigns a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle in off road races in the U.S. and Mexico. The team is the official World Diabetes Day off road race team and works with the International Diabetes Federation to raise money for diabetes education and awareness programs. The team makes the car available for public events and distributes thousands of hero cards with the warning signs of diabetes printed on the back in English and Spanish.

About Desert Dingo Racing

Desert Dingo Racing is based in Northern California and campaigns a 1969 VW Beetle in off road races in the U.S. and Mexico. They are the official World Diabetes Day off road race car and the team raises money for diabetes education and awareness programs sponsored by the International Diabetes Federation. To learn more visit www.desertdingo.com .

About Mad Media
2014 marked the fifth year that Mad Media returned as the exclusive marketing group and television production team for The Mint 400. Mad Media was hand picked by General Tire to cover the 2010 Mint 400, and has produced uninterrupted national television coverage – and accompanying DVD and digital programming via iTunes, for the past five years. Mad Media has expanded the reach of the historic Mint 400 race to a global audience. The Mint 400 aired on NBC as part of the Red Bull Signature Series, the most progressive action sports property in the world. Learn more at http://www.madmedia.com.

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/mad-media-sponsors-desert-dingo-racing-for-the-2014-baja-1000-114421.html/feed 0