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The sun blared down on the track in Las Vegas for Round 13 of the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series. The desert heat slowly started too cool as the sun set behind the mountains giving cooler temperatures for the fans, but the racers made sure keep up the heat on the track. With hard battles all night, the Las Vegas locals witnessed some great battles on the track as championships are coming to a close and tensions rise.

loorrs-091914-2303 copy

In the Pro 4 race Ricky Johnson got out to an early lead grabbing the whole shot from Rob MacCachren, Carl Renezeder and Kyle Leduc. Johnson would hold on to the lead for the majority of the first half of the race but was forced to pull off for a mechanical issue. Points leader Kyle Leduc and Carl Renezeder had some contact in a turn causing both to lose some track position with Renezeder eventually pulling off. Leduc charged hard to gain position back and would eventually work his way back up to the lead group. With Johnson out of the way, Rob Mac took the lead but was short lived as he went a lap down, and Doug Fortin (coming off his first pro 4 win last round in Reno) stole the #1 spot.

loorrs-091914-1932 copy

Proving you can never count him out, Rob Mac worked his way back up through the field to hunt down Fortin, and in the last turn of the last lap would get by Fortin. Officials however felt the contact Rob Mac put on Fortin was excessive and black flagged him giving Fortin the win with Greg Adler and Todd Leduc rounding out the podium.

loorrs-091914-1733 copy

Pro 4 Results
1. Doug Fortin
2. Greg Adler
3. Todd Leduc

Prolite had one of the largest field of the year with TORC regular Jerett Brooks playing with the west coast boys and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg returning to the series. The race started off cleanly with Brian Deegan making it through turn 1 out front with 20+ Prolites chasing him down. Casey Currie would be the first to come close to challenging Deegan and about halfway through the race got a little to close and helped Deegan spin out into a k-rail. A pumped up Deegan would back his truck up but with the whole field behind him and being on the downside of a blind jump a few trucks would make contact with Jeff Hoffman ending up on his roof. Before the restart Lucas officials made the decision to give Deegan back his position up front and while he held on to it a few more laps, motor issues would slow him down.

loorrs-091914-2149 copy

Behind him Jerett Brooke who was hanging in the top 4 most of the race took advantage and powered his Prolite to the front. Sheldon Creed who had to head to the hot pits earlier in the race because of a window net issue went from dead last all the way to second. RJ Anderson who started up front followed in Brooks shoes and took advantage of the carnage in front of him and managed to finish off the podium. All three started their offroad career in Trophy Karts, and now in Prolite they are a force to be reckoned with.

loorrs-091914-1348 copy

Prolite Results
1. Jerett Brooks
2. Sheldon Creed
3. RJ Anderson

The final race of the show was Pro 2, and Las Vegas boy Bryce Menzies put on a clinic. From the start he took the lead and slowly gained position on the rest of the group making it look easy at his hometown track. With Menzies checking out the real battle was for the second and third positions. Another local Patrick Clark held off always fast Rob Mac and Brian Deegan for most of the race, but eventually Mac got around Clark, and with a few laps to go Deegan would put on a pass in turn 3 that would leave Clark out of a podium spot.

loorrs-091914-1094 copy

Pro 2 Results
1. Bryce Menzies
2. Rob MacCachren
3. Brian Deegan

loorrs-091914-1721 copy

Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography

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Running Baja with the BFG KO2 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/running-baja-with-the-bfg-ko2-113728.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/running-baja-with-the-bfg-ko2-113728.html#comments Sat, 20 Sep 2014 03:42:38 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113728 ]]> When you log thousands of miles in the dirt, you learn that your tires are more than just tires. When you buy a tire, you’re buying into your future. Whether you’re pre-running, or just on a leisurely trail ride, your tires determine how much fun you’re going to have because the simple fact is if you’re changing a flat on your trip, you’re probably not having as much fun as you should be.

There are many choices on the table when it comes to tire an all terrain tire. Some people prefer to go with something more aggressive like a mud terrain tire. But as with any brand mud terrain, you lose street ability, and they’re often quite loud. And if you’ve spent any real time in a vehicle with loud tires, you know that it’s not much fun to yell back and forth just to get to the next destination.

Preferably, an all terrain is be the best to get you from the house to your off road destination and back. How does it stack up against hardcore off-roading? Well we’ve joined BFGoodrich in Baja for their KO2 launch to find out.

Being that RDC is a hardcore racing crowd, you’ll be happy to know that we punished these new KO2′s through some of the notorious and treacherous Baja spots that you all know. This for all intensive purposes is the real deal test. What we did covered 98% of anything you’d encounter on a Baja run. That other 2% is that surprise Baja likes to kick down the road every now and then, and you never know what that will be…

Day 1
Starting just outside Ensenada at the infamous Horsepower Ranch, our group pushed out early to join the traditional route that all the Baja races take to leave Ensenada. Cut into the hills outside of the city is 40 or so miles of dusty, choppy, windy road that is known for being deceiving to even the professionals in the sport. One wrong move, and you’re off the side of a cliff, instantly causing a bad day. Good traction is key in the hills outside Ensenada, and from the start the KO2 handled the challenge with ease.

Once we got through the hills and on through Ojo Negros, we continued on the traditional Baja race route from Ojos to Tres Hermanos. This was a great opportunity to feel the traction and cornering on the fast narrow farm roads in the area. The KO2 cornered exceptionally well compared to the previous version with more lateral bite and a stiffer sidewall; the previous KO seemed to almost roll over and snap back on high lateral loads, but the new one held its line while inspiring confidence and easing drivability.

A quick stop at Tres Hermanos to stretch the legs, and we began heading east down the sandy wash towards “Gold Mine Rd.” It’s comprised of roughly 10 miles of clapped out, jagged rock and shale that hasn’t been used as a racecourse for a few years because it’s too rough. Leaving the wash, you enter what looks like a gauntlet of a thousand dagger shaped rocks – tire killers! We picked our way through with out issue and on to massive hill climbs covered with sharp shale rock that breaks away as you make the climb. As we crested the top of Gold Mine Rd., we stopped for an awesome view that stretched for miles to the Mexican / American border. The idea that our insanely busy lives existed just miles away seemed comical as we absorbed that view; Baja has that effect. The tires remained unaffected and were ready for more.

Gold mine_GETSOMEphoto_22101
As we moved on past El Alamo, we did the traditional pop out at K77 for a stretch on the highway before moving back into the dirt. Being a dirt rat, that’s all the highway I required, but the KO2 was noticeably quiet on the road. While on the pavement stretch, we brake check tested a couple of times, and it gripped exceptionally well.

We jumped back into the dirt heading past the Caselli memorial and on towards the meadow near Jamau for a first class lunch, BFG Baja style.

On the horizon towards Valle T and beyond to our destination, was the tail end of hurricane Norbert that had been working its way up the peninsula. We could see we were in for weather, and despite the questions and concerns from the pavement guys in the group, we carried on. After all, it’s Baja; there’s no stopping for weather.

Just a few miles in from our lunch spot, we started to encounter heavy run off from the mountain storms. The roads quickly became free flowing rivers, and we had no choice but to continue on; it was literally the only way through. In an instant, we went from a dusty desert trail tire test to a full on mud bog. The KO2 did remarkably well in the wet sandy mud however. The tires new siping feature ejected the mud, as it was designed to do, and kept us moving forward and on to well-known Goat Trail leading into Valle De Trinidad.


The Goat Trail is carved out of the side of a granite mountainside, and the section isn’t very long, but it can seriously make your day suck if you don’t take your time and choose your line wisely. In the wet conditions, it can be treacherous. We cautiously worked our way down and onto some wet pavement before we made the turn to Mike’s Sky Ranch.

Anyone who’s been around off-road racing for any length of time knows the road to Mike’s, a 22-mile section of Baja that is both deceivingly beautiful and extremely dangerous. Although well maintained, it’s many switchbacks and off camber turns catch even the best drivers off guard at times. If you happen to “go off” an edge the results would be less than favorable, to say the least. Now add a tropical downpour in an open car, and you have what we did during this run. Once again, the KO2 was surprisingly favorable in these conditions. Forward bite and cornering was comparable with dry conditions, as was braking.

After completing the run to Mike’s, we were greeted by the BFG crew with an ice cold Pacifico and promptly lined up for a quick ride in an Ultra 4 car clad with the new KO2.

Having seen Ultra 4 cars do work before, I never thought an AT tire would be up for serious crawling, but the KO2 cruised through the layout unopposed. It was amazing to see the sidewall flex around the sharp rocks and boulders without any issues.

The rest of the evening was in true Mike’s Sky Ranch fashion, talkin off-road stories from the day and past.

Day 2
The next day, we were up early and back on the trail after a quick Mike’s Sky Ranch breakfast, and headed dew west to the deadly Simpson’s Grade. Still wet, and in some spots freshly washed away, there was no taking chances while making our way over and down the hill. Once again the KO2’s performed flawlessly, providing toughness and traction as we descended into the valley at Simpson’s Ranch.

The accent out of Simpsons was equally tough with new washouts and boulders in the trail.

We pulled into the meadow in the Valle T area for a quick refuel and onto the next section – the crossover road to the coast.

Cross over_GETSOMEphoto_22116
Now out of the wet, the crossover road isn’t a bad road really, but it is extremely dangerous with its dramatic drop offs that would not only end your day, but most likely your life. Traction is key on the dusty road, a flat would be an issue with nowhere to pull out and change it, but the KO2 handled the group graciously and carried us on to the coast for another beautiful lunch provided by our hosts.

At lunch we were provided a tremendous opportunity to ride with two great drivers to show us what the KO2 could really do. Rob MacCachren and Ryan Arciero threw down some hot laps for everyone in attendance.

One more real world test awaited us as after lunch on the deep sand on the beaches of South Erendira, and then on to the coastline roads that mimics driving on marbles. The KO2 did an excellent job on its final run back to our destination providing the necessary traction and toughness to get us home.

How can you make something that was already good better? On other A/T tires we’ve been on, we’ve noticed they’re either more off-road or more on-road, but that wasn’t the case here. In 1975 BFG created the first radial all terrain tire, and subsequently created the A/T market. Since then, BFG has led that category for most of that time. From day 1, BFG has tested and used the real world data they collect while competing in Baja, and only in the last few years, have the competition started to catch up. But with the new advances in the KO2, BFG once again has that target on their back.

All in all, BFG has put together a great tire, and it truly is an all terrain with toughness, tread life and loads of traction.  We ran every terrain conceivable, with the exception of snow. For what we, as off-road racers and enthusiast, do on any given weekend with friends and family, these new KO2’s will get the job done, and get it done well.

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BFGoodrich Finds Its Way Home http://www.race-dezert.com/home/bfgoodrich-finds-its-way-home-113716.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/bfgoodrich-finds-its-way-home-113716.html#comments Thu, 18 Sep 2014 15:00:27 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113716 ]]> bfg-all-terrain-ko2-tire-launch
Former BFGoodrich Motorsports Director Dan Newsome began his welcome speech to group of guests huddled in Baja’s Horsepower Ranch without mincing words: “Welcome. This is a big deal. No this is a big, big deal.”

Unless you were living off the Internet grid last week, certainly you know about BFG’s remarkable launch of its incredibly capable new All-Terrain KO2 tire. The impact of this all-important product to the company’s bottom line cannot be oversold, as tens of thousands of this iconic off-road tire are sold every year around the world. Considering the brand’s long history of creating new products that push the performance envelope and the fact it took four years to get the K02 just right, it was not really a surprise that the new rubber would be impressive. It was and then some.

Nope, the most surprising development in Mexico last week has how BFG rolled the dice, found its wuevos and converted its “Playground Earth” mantra from a marketing tagline to an authentic philosophy.

Allow me to explain. Together with the hard working staff at Jackson Motorsports Group, Newsome, now the Country Marketing Manager, Light Truck Tires and Brand Communications Manager Duane Thomas led a host of BFGoodrich-related people back home to the tire’s spiritual home for an old-school media trip of epic proportions. The group brought in three waves of media and industry “influencers” that totaled 90 guests there to enjoy every car that Wide Open Baja had in its fleet along with 10 Ford Raptors from Utah’s Miller Motorsports Park. Also on hand were BFGoodrich Performance Team members that included Bryce Menzies, Rob MacCachren, Ryan Arciero, Brad Lovell, Justin “Bean” Smith, Casey Currie and more.

It all made sense on paper. BFGoodrich literally invented the light truck tire category when it first rolled out the radial All-Terrain in the late 1970s with the late Frank “Scoop” Vessels and his Baja-winning Class 8 Ford. They won their first overall victory with the BFG-sponsored Chevy Blazer of Bob Gordon at the 1980 SCORE Baja 500 and the rest, as they say, is history.

But just because Baja is at the core DNA of a product and brand doesn’t make an effort of this magnitude an automatic slam-dunk. It took several meetings that included Jackson’s Frank DeAngelo and Lowell Eckart, as well as BFG’s Newsome and Jeff Cummings, to convince all parties involved that launching the new tire could only be done south of the border for there to be any depth to the story.

More impressive than that was the depth and widespread group of media that made it south of the border that went way beyond the normal off-road crowd. Consider print and web outlets that included Car and Driver, Autoweek, Field & Stream, AskMen.com, Autosavant.com, Hooniverse, Fast Lane Daily, Gear Patrol, Truck Trend as well as The Auto Channel and Internet Brands.

It is likely that no other off-road event in years will reach such a diverse and broad reaching audience. For that fact alone our off-road family should give thanks.

What made last week’s launch so ballsy was that despite an often conservative approach and so much potential for a PR disaster, the brand stared down a double barrel shotgun in taking so many media to Mexico for the first time – but to also give them a truly authentic Baja off-road experience. It’s important to remember that most of these media types – especially the more mainstream journalists – are coddled like newborns at a breast-feeding convention. Most of the guys in our group had reluctantly “fit” the Baja trip into their schedule between trips to Europe for new car launches.

One of the more “colorful” media guests in our group, a New Yorker that literally showed up with bright red skinny jeans that matched his bright yellow ones, looked at after the first morning’s drive and said, “Wow, normally these trips would be eating, getting the car for an hour and then going to the spa.”

From the introduction at Horsepower Ranch to spending the night in the “rustic” surrounding of Mike’s Sky Ranch after getting soaked in a rain and lighting storm that turned both cars and drivers into a muddy mess, the trip was as authentic as high-performance driving in Baja gets. In the works for almost a year, the experience was matched only by the flawless performance of the new KO2. And the media, especially the former Baja virgins, loved every dirty minute of it.

“We wanted to have our guests a real experience that would also show off our new tire,” said BFGoodrich Brand Community Manager Carrie Woodward. “We wanted them to touch it, feel it, use it in the most extreme conditions and without any sort of filter. We knew there were risks, but with the history and heritage of the brand, coming to Baja was the only right thing to do.”

Several years ago, I wrote a column for Dirt Sports magazine that almost cost me a job and my long relationship with the brand. In it, I called out BFGoodrich for losing their way after signing Shaun White to a huge endorsement contract while not having any “budget” to help the AGM Motorsports team of Armin Schwarz who was kicking some serious off-road racing PR ass in Europe and elsewhere. I took a big journalistic and professional risk because it was also the “only right thing to do.”

But, that was then and the Baja launch of the new All-Terrain KO2 is now. There is no reward without a little risk, and that is what this sport and lifestyle are all about.

Welcome back BFGoodrich.

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RECOIL TWO: BJ Baldwin Rips Through the Streets of Ensenada http://www.race-dezert.com/home/recoil-two-bj-baldwin-rips-through-the-streets-of-ensenada-113665.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/recoil-two-bj-baldwin-rips-through-the-streets-of-ensenada-113665.html#comments Tue, 16 Sep 2014 16:35:21 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113665 ]]>

Recoil TWO, the latest viral film from Monster Energy and BJ Baldwin, finally surfaced late Tuesday tonight, this time taking place in the streets of Ensenada, Baja California.  Last April, Monster Energy and Baldwin launched the first RECOIL project which stormed through the Mojave Desert.  6.9 million views later, Baldwin takes his 800hp Trophy Truck and tears through this seaside Mexican city, in a race to the beach with Dan Bilzerian.  You be the judge..

Recoil Two BJ Baldwin Recoil Two BJ Baldwin Recoil Two BJ Baldwin recoil-two-bj-baldwin-10 Recoil Two BJ Baldwin recoil-two-bj-baldwin-11 ]]>
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ROUSH Off-Road Raptor SHAKEDOWN! http://www.race-dezert.com/home/roush-off-road-raptor-shakedown-113661.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/roush-off-road-raptor-shakedown-113661.html#comments Mon, 15 Sep 2014 22:59:59 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113661 ]]>

The FORD Raptor is undoubtably the king of off-road truck production vehicles. It’s the only truck to have a complete platform for and off-road application. Is it a trophy truck or full blown pre-runner? No, but for under 60k it’s pretty damn good. You can up-fit your Raptor now with a huge variety of accessories, suspension, and cosmetics but the folks over at ROUSH took it to a whole new level adding the most essential ingredient we all want…horsepower! They took FORD’s already robust 6.2 liter engine and supercharged it adding 179hp and 156 lb-ft of torque over the factory engine! But wait there’s more! The package comes with custom graphics, head rest covers, a rear exit exhaust package, and a 3yr / 36,000 mi full powertrain warranty from Roush. You can complete the off-road package by adding ADD bumpers, rock sliders, light rack and Rigid light package. Now you are ready to rock!

MSRP on that Raptor is $56,000.00

Add the ROUSH kit and your at $70,000.00

Add the ADD bumpers, rock sliders, light rack and Rigid lights and your at $85,000.00

We wanted to see what this ROUSH Off-Road Raptor was all about ourselves. So we called our good friend and Formula D competitor Justin Pawlek and took him out to Barstow, CA to put this beast though the ringer! After all horsepower and suspension = Fun! We climbed rocks, charged whoops, rallied roads, and blasted though sandy corners to see how well this Raptor would perform. Check out the photos and video from our ROUSH Off-Road Raptor SHAKEDOWN and judge for yourself!

590 HP and 590 lbs of torque
Roush Off Road Rear Exit Exhaust
Vent pod boost gauge
Roush Off Road Side Bed Graphics
Roush Square R Badges on the doors and tailgate
Roush Windshield Banner
Roush Off Road Headrest Covers
Roush Production Badge under the hood.

roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-19 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-04 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-02 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-07 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-20 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-06 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-10 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-15 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-14 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-08 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-01 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-17 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-16 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-18 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-12 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-11 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-22 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-09 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-21 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-05 roush-raptor-vehicle-shakedown-race-dezert-03 ]]>
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Toyota TRD Pro Trucks Are A Better Buy Than You Think http://www.race-dezert.com/home/is-a-toyota-trd-pro-truck-a-good-buy-113306.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/is-a-toyota-trd-pro-truck-a-good-buy-113306.html#comments Sun, 14 Sep 2014 13:54:23 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113306 ]]> RDC TRD Top

As the FJ Cruiser goes extinct, Toyota has decided to make an effort of reviving their off-road lineup with “TRD Pro” versions of their aged Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner 4×4 models. These new-trimmed trucks look cool, but they’ve been catching some flack for being overpriced. They’re certainly not cheap, but a closer look at their prices compared to the cost of having your truck modified convinced me the TRD Pro price point isn’t too bad relative to the standard Toyota lineup.


2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

2015 4Runner Trail 4WD V6 with aftermarket off-road upgrades: ~$43,000

TRD Pro version: $41,110

The current (fifth-generation) 4Runner is a stout 4×4 with an aggressively chiseled look and reasonable off-road performance out of the box in standard trim.

Let’s say the least-expensive variant with the most off-road goodies is the Trail trim with part-time 4WD, Bridgestone Dueler tires (basically aggressive all-seasons) and Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS), and $1,800 option that adds hydraulic regulators to configure the sway bars for driving on pavement or heading off-road.

That brings the price to $38,550. Say you’re into a conservative but complete-and-quality aftermarket lift kit installed for $2,000, and a full set of five Nitto Terra Grapplers (which come with the TRD Pro) will set you back almost another $1,000. Quality beadlock style rims will be another $1,500 at least.

Based on those guestimations, buying a 2015 Toyota 4Runner and beefing it up to near the TRD Pro’s spec costs something like $43,000… and that doesn’t include the slick aesthetic touches or OEM installation warranty and peace of mind you get with buying your truck set up off the shelf. There’s also resale value to consider, which will be a lot higher for an OEM TRD Pro truck than something you’ve set up yourself.

Meanwhile, the 2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 4×4 V6 is priced at $41,110. Unless you want to build your rig for real rough stuff, the TRD Pro is looking like a pretty good grab relative to the standard 4Runner.


2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

2015 Tacoma Access Cab V6 4×4 6-Speed Long Bed with aftermarket off-road upgrades: ~$36,000

TRD Pro version: $35,525

Like the 4Runner, the Taco has a well-deserved reputation as a solid choice for off-roaders out of the box. An Access Cab (small doors) V6 4×4 with a 6-speed manual is $30,890. From there, you could either spend about $5,000 on your own aftermarket off-road upgrades bringing your investment to the neighborhood of $36,000, get the TRD Off-Road Extra Value Package with Bilstein shocks, slightly better BF Goodrich tires and a skid plate for $4,935 (~$36,000 again) or pick up the Tacoma TRD Pro for $35,525.


2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

2015 Tundra SR5 Double Cab V8 4×4 with aftermarket off-road upgrades: ~$43,000

TRD Pro version: $41,285

Finally, the Tundra. A bit on the portly side for trail running, but hardly inept off the pavement. Start with an SR5 Double Cab V8 4×4 at $37,700. The TRD Off-Road Package for the standard model is $3,000, but spending a little more in the aftermarket will get you a bigger lift if you don’t mind deviating from factory parts. If $5,000 is a reasonable estimate for suspension, wheels, tires, skid plates, and a few minor style tweaks, your looking at some $43,000 to get a standard V8 4×4 Tundra to about the same spec as a TRD Pro. The Pro variant in that size is MSRP’ed at $41,285.

Regardless of what trim level you’re looking at, the Toyota truck lineup is old and expensive. That alone might be enough to keep you out of a Toyota showroom. But their trucks are also consistently high-quality, even if the interior materials don’t feel quite as fancy as their American counterparts.

If you’re looking to add a serious lift, change gearing, or do other major off-road upgrades you’re still going to be better off taking the aftermarket route. But if you’re looking at a more conservative build, and maintaining resale value and factory warranty are important to you, the TRD Pro lineup looks pretty attractive.

Here’s the complete list of what the TRD Pro trucks offer over their “standard” counterparts. Do you think it’s worth the coin?

Part Tundra TRD Pro Tacoma TRD Pro  4Runner TRD Pro
Wheels 18” black TRD alloy 16” black beadlock style TRD alloy New 17” black TRD alloy
Tires Tundra exclusive Michelin Off-Road Package tires BFGoodrich All Terrain KO Nitto Terra Grappler
Shocks TRD-tuned Bilstein High Performance
-Bilstein front and rear digressive piston and valve design
-Bilstein ZoneControl 3-stage, positive sensitive valve design is sensitive to suspension input speed
-Increased shock size adds oil capacity for better heat management and increased control of cavitationFRONT:
- 1.4” of additional wheel travel
- 60mm pistons > 46mm OE
- 18mm shafts > 12mm OE
-“Piggy back” remote reservoirREAR:
- 1.5” of additional wheel travel
- 60mm pistons > 46mm OE
- 18mm shafts > 12mm OE
-“Piggy back” remote reservoir
TRD-tuned Bilstein High Performance
- Bilstein front and rear digressive piston and valve design
-Increased diameter shock size (front) and external reservoir (rear) adds oil capacity for better heat management and increased control of cavitationFRONT:
- 0.75” of additional wheel travel
- 60mm pistons > 36/32mm OE
- 18mm shafts > 12mm OEREAR:
- 1.5” of additional wheel travel
- 46mm pistons > 36/30mm OE
- Remote reservoir
TRD-tuned Bilstein High Performance
- Bilstein front and rear digressive piston and valve design
-Increased diameter shock size (front) and external reservoir (rear) adds oil capacity for better heat management and increased control of cavitationFRONT:
- 0.75” of additional wheel travel
- 60mm pistons > 32mm OE
- 18mm shafts > 12mm OEREAR:
- 1.4” of additional wheel travel
- 46mm pistons > 32mm OE
- Remote reservoir
Springs Unique TRD-Tuned Front Springs- 2” lift for the front of the vehicle
- Decreased spring rate to improve ride quality over harsh terrain
Unique TRD-Tuned Front Springs- 1.75” lift for the front of the vehicle
- Decreased spring rate to improve ride quality over harsh terrain
Unique TRD-Tuned Front Springs- 1” lift for the front of the vehicle
-Decreased spring rate to improve ride quality over harsh terrain
Exhaust TRD Dual Exhaust- Stainless steel system
- Polished steel dual wall tips
- Reduced back pressure
- Throaty rumble sound
TRD Cat Back Exhaust- Stainless steel system
- Polished steel dual wall tips
- Reduced back pressure
- Throaty rumble sound
No Change from OE
Skid Plate New TRD Front Skid Plate- 1/4” thick aluminum with oil pan access panel - Black OE front skid plate TRD Stamped Front Skid Plate- 1/4” thick aluminum with venting for front differential
Exterior - Unique “TOYOTA” front grill
- “TRD Pro” bed panel stamping
- Matte and Satin Black “TUNDRA” and iForce 5.7L V8 badging on doors
Multi-reflector halogen headlights with black sport bezels and manual level control
- Unique “TOYOTA” front grill
- Black “TRD PRO” external hard badge
- Black “TACOMA” badging on doors
- Unique “TOYOTA” front grill
- Black “TRD PRO” external hard badges
- Black front and rear lower bumper accent
Exterior Colors Black, Super White, and Inferno (all-new exclusive color)
Interior - TRD Shift Knob
- TRD Floor Mats
- Unique seat color with red stitching
- Unique IP ornament insert
- TRD Shift Knob
- TRD Floor Mats
- TRD Shift Knob
- TRD Floor Mats

Images: Toyota


http://www.race-dezert.com/home/is-a-toyota-trd-pro-truck-a-good-buy-113306.html/feed 0
Watch the 2010 General Tire Mint 400 for free on YouTube! http://www.race-dezert.com/home/watch-the-2010-general-tire-mint-400-for-free-on-youtube-113646.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/watch-the-2010-general-tire-mint-400-for-free-on-youtube-113646.html#comments Sat, 13 Sep 2014 15:00:31 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113646 ]]> RDC Mint top

Mad Media and The Martelli Brothers bring you the full, feature-length version of the 2010 General Tire Mint 400!

“Our goal is to showcase off-road racing to the world. There is no other type of racing that even comes close to desert off-road racing. It’s pure adrenaline!” stated Mint 400 owner and CEO Matt Martelli

The General Tire Mint 400 is the roughest, most spectacular off-road race in North America! Started in 1967, The Mint is steeped in American lore as thousands of racers as well as celebrities from around the world have attempted to tame the brutal Nevada desert. The 2010 Mint 400 was an epic battle between some of the top off-road racers in the world in twenty-five different classes of vehicles. Shot entirely in HD by the largest, most experienced film production crew in off-road, Mad Media – The Mint features stunning cinematography, captured in some of the most remote and inhospitable terrain on the planet. Witness the bumper-to-bumper battling from the Mint 400 helicopters, feel the power of these incredible vehicles from the passenger seat, watch as racers fall away, embroiled in the agony of defeat, and share in the glory of victory! …This, is The 2010 General Tire Mint 400.

“The 2010 Mint 400 is now free to watch and share with your friends and family. So share it with everyone, and then swing by the Mint 400 online store and help us to continue to pay for the growth of this incredible race by buying some of our slick Mint 400 merchandise,” stated Mint 400 owner and CFO Joshua Martelli. “We will continue to re-invest in The Mint 400, and keep it the biggest and best off-road race in the world.”

Show your pride for The Mint 400 by purchasing merchandise here.


http://www.race-dezert.com/home/watch-the-2010-general-tire-mint-400-for-free-on-youtube-113646.html/feed 0
Travis PeCoy Rebounds from Reno and “Rocks” Crandon International Raceway http://www.race-dezert.com/home/travis-pecoy-rebounds-from-reno-and-rocks-crandon-international-raceway-113636.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/travis-pecoy-rebounds-from-reno-and-rocks-crandon-international-raceway-113636.html#comments Fri, 12 Sep 2014 06:07:41 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113636 ]]> Rounds 11 and 12 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series quickly blended itself into World Championship weekend at Crandon International Raceway. Although the results of the young Octane Junkie don’t bode as well as planned at the Wild West Motorsports Park, Travis PeCoy was able to redeem himself at “The Big House” in Crandon Wisconsin.


2014 LOORRS Round 11 & 12


Going into Rounds 11 & 12 of the LOORRS series, Travis PeCoy sat third in the Modified Kart Championship points standings aiming high for an overall points championship. PeCoy has had a successful year thus far leading the points championship for the majority of the 2014 season but due to some unfortunate luck he has been forced to claw his way back to the top the hard way. Travis has had an all-out attitude and is willing to take chances when needed in order to push the issue on and off the track.


2014 LOORRS Round 11 & 12

Qualifying in the top 5 for both rounds 11 &12, Travis has consistently pressured the top contenders throughout the 2014 season precisely positioning the FMF Octane Junkies Modified Kart #573 right in the thick of a Modified Kart Championship.

2014 LOORRS Round 11 & 12


“To be honest, im disappointed”, mentioned PeCoy. “This isn’t where we want to be but Reno was brutal and I have to stay focused and not let this shake me up because Crandon is in just a couple of days”.


Travis PeCoy went on to finish Rounds 11 & 12 with two top ten finishes holding on tight to that third place position in the overall Modified Kart point standings.


Immediately following Rounds 11 & 12 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Travis PeCoy and the Travis PeCoy Racing crew packed up the hauler and headed to the mid-west on a 2,000 mile road trip to a little town called Crandon embedded in the heart of Wisconsin. Crandon is notorious for it’s “land rush” start and high-speed mile and a half long course filled with upwards of 30,000 fans. 2014 marks the second year of a Modified Kart World Championship in it’s 45 year existence. Traditionally, in order to qualify for the World Championship race you must race Friday’s race leading up to the weekend to ensure your spot in the World Championship.




As planned Travis PeCoy climbed into the #573 FMF Octane Junkies backed Modified Kart Friday afternoon and would soon take his first official “land rush” start through the iconic turn one at Crandon International Raceway. Fresh out of the gate Travis got off to an amazing start quickly positioning himself comfortably in second place. Before long, PeCoy made a move for the first place position pushing the #573 to the limit. Able to overtake the lead, Travis PeCoy began to find his groove and settle in at the front of the field. Unexpectedly right before the mandatory caution a large rock the size of two human fists came barreling though the cab of the #573 knocking Travis square in the helmet. Dazed and unaware of what just happened, Travis lost all perception of where he was or what he was doing. Luckily for PeCoy driving a car isn’t foreign, Travis was able to systematically drive the #573 for the remainder of the race and land himself a second place finish.




After a quick trip to the local hospital, Travis PeCoy was released with a clean bill of health and was cleared to race in the World Championship race.

“I don’t remember anything about the race really. Still not sure how I pulled it off but we made it happen”, commented PeCoy.

The Modified Kart World Championship was among us and the young Octane Junkie Travis PeCoy was out to get what he came for; a World Championship. The green flag dropped and the #573 was full throttle into turn one, not one thought of lifting crossed PeCoy’s mind as he was set on being the first person through the infamous turn one. 30,000+ fans cheered on the Modified Karts as they made their way through turn one only to see the Octane Junkie himself leading the entire field. With speeds reaching nearly 90mph this was by far the fastest the #573 had ever gone before on any circuit.


Travis PeCoy would go on to lead the entire World Championship race from green to checkered flag crowning him your 2014 Modified Kart World Champion.


14torc_crandonfall_pecoy_031 14torc_crandonfall_pecoy_022


PeCoy commented, “This is a huge moment in my career… im absolutely humbled. My family, my crew, my sponsors and my head mechanic Ricky have worked so hard it feels amazing to be able to come to Crandon for my first time and accomplish a goal like this. You can bet that I’ll be back next year to defend my World Championship title and I plan on coming back to Crandon for a long long time. This is truly amazing.”




Travis PeCoy and the entire FMF Octane Junkies Modified Kart team will make their way to sunny Las Vegas Nevada where he will take on Rounds 13 & 14 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series under the lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on September 19th and 20th.




Travis PeCoy would like to thank all of the loyal partners that chose to support the Travis PeCoy Racing Modified Kart #573 – FMF/Octane Junkies, Action Sports Canopies, Oakley, CMI Precision, ThyssenKrupp Materials, PurOl, Ello Gum and Troy Lee Designs.


 Be sure to follow Travis on Instagram and Facebook


Photo credit:  Bink Design


About Travis PeCoy:

13 year old Travis PeCoy has been around racing since his early diaper days. Father Bobby PeCoy is an experienced Pro Buggy driver with a strong history of placings in the old CORR and the current LOORRS racing divisions. Travis gained interest early on and jumped in eagerly to the Junior Kart division. After some years of on-track education, young PeCoy found his way to the podium and eventually winning races. After a stellar 2012 Junior Kart season, PeCoy-Racing decided it was time to move up to the even more competitive Modified Kart class. With a bright season ahead of him, and some fast lap times to boot, Travis has full focus on his new race truck, which seems to get faster every race.

Each race is a complete family experience with Dad Bobby calling the shots, Mom Tina handling operations & hospitality, Big Rick keeping the truck dialed in and a whole host of friends and family coming together for support.

2013 has seen early success with Travis back on top of that familiar podium position, as well as appearances in some new avenues including the Robby Gordon Stadium Super Truck series. Oakley has chosen Travis to be one of a limited number of supported drivers in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, along with FMF Racing promoting Travis as a featured young upstart in their new “Octane Junkies” collection.

When Travis is not burning laps, he’s splitting time between football, lacrosse, hanging out with a great group of friends and capturing all forms of racing action through the lens of his own camera.

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/travis-pecoy-rebounds-from-reno-and-rocks-crandon-international-raceway-113636.html/feed 0
Vision X Launches New Light Cannon LED Series http://www.race-dezert.com/home/vision-x-launches-new-6-7-light-cannons-113548.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/vision-x-launches-new-6-7-light-cannons-113548.html#comments Tue, 09 Sep 2014 13:00:29 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113548 ]]> vision-x-light-cannon-series
Vision X started in 1997 with a mission to revolutionize the lighting industry. Over the years, Vision X has entered many demanding market segments; Military, NASA, Border Patrol, Farming, Indoor and our favorite Off Road. Vision X does not just fall in line with the statuesque, they jump in feet first and engineer solutions for each market.

TJ Flores Romps his Trophy Truck through Nevada Desert (Featuring Vision X Lighting – 6.7” Cannons)

The off-road market has very unique needs. Rugged, reliable and powerful are the three basic elements every design must encompass. The Light Cannon Series of high-powered LED lights was designed and built on these very platforms. Flexibility has never been part of the recipe until now. The Light Cannon Series has a full series of optional clip on lenses to dial in the beam pattern to your specific needs. These filters can change the light distributions pattern as well as the color. The Light Cannon LED Series is available in 90 Watt 8.7″, 50 Watt 6.7″ and 25 watt 4.5″.  T.J. Flores runs the 50 watt 6.7″ but the big brother 90 watt 8.7″ Light Cannon LED is the king of all Single Source LED Lights.

Rugged Design:
Vision X’s exclusive Prime Drive, Iris reflector and massive 90 watt LED chip are encased in a lightweight, high-strength Hybrid Aluminum/Polycarbonate housing (just 10.36 lbs.), providing the optimum combination for enduring the hottest, coldest, wettest (IP-68 waterproof rating) and most rugged conditions. The rugged single-bolt mounting platform makes this light a direct replacement for all your standard off road lights (Halogen or HID). It also ensures a strong hold under high vibration and harsh conditions.

In Vision X’s quest to develop the ultimate LED package, they had to develop a driver that was equality as awesome as the rest of the light. So Prime Drive was born. Prime Drive allows for the highest light output at all times while maintaining the LEDs 50,000 hour life span. Prime Drive makes this happen through several key components. Prime Drive’s success made it the perfect driver for the Light Cannon. Prime Drive Technology can operate the LEDs to 90% of their max rating, meaning less energy wasted and more light output.

This is the first Single Source LED light to achieve 1000 meters or 3280 feet of usable light. Like the other Cannon LED Series lights (4.5″ & 6.7″), the new 8.7” these lights are engineered to perform without drawing too much power. The single 90 watt LED chip combined with Prime Drive technology lets this powerful light operate without strain to your charging system.

  • Raw Lumens: 5,800 lm
  • Wattage: 90
  • Input Voltage: 9-32V DC
  • Amp Draw(12V): 7.5A

One of the coolest features is the 20 different Light Cannon Cover Filters. Each polycarbonate translucent cover also protects the Light Cannon as well as improving vision in dust, fog or snow. Each is finished with a glow in the dark printed “X” for a unique look at night when the Light Cannons are off. Cannon Covers are available in clear, blue, red and yellow colors along with euro, trail flood, wide flood and elliptical beam changing covers. This flexibility sets this light apart. You can switch your lights from a wide flood for tight mountain trails to a Trail Flood for long straight roads. In the past you would have to mix the lights on your machine to achieve these options. We have all the seen the truck with 18 HID lights on it. Now you can mix and match filters and create the perfect lighting footprint for your application.

Directed by The Martelli Brothers – Produced by Mad Media
Photography by Mad Media

tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-02 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-06 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-07 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-08 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-09 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-13 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-18 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-20 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-21 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-23 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-24 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-26 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-28 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-29 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-31 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-32 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-35 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-38 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-41 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-42 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-43 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-44 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-45 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-46 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-47 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-48 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-62 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-63 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-65 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-67 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-68 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-69 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-70 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-71 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-72 tj-flores-vision-x-lighting-mad-media-73 ]]>
http://www.race-dezert.com/home/vision-x-launches-new-6-7-light-cannons-113548.html/feed 2
Live drawing for starting positions next Tuesday, Sept. 9 for 19th http://www.race-dezert.com/home/live-drawing-for-starting-positions-next-tuesday-sept-9-for-19th-113541.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/live-drawing-for-starting-positions-next-tuesday-sept-9-for-19th-113541.html#comments Mon, 08 Sep 2014 15:20:29 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113541 ]]> Live drawing for starting positions next Tuesday, Sept. 9 for 19th

Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge in Imperial Valley, Calif.


Round 4 of  2014 SCORE World Desert Championship split into three days of racing on Sept. 25-28;

Classes to run in groups as multi-lap race over 8-mile course

at Coyne Powersports Motorplex in Imperial Valley;

SCORE has added one special Pro UTV and one special Sportsman UTV class exclusively for this event

Imperial Street Fair, SCORE Contingency, Imperial Big Air Shootout launch event on Thursday, Sept. 25 

    RENO, Nev.—Race teams from across the country and around the world are preparing for the upcoming 19th annual Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge, presented by the City of Imperial, Calif. A live drawing for starting positions, by class, will be carried on the SCORE DirtLive HD Internet Show next Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 7 p.m. (PT).

Round 4 of the 2014 five-race SCORE World Desert Championship will have the event split into multiple days with classes split into groups as is typical with a SCORE Desert Challenge. Each class will run multi-lap races each day over an eight-mile course at the Coyne Powersports Motorplex near Plaster City, Calif. in Imperial Valley. The race festivities will be held Sept. 25-28 with racing on Friday night, all day and into Saturday evening and Sunday morning and afternoon.

The Motorplex is owned by El Centro, Calif., businessman Marty Coyne, a former SCORE Trophy Truck racer who won the SCORE Las Vegas Terrible’s Cup.  The one-square mile land area is inside of the massive 41,000-acre Superstition Mountain/Plaster City OHV area.

Coyne’s private land has an eight-mile course already developed that was part of the 82-mile loop used by SCORE on April 26, for which racers were required to cover three laps, for the Inaugural SCORE Imperial Valley 250 desert race.

Held from 1995 through 2012 in Laughlin, Nev., the Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge, presented by the City of Imperial, Calif. will be held for the first time in the Imperial Valley with the same format as the original SCORE Desert Challenge events from past years. The SCORE World Desert Championship, the world’s foremost desert racing organization, features competition in 25 Pro and 5 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and ATVs.


As an added incentive for this race, SCORE has reduced the entry fees for participants to the lowest in recent history. For registration information, including the list of classes offered as well as entry fees and only line registration, visit the following link https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/?eventid=1579114.

SCORE’s Norman commented, “SCORE has rolled back entry fees to the lowest in more than a decade because of the ability to race on private property and the significant support from the local community and Imperial Valley.”


SCORE has added two special entry level UTV classes exclusively for the Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge, presented by the city of Imperial Calif. The two special classes for this race are the Pro UTV Single-Seat and Sportsman UTV Stock.

The Pro UTV Single-Seat class is for modified UTVs up to 1000cc engine displacement with stock chassis and stock appearance. The Sportsman UTV Stock class is a stock UTV class for production UTVs, manufactured by registered companies with vehicle VIN numbers.

Detailed information is available under Tech Notes on the SCORE website at http://score-international.com/tech-notes/ or by calling the SCORE Tech Office in El Cajon, Calif., at 619.938.2135.


Pre-race festivities will be held in downtown Imperial Calif. On Thursday (Sept. 25), from noon to 7 p.m. will be the Imperial Off-Road Showcase and Street Fair. At 7 p.m. on Thursday (Sept. 25) will be an escorted vehicle procession from downtown Imperial to the California Midwinter Fairgrounds.  The Imperial Street Fair will include live music, food and beverage vendors, merchandise vendors, interactive games, vehicle displays and autograph sessions with many of the world’s top desert racers.


The colorful SCORE Contingency Row and Manufacturer’s Midway will be held on Friday (Sept. 26) from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., joining the Imperial Off-Road Showcase and Street Fair on Imperial Avenue in downtown Imperial. All race entries are pushed through contingency row and tech inspection offering fans up close views of the exotic desert racing machines along with their drivers and riders.


With a purse of nearly $9,000 sponsored by Rogers & Rogers automotive group, the Imperial Big Air Shootout, presented by the City of Imperial, Calif. will start at 8 p.m. on Thursday (Sept. 25) at the California Midwinter Fairgrounds. Patterned after its popular predecessor the Laughlin Leap, this jump competition will have the various classes divided into different groups with the long jump with cash payouts in all six groups. In Group 1 (SCORE Trophy Truck, Trophy Truck Spec) will have a prize of $2,000 for the longest jump and a top prize of $1,500 for Group 2 (Class 1, Class 10).

All the details are available at this link (http://score-international.com/RISDC-Jump-Contest/) on the SCORE website.


All races in the 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship series, along with the special SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience and qualifying for the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 from Las Vegas Motor Speedway, are televised on a delayed basis in the USA and Canada as a one-hour special on the CBS Sports Network. The shows, produced by SoCal’s acclaimed BCII TV, air a minimum of two times on the CBS Sports Spectacular show.

All shows are scheduled to premier in the next month following the event. The success of the productions has enabled CBS Sports Network to air multiple airings of the first three 2014 races.  The SCORE San Felipe 250 had 17 extra airings, the SCORE Imperial Valley 250 had five extra airings, and the SCORE Baja 500 garnered seven hours of extra airings in CBS Sports Network.

Following the CBS Sports Network telecasts in the US, the SCORE races air worldwide in over 100 countries through international distribution.

Following are the air dates for the debut of the remaining 2014 SCORE shows on the CBS Sports Network…

  • Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge, presented by the city of Imperial (Sunday, Nov. 2, 9 p.m. ET)
  • Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 qualifying from Las Vegas Motor Speedway/SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience (Sunday, Dec. 21, 9 p.m. ET)
  • Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 (Sunday, Dec. 28, 9 p.m. ET)

CBS Sports Network is available across the country through local cable, video and telco providers and via satellite on DirecTV Channel 221 and Dish Network Channel 158. For more information, including a full programming schedule and how to get CBS Sports Network, go to www.cbssportsnetwork.com.


SCORE has developed plans with the staff of Coyne Powersports Motorplex to create fan-friendly spectator areas around the entire perimeter of the racecourse as well as the start/finish line area off of Wheeler Road north of Plaster City.

Surrounding the entire Coyne Powersports Motorplex is Southern California’s massive Superstition Mountain/Plaster City OHV use area. This OHV recreational area will provide event spectators the opportunity to enjoy the entire race weekend with overnight camping and off-road vehicle use (allowed under normal BLM restrictions in the OHV recreation use area.)


Official Sponsors: Tecate Beer-Official Beer/Official Race Sponsor, Monster Energy-Official Energy Drink, BFGoodrich Tires-Official Tire, Rigid Industries LED Lighting-Official Lights, King Shocks-Official Shock Absorber, Polaris-Official UTV, Volaris Airlines-Official Airline, CBS Sports Network-Official Television Partner, Wide Open Excursions- Official Arrive and Drive Company, Coca-Cola-Official Soft Drink, Crystal Bay Casino-Official Casino, Hotel Coral and Marina-Official Hotel.

Associate Sponsors: SatellitePhoneStore.com and Symons Ambulance Company.

Additional SCORE Partners: Proturismo Ensenada, Visit Baja California Sur, Baja California Secretary of Tourism, Baja California Sur State Government, Mexicali Ayuntamineto, COTUCO Mexicali/San Felipe, Cruz Roja Mexicana, Corporate Helicopters, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance, GoPro, PCI Race Radios, McKenzie’s Performance Products and Advanced Color Graphics.

For more information, visit www.score-international.com.


Thanks to its unparalleled patented Hybrid, Specter and Hyperspot optics and its torture-tested housings, Rigid Industries is a world leader in the forward projecting LED lighting industry. Rigid Industries ranked 150th on the Inc. 500 list for 2013 and ranked as the fastest growing LED lighting manufacturer in America. Rigid LED lighting products can be used in a plethora of applications across industries such as: agriculture, construction, emergency response, industrial, marine, military, mining, and, of course, off-road and power sports.

Rigid Industries is committed to providing top-notch innovative technologies and always guarantees a quality product which has been designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. For more information visit www.rigidindustries.com or follow the company on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/live-drawing-for-starting-positions-next-tuesday-sept-9-for-19th-113541.html/feed 0
2015 SCORE World Desert Championship schedule announced http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2015-score-world-desert-championship-schedule-announced-113538.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/2015-score-world-desert-championship-schedule-announced-113538.html#comments Mon, 08 Sep 2014 15:15:28 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113538 ]]> Five-race series for cars, trucks, UTVs, M/Cs, ATVs will feature 4 SCORE Baja races, 1 SCORE USA race;

Entire 2015 SCORE World Desert Championship series to be televised by CBS Sports Network

RENO, Nev.—SCORE International announced today its official five-race schedule for the 2015 SCORE World Desert Championship series featuring four races in Baja California, Mexico and one in the United States.

The biggest changes for the 2015 race season will be the season opener, SCORE San Felipe 250, now starting mid-January, the all new addition of the SCORE Baja Sur 500 race in April and the SCORE Imperial Valley 250 now taking place in September.

“It is truly the dawn of a new day in SCORE and the SCORE World Desert Championship series is having a significant impact in the world of motorsports,” said Roger Norman, CEO and President of SCORE International. “Mexican races are the cornerstone of SCORE and to have our first event entirely in Baja California Sur will add another colorful chapter to the SCORE Baja racing legacy.”

SCORE has also announced that final negotiations are being completed to again televise the entire SCORE World Desert Championship series nationally on the CBS Sports Network and internationally through syndication.

Norman continued, “With the diligence and creativity of BCII TV, SCORE has a viable domestic television package this year with the CBS Sports Network as our partner and our international syndication platform. When we finalize our 2015 television package it will continue to move SCORE up the visibility ladder with viable and sustainable programming.”

SCORE International will be celebrating its 42nd year as the world’s foremost desert racing organization in 2015 with a five-race series that will feature competition for 25 Pro and 5 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and ATVs.


Launching the 2015 SCORE World Desert Championship series schedule will be the first of the three original SCORE Baja races:

Round 1 will be the 29th SCORE San Felipe 250, Jan. 22-25 in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.

Round 2 will be the inaugural SCORE Baja Sur 500 on April 16-19. Marking the first time a SCORE Baja race has been held entirely in Baja California Sur, it will be a point-to-point race starting in Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip of Baja and finishing in Loreto on the east side of the peninsula along the Sea of Cortez.

Round 3 will be the 47th SCORE Baja 500, June 4-7, in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

Round 4 will be the 3rd SCORE Imperial Valley 250, Sept. 24-27 in Plaster City, Calif., USA.

Round 5 will be the 48th SCORE Baja 1000, Nov. 18-21. The most recognized name of all desert races, it will start and finish in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.


In order to earn a 2015 SCORE World Desert Championship class point title, SCORE has announced that racers will have the option to run either the inaugural SCORE Baja Sur 500 or the 47th SCORE Baja 500. If a racer elects to run both races, his/her highest point total between those two races will be included in his/her point totals from the other three SCORE races which are all required starts in order to qualify for a season point championship.


The two remaining races on the 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship series schedule are:

  • 19th annual Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge, Sept. 25-28 in Imperial Valley, Calif.
  • 47th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, Nov. 11-15, a peninsula run down Mexico’s majestic Baja California peninsula, starting in Ensenada, Baja California and finishing over 1,200 dusty miles later in La Paz, Baja California Sur.


All races in the 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship series, along with the special SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience and qualifying for the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 from Las Vegas Motor Speedway, are televised on a delayed basis in the USA and Canada as a one-hour special on the CBS Sports Network. The shows, produced by SoCal’s acclaimed BCII TV, air a minimum of two times on the CBS Sports Spectacular show.

All shows are scheduled to premier in the next month following the event. The success of the productions has enabled CBS Sports Network to air multiple airings of the first three 2014 races.  The SCORE San Felipe 250 had 17 extra airings, the SCORE Imperial Valley 250 had five extra airings, and the SCORE Baja 500 garnered seven hours of extra airings in CBS Sports Network.

Following the CBS Sports Network telecasts in the US, the SCORE races air worldwide in over 100 countries through international distribution.

Following are the air dates for the debut of the remaining 2014 SCORE shows on the CBS Sports Network…

  • Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge, presented by the city of Imperial, Calif. (Sunday, Nov. 2, 9 p.m. ET)
  • Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 qualifying from Las Vegas Motor Speedway/SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience (Sunday, Dec. 21, 9 p.m. ET)
  • Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 (Sunday, Dec. 28, 9 p.m. ET)

CBS Sports Network is available across the country through local cable, video and telco providers and via satellite on DirecTV Channel 221 and Dish Network Channel 158. For more information, including a full programming schedule and how to get CBS Sports Network, go towww.cbssportsnetwork.com.


Official SCORE Sponsors for 2014: Tecate Beer-Official Beer/Official Race Sponsor, Monster Energy-Official Energy Drink, BFGoodrich Tires-Official Tire, Rigid Industries LED Lighting-Official Lights, King Shocks-Official Shock Absorber, Polaris-Official UTV, Volaris Airlines-Official Airline, CBS Sports Network-Official Television Partner, Wide Open Excursions- Official Arrive and Drive Company, Coca-Cola-Official Soft Drink, Crystal Bay Casino-Official Casino, Hotel Coral and Marina-Official Hotel.

Associate Sponsors: SatellitePhoneStore.com and Symons Ambulance Company.

Additional SCORE Partners: Proturismo Ensenada, Visit Baja California Sur, Baja California Secretary of Tourism, Baja California Sur State Government, Mexicali Ayuntamineto, COTUCO Mexicali/San Felipe, Cruz Roja Mexicana, Corporate Helicopters, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance, GoPro, PCI Race Radios, McKenzie’s Performance Products and Advanced Color Graphics.

For more information, visit the official website of the SCORE World Desert Championship at www.score-international.com.

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Competition Eliminator: Johnny Greaves Delivers Big in 2014 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/competition-eliminator-johnny-greaves-delivers-big-in-2014-113432.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/competition-eliminator-johnny-greaves-delivers-big-in-2014-113432.html#comments Fri, 05 Sep 2014 20:23:42 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113432 ]]> johnny-greaves-2014-season
By Eric Johnson

The Monster Energy/Toyota/Maxxis Tire/Method Race Wheels/Potawatomi-backed truck driving man name Johnny Greaves had one hell of a season in 2014. Backing up his 2013 TORC Pro-4 title with seven victories as well as five runner-up finishes this summer, Johnny Graves slammed it all home last Sunday afternoon in all the mud, the sweat and the beer glory that was Crandon International Raceway to win his second straight Pro-4 championship. And in staying with the mud theme, not only did the Wisconsin native come up aces in America’s Dairy Land, but 19 year old son CJ Greaves also slithered his way into the TORC record books, as well (we’ll get to all that in a moment). About the only thing the Graves’ contingent didn’t leave Crandon with as their taillights faded away was the hallowed Amsoil Cup (the one-off race that sees the nation’s best Pro-4 and Pro-2 racers line-up against one another for coast-to-coast pickup bragging rights). Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series refugee Kyle Leduc rolled in from California to claim that piece of hardware, but as senior Greaves is about to explain, that fight for supremacy isn’t quite over yet either.

Crandon International Raceway
Crandon International RacewayCrandon International RacewayCrandon Monster Energy
Johnny, are you still feeling the afterglow from that Sunday afternoon in Crandon, Wisconsin? It really couldn’t have gone too much better for you and the entire team, huh?
Well, it could have gone a little bit better. I would have liked to have won the Cup race, but we were a tick off. Right at the end we made a run at Kyle right at the end and got right on his bumper, but there was no time to do anything. We kind of went into that race with a goal in mind and that was to just focus on the two championships and to try to keep the hype of the Cup and all that other stuff out of the way. We wanted to make sure we took care of business first. After we took care of business, it was time to go Cup racing. We were dialed-in. CJ was out there in the Pro-4 and he was actually chasing down Kyle. He was right on Kyle’s bumper and I was right on CJ’s bumper and that’s pretty much the way it went most of the race. CJ had to pull off at the end because he had a little mechanical issue happening and shut it down before he hurt anything. It was going to be another Monster 1-2-3 sweep again, but we were two laps shy on that one.

Between Leduc, yourself and CJ, there was certainly a Monster sweep in the Pro-4 class.
Yep, we did it in the Pro-4 class. Kyle won. I went and talked him before the race and said, “If you’re on me, I don’t want to trade paint. I’ll just get out of your way because I need to win the championship. I don’t need to get taken doing something foolish or getting a flat tire or anything.” Me and CJ were running first and second and he chased us most of the race. He was there for one reason and that was to win. He won, but we just kind of went, “You know what? We have to stay out of this battle for now.”

You were there to wrap up a title, while Kyle LeDuc, coming from the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, really didn’t have anything to lose, correct?
Right. He was all or nothing.

Prior to Crandon, had you and Kyle races against each other much?
A little bit. I knew he was going to be tough because he’s been winning a lot out west in the LOORS series. When you come to Crandon with no pressure and nothing to lose, you kind of have a different attitude when you go into a corner, you know?


Due to the nasty weather, you guys had to race for double points in what was to be the championship final. Was that a cause of concern for you and your title fight?
Yeah, the double points option. I was obviously not a fan of that because we worked so hard to get a big points lead and it’s not something you want to lose in one race. With double points there was potential of losing the whole season in one race. We really had to come up with a game plan for the race ad it was tough deciding how we were going to approach it. We were like, “Do we lay back and take it safe and just make sure we stay out of the carnage and don’t let anybody near us?” I had to finish in the top nine and I think I had 14 truck in my class, so there was definetley the potential of losing it if anything happened. If we had a flat or a failure or anything. At the end we just decided that we don’t lay up for nothing. That ain’t the Monster style. We went for it. I pulled the holeshot and led most of the race. When Kyle caught me I let him on by and chased him across the finish and CJ was right there with me in third.

Speaking of CJ. Your son finishes right there with you in Pro-4, wins the opening Pro Light race and clinches the Pro-2 championship. What a day for him, huh?
It was a pretty amazing day, for sure. He started right out of the gate with a Pro Light win. In the next race, in the Pro-4, if it wasn’t for team orders and everything else, he might have won that race. He had to stake in the game, either, but he was out there to basically protect my ass if we needed it. He was definetley one of the trucks to beat and he brought it in on the podium. He had very little seat time in the Pro-4. It was all a pretty amazing deal.

Being a dad, what’s in like for you to see your 19 year-old son doing so well in the sport?
I mean it’s hard to describe. I ask myself, how or why or even how it got to this point this quick. Really, we don’t even know. All I can say is that he grew up around it. He paid attention to everything that was going on, even when we thought he wasn’t. When it was time to get in them he pretty much knew most of what there was to know.

Prior to clinching the title at Crandon, you had earned seven victories and five runner-up finishes during the 2014 season. How would you describe your season?
It was pretty damn close to being perfect. Our worst finish all year was a fourth. We never had a failure. From a team perceptive, it was unreal. I’d call it perfect. We ran the shit out of that car every chance we got. Every practice, every qualifying session, every race, we never babied or never worried about it. It was bullet proof. That truck is two years old and it now has two championships under it. We won a championship last year and then backed it up again this year. The people involved were so awesome. You’ve got Amsoil and Method wheels and Maxxis tires and Fox shocks and all these guys that just provide us with the absolute products. And Toyota and TRD. They’re such a huge player in all this. I mean Toyota and Toyota Racing Development has been with us 18 years. They’re always there with that engine program and this year they just stepped it up. They just keep working and making our program better. They are definetley one of the keys to our success. Between all that and the crew here being spot-on, it was an amazing year. It was like clockwork. It’s a happy, happy team, that’s for sure.

Well, none of that comes easy. That all that from years and years of hard work, doesn’t it?
By far. The last two seasons, I told the guys, “I’ve never had so much fun racing.” I’m 48 now and I’m just starting to have more fun racing then I ever had because the team clicks so well and everybody enjoys being at the races. It’s like clockwork. It’s never been so easy before. We’re winning races. It makes a huge difference to have the team I have. t makes it real easy for me and CJ to go do our thing and look pretty.

So what’s next for Team Greaves?
We’re going to start testing next week already for 2015. We’re working on some new ideas we’ve had sitting here in the shop. We’re going to test the Pro-4s and we’re building a new Pro-2. And there’s also a chance we might end up at that final Lucas Oil at Lake Elsinore with at least one of the Pro-4s. Maybe we both of them. We’ll see how the testing goes. There’s no off-season this year.

So you may want to come out here and race Kyle Leduc on his West Coast turf, huh?
Yeah, that’s a little bit of it. Now that we’ve sized each other up we know what we need to do to beat him. With the shoe on the other foot and where we can go there and just be carefree and a little bit wild child. I think we can really make a statement there. There’s always been that East versus West question mark. He won it last week at Crandon so I want to make the question mark back up.

crandon-international-raceway-monster-energy-009 crandon-international-raceway-monster-energy-008 Crandon Monster Energy Crandon International Raceway Crandon Monster Energy crandon-international-raceway-monster-energy-001 Crandon Monster Energy CJ Greaves Crandon Monster Energy CJ Greaves Crandon Monster Energy Crandon International Raceway CJ Greaves Crandon Monster Energy Crandon Monster Energy crandon-international-raceway-monster-energy-003 Crandon International Raceway CJ Greaves Crandon Monster Energy Crandon Monster Energy Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway CJ Greaves Crandon Monster Energy Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway crandon-international-raceway-monster-energy-005 crandon-international-raceway-monster-energy-002 Crandon Monster Energy Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway CJ Greaves Crandon Monster Energy Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway Crandon Monster Energy crandon-international-raceway-monster-energy-007 Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway crandon-international-raceway-monster-energy-006 Crandon International Raceway Crandon Monster Energy crandon-international-raceway-monster-energy-004 Crandon International Raceway Casey Currie Crandon Monster Energy Crandon International Raceway RJ Anderson Crandon Monster Energy Crandon International Raceway Crandon International Raceway ]]>
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TORC Crandon Doubleheader To Air on NBC Sports Saturday http://www.race-dezert.com/home/torc-crandon-doubleheader-to-air-on-nbc-sports-saturday-113428.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/torc-crandon-doubleheader-to-air-on-nbc-sports-saturday-113428.html#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 19:35:52 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113428 ]]> IRVINE, Calif. – The 2014 season finale for TORC: The Off-Road Championship Presented by AMSOIL was, in a word, epic. The Keys to the Big House at Crandon (Wis.) Off-Road International Raceway lived up to all the hype despite interference from Mother Nature on Saturday. Whether it was the PRO Light double feature, the intense races for the win in PRO 2WD and PRO 4WD or one of the most memorable AMSOIL Cup races in event history, Sunday at Crandon had everything an off-road racing fan could hope for.

This Saturday, Sept. 6, the NBC Sports Network is airing the final PRO races of the year in all their glory starting at 3:30 p.m. EDT. At 5 p.m. EDT, the AMSOIL Cup race will be run in its entirety. Whether it’s the most hardcore off-road fan or someone with a casual interest in short-course racing, this is one show to watch or DVR as it is sure to entertain.

“There’s no better place to end the TORC season than at Crandon,” said TORC President BJ Birtwell. “And to make it even better, we had some of the most incredible race action in recent memory. The competitors left it all on the track and with the increased drama of weather, it made for an amazing finish to the season. Thank you to our series sponsors, racers, teams and most of all, the fans for making 2014 an amazing season.”

In addition to NBC Sports’ coverage of the races, short-course fans can see the webcast replays of every TORC Series race, including the AMSOIL Cup, at YouTube.com/TORC. Fans can also follow TORC on its social properties at Facebook.com/TORC and on Twitter and Instagram at @TORCOffRoad.

The 2015 TORC: The Off-Road Championship Presented by AMSOIL schedule will be released in the very near future.

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Jeepspeed Invites Everyone to New Exciting Series in 2015, The Wrangler Desert Trophy Series http://www.race-dezert.com/home/jeepspeed-invites-everyone-to-new-exciting-series-in-2015-the-wrangler-desert-trophy-series-113422.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/jeepspeed-invites-everyone-to-new-exciting-series-in-2015-the-wrangler-desert-trophy-series-113422.html#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 19:34:37 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113422 ]]> Jeepspeed Introduces The Wrangler Desert Trophy Series In 2015

Jeepspeed Invites Everyone to a New Exciting Series in 2015, The Wrangler Desert Trophy Series

Orange, CA

All Jeep Wrangler owners and aftermarket companies are invited to participate. Showcase your personal Jeep Wrangler, or your Jeep Wrangler products, in the real world of desert racing.
The 2015 Wrangler  Desert Trophy presented by Jeepspeed. Is an exciting three event Jeepspeed series sanctioned by Best in the Desert. All races will be recorded and televised. Sponsors or teams can purchase show segments.

Perry Coan, Jeepspeed Race Series

The Mint 400  /  Las Vegas, NV.
Silver State 300  /  Northern Nevada
BlueWater Desert Challenge  /  Parker, AZ.

Participants must race a Jeep Wrangler model conforming to the current Jeepspeed rules for either Class 1700 stock Jeepspeed Challenge, or Class 3700 modified Jeepspeed Cup, or the new 2015 intermediate Class 3750.
Class 1700
Stock wheelbase +/- 2″. 105″ max . 6 cyl with 33″ tires. Suspension 10″ front travel and 12″ rear. One shock per wheel
Class 3750
117″ max wheelbase. Jeep/Mopar V8 or 6 cyl up to 6 liters. No SRT variants. Forced induction ok on 6 cyl.  35″ tires. Suspension 12″ front travel and 14″ rear. One shock per wheel.
Class 3700
Open class. Any production based engine. 37″ tires. Suspension 15″ front travel open rear travel. Shock size and number of shocks open. 
There will be three Wrangler class champions but the overall “Wrangler Desert Champion” will be the driver that attains most points in any class.
Entry fees will be at the special Jeepspeed discounted rate.
Rules of vehicle spec. can be seen at  http://jeepspeed.com/competition-corner.aspx
Organizers safety rules are at www.bitd.com
Jeepspeed welcomes questions and input from potential teams and sponsors.

Clive Skilton  / jeepspeedcom@aol.com
Mike Barnett  / mike@tandjperformance.com
Photography By: Crene Studios
Jeepspeed Sponsors

About Jeepspeed
The Jeepspeed series is a competitive, cost effective series that has pitted Jeep vehicles against each other on challenging desert courses since 2001. Unlike the more expensive spec racing classes, there is no obligation to purchase your race vehicle or parts from the series organizer. You build your own vehicle the way you like as long as it fits within the rules. Jeepspeed offers the most fun and closest racing in the desert today. Jeepspeed series is supported by General TireATX WheelsRDM OffroadHowe PerformanceCurrie EnterprisesKing ShocksTJ Performance Center,Allpar.comSunoco Race FuelsBaja DesignsRubicon ExpressG2 Axle & GearSmittybiltPAC Racing Springs.

Visit www.jeepspeed.com for more information.

About General Tire
For 99 years General Tire has offered a complete quality line of ultra-high performance, passenger, light truck, off-road and commercial tires to meet all your needs.  General Tire is a proud supporter of Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series, Best in the Desert Racing Series, Major League Fishing, Chili Bowl, Pro-Pulling, Late-Model Dirt Series, Drag Boat Series, American Sprint Car Series, FreestyleMx.com Tour, Zero One Odyssey, and Spec Tire of Trophylite and JeepSpeed.  Team GT supports off-road and short course teams including CJ Hutchins, Garrick Freitas, Harley Letner, Jerry Zaiden/Jason Campbell/Jerry Whelchel/ (Camburg), Jim Riley, Justin Lofton, Macrae Glass, Randy Merritt, Ray Griffith, Steve Alexander, Steve La Roza, Ryan Beat, Carl Renezeder, and Robby Woods.

About Continental AG
With provisional sales of around €33.3 billion in 2013, Continental is among the leading automotive suppliers worldwide. As a supplier of brake systems, systems and components for powertrains and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires, and technical elastomers, Continental contributes to enhanced driving safety and global climate protection. Continental is also an expert partner in networked automobile communication. Continental currently has more than 177,000 employees in 46 countries.

About ATX 
ATX Series wheels are designed and engineered to meet the demands of off-road and outdoor enthusiasts. ATX is a Wheel Pros brand. Wheel Pros products are sold worldwide in more than 20 countries on four continents and through a U.S. network of more than 25,000 authorized dealers. It is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aftermarket wheels, performance tires and related accessories for cars, SUVs and light trucks. To see the styles ATX has on offer, including more new products for 2013, visit www.atxwheels.com. For more media information, including high-resolution images, please contact pr@wheelpros.com.


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UTV WOLFPACK / OFFROAD NIGHTS TEMECULA 2014 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/utv-wolfpack-offroad-nights-temecula-2014-113418.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/utv-wolfpack-offroad-nights-temecula-2014-113418.html#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 19:30:00 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113418 ]]> Vote Jason Merrell

Hello Everyone, we are excited to announce Wolfpack Driver Jason Merrell is a finalist in a nation wide contest to win a Hurco CNC machine. Jason has been hand picked, and will be traveling to IMTS trade show with 6 other finalist then pitch 4 judges on why he should win, the 5th judge is you! Online votes will count as 1 judge please help Jason and vote today. http://hurco.com

All votes count, everyone can vote as many times as they want and can re-vote each day.

Watch Jason’s video submission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSgKtM4pbrM&list=UU4K2t9ilTs6w1Q60nEgEW_Q

Read Jason’s Story:
Jason Merrell’s love for off-road racing led him to create Wolfpack Motorsports. As a driver himself, Jason saw the need to make stronger, more durable parts that could take the abuse of racing and recreational off-roading. Currently Wolfpack Motorsports produces after-market parts for the UTV Industry including, Aluminum & Chromoly Radius Rods, Front Control Arms, Small Machined Spacers,  Aluminum Down Links, and several other parts for off-road use. Jason and his brother also own a Media/Marketing company that has serviced some of the largest brands in action-sports and off-road racing.

They create professional content including photos, videos, press releases, social and other digital media for these brands and Wolfpack Motorsports. The racing and race team, brings credibility to the parts they sell. The marketing company shows the world how these parts are tested and race proven in the toughest of conditions. The companies that support their race team are: Polaris Industries, Rockstar Energy drink, Makita power tools ,Walker Evans Shocks, GoPro, Lucas Oils, Miller Welders, GMZ Wheels, Loctite, Mechanix Gloves,  Magnum Off-road to name a few. In turn, the media department of Wolfpack produces professional media content for these great sponsors, which gets shared virally.

After being in business about a year, Jason saw the need to bring manufacturing in house to control lead times, and the quality of the numerous parts his company provides for the Off-Road Vehicle Industry. In addition to producing a parts line for off-road vehicles and racing, Wolfpack supports a non-profit called Warfighter Made that helps disabled veterans with recreational therapy and outfitting vehicles to compensate for their disabilities. There are infinite possibilities involving this machine with Wolfpack Motorsports. Not only would it make a world of difference on the manufacturing side of things, but it will also make it possible for our company to focus more on helping out the UTV Industry and give back as much as possible. Before we can do that we need to get this machine cranking out quality UTV parts, and best way you can help us out is to vote!  You can vote once a day on multiple devices!

Jason will be pitching a panel of judges on why he needs a Hurco CNC machine at IMTS trade show.

Don’t forget to choose Jason Merrell! Thank you we appreciate the support!


http://www.race-dezert.com/home/utv-wolfpack-offroad-nights-temecula-2014-113418.html/feed 0
Hot Sauce Hits The Podium At The Big House In Crandon http://www.race-dezert.com/home/hot-sauce-hits-the-podium-at-the-big-house-in-crandon-113411.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/hot-sauce-hits-the-podium-at-the-big-house-in-crandon-113411.html#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 19:27:10 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113411 ]]> Darren “Hot Sauce” Hardesty Jr. Takes 3rd at Crandon World Championships

Hot Sauce Hits The Podium At The Big House In Crandon

Crandon, WI

Darren “Hot Sauce” Hardesty Jr. capped off a great race weekend with a trip to the podium at the birthplace of short course racing; Crandon International Off-Road Raceway. Racing in Crandon is unlike any other venue. The dirt is steeped in 45 years of racing history. The land rush start into turn one, the quarry and Argonne corner have all seen the tires of past and future legends of the sport. “It was a good race,” says Hot Sauce, “The adrenaline was definitely flowing; I had to give it everything to get up there.”

The weekend began on Friday with the traditional parade through downtown Crandon. Darren Jr. and 15 of his Trophy Kart competitors lined up with the sportsman trucks, open wheeled buggies and pro class trucks. He popped up his new Bink designedAction Sports Canopy and handed out hero cards. They all watched as the local marching band and parade floats went past before they too pulled out to join the procession. After the festivities downtown, they made their way back to the race track. Saturday was a day off for the karts which turned into a blessing. The rains that usually fall during the weekend made their presence known in a big way. The pouring rain did nothing to deter the thousands of fans but it turned the track into a muddy quagmire. The sportsman competitors who ran their heats were just trying to survive let alone race; the pro classes were eventually cancelled.

Darren Hardesty Jr. Downtown Crandon, Autograph Signing

After some hard work by the track crew and clear skies on Sunday, track conditions were near perfect. When it’s not muddy, Crandon is all about speed! To start the race, they line up in a single row across the front straight and drop the flag; known as a land rush start. By the time they reach turn one, everyone is charging door to door at full speed and it never lets up the rest of the way. As the top four karts emerged, Darren was right there fighting for the lead. He was locked into an intense battle for third with Lucas Oil Trophy Kart points leader Brock Heger. Darren put the pressure on until Heger was up on two wheels in the timing tower turn two laps in a row. Darren made his move in the quarry turn taking an outside line at wide open throttle; his Bilstein shocks allowed him the control he needed to rail the corner. His run pushed Heger completely over the edge; Heger went up on the bike again but this time, could not save it.

Crandon, Darren Hardesty, Lucas Oil, ReplayXD, Bink Designs, Spy Optic

After a competition yellow that bunched up the field, Darren had to fight off a charge from Broc Dickerson for third place. It was now Darren who was up on two wheels in the timing tower turn but he never backed out of it and soon had a gap on Dickerson. He closed in on second place Cole Mamer but was unable to get past him in the closing laps. Hot Sauce was on the podium in third, Mamer was second and Travis Pecoy ran out front for the win.

Hot Sauce Darren Hardesty, Crandon, ReplayXD, Bink Designs, OGIO

Darren thanked the fans on the podium and when asked by TORC announcer Scott Rehn whether he was happy with third place Darren said, “Of course, It’s Crandon Baby!” The crowd let their approval be known with a resounding cheer. There were no points awarded, attending the race was about being a part of history and giving the hardcore fans in Crandon a good look at Darren’s Bilstein ShocksBink DesignsReplayXDLucas OilORWSpy OpticOGIOFull Tilt built Kart up close. Hot Sauce will be spicing things up in the Lucas Oil Off Road Series September 20th at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, NV.

Darren Hardesty Jr, 3rd Place Crandon World Championships

Photography By: Bink Designs

Hot Sauce Sponsors

About Darren “Hot Sauce” Hardesty Jr.
Darren “Hot Sauce” Hardesty Jr. is a third generation racer who is making his own mark on off road racing. Darren’s Father, Darren Sr. and Grandfather Earl have both won at the most prestigious off road races in the world and own Championships in the premier SCORE International Desert Racing series. The competitive streak runs deep in the Hardesty family. Darren Jr. shares the same drive and has worked his way up the ladder from Dwarf cars and JR1 Kart, where he was named “Rookie of the Year”, to JR2 and now the fastest kart class in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Modified Kart. At only 13 years of age, Darren Jr. already has a great deal of time behind the wheel of a race car and the insight and knowledge instilled in him from his accomplished family. Put him in the driver’s seat and he is guaranteed to spice things up as his nickname “Hot Sauce” suggests.

About Bink Designs
Bink Designs is a premier graphic design company located in San Diego. Since 2003, we have been committed to providing cost-effective solutions to our clients’ high-end graphic needs. Whether you want to create, maintain, or revamp your corporate identity, Bink Designs will work with you to develop a strategy that matches your goals. Bink Designs offers a number of services, including: Identity, Print Design, Vinyl Graphics, Web Design, Photography and Apparel.

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Dale Chestnut Wins Popcorn Sutton’s Sportsman Truck Challenge presented by B & L Motorsports http://www.race-dezert.com/home/dale-chestnut-wins-popcorn-suttons-sportsman-truck-challenge-presented-by-b-l-motorsports-113404.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/dale-chestnut-wins-popcorn-suttons-sportsman-truck-challenge-presented-by-b-l-motorsports-113404.html#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 19:20:34 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113404 ]]>  

Dale Chestnut Wins   

Popcorn Sutton’s Sportsman Truck Challenge presented by B & L Motorsports

Glenview, Ill (September 2, 2014) – The Labor Day weekend of short-course off-road racing at Crandon International Off-Road Raceway is the host of three days of incredible racing. The showcase event for the Potawatomi Friday Night Thunder program was Popcorn Sutton’s Sportsman Truck Challenge presented by B & L Motorsports. The eight lap race featured twenty-six MORR Sportsman racers representing five different classes and all vying for over $10,000 in cash and products.


The race itself divides the five classes, based upon previous race lap times, into two groups. The first group to leave the land rush start were the fourteen Super Stock racers and two Classix Competitors. Then twenty-five seconds later four Super Truck racers, five Formula 4×4 pilots, and three Limited 4 drivers charged into Potawatomi Turn One.

The start saw both Classix drivers, Dale Chestnut and Scott Mueller gain the advantage right from the start.  Meanwhile it was Limited 4 driver, Dan Baudoux that took the lead in the second group.

As the laps wound down, Baudoux was slashing his way through the field and with just under three laps until the finish, the Hemlock, Michigan racer drove his Ford Raptor around the Chevy Monte Carlo of Scott Mueller to move into second place. Now the crowd wondered if Baudoux had enough time to catch the Ford Bronco of Chestnut.


Baudoux was turning laps nearly over two seconds quicker than the leader, as Chestnut was running the race of his career. As the checkered flag was raised, Dale Chestnut driving his #613 Double D Services BFGoodrich Tire Ford Bronco took the win. The #17 B & L Motorsports backed Ford Raptor of Dan Baudoux finished just over two seconds back in the runner-up spot as Scott Mueller held off the hard charging Super Stock Truck racer of Nick Byng for third.

The podium celebration was incredible as both Mark Kvamme of Popcorn Sutton’s Tennessee White Whiskey, and Albert Bancroft of B & L Motorsports were on hand to congratulate all three podium finishers. For the effort, winner Dale Chestnut took home a check for $3,500 as well as another $2000 in contingency awards. Another $3000 in prize money was split between the remaining top five finishers. 

“Our team has won quite a few races and taken home a few championships, but tonight’s win is the highlight of my racing career,” exclaimed Dale Chestnut. “I have never driven this Ford Bronco this hard. I knew if I got the holeshot and never let up, I would have a chance. Scott Mueller was right there like has been all year. I just didn’t know if the truck would hold up at the pace we were running, but never missed a beat.  This was an awesome race. Thanks again to Popcorn Sutton, B & L Motorsports, Crandon, and to the guy who put this all together. Just look at the crowd we had today at the podium, this race and this place are just awesome.”

“That was the hardest I’ve ever driven,” noted second place finisher, Dan Baudoux. “I knew had to really hustle if I had a shot at the win. We almost did it, but we needed another lap to get a chance at Dale.  Regardless Dale ran a great race, our run was nearly perfect, and I haven’t had this much fun racing a truck in a long time. Thanks again to Popcorn Sutton and B & L Motorsports. I hope we do this again next year.”


Along with race sponsors Popcorn Sutton’s Tennessee White Whiskey and B & L Motorsports, several companies offered contingency awards, Including: BDS Suspension, Teamtech Motorsports, Allstar Performance, BFGoodrich Tires, ATD Transmissions, PDank Performance,

J & H Transmissions and AMSOIL.

Popcorn Sutton’s Sportsman Truck Challenge presented by B & L Motorsports USAC Race Results

Pos No. Name Class Laps Diff Total Tm Best Tm
1 613 Dale Chestnut Classix 8   12:47.273 1:30. 297
2 17 Dan Baudoux Limited 4 X 4 8 2.396 12:49.669 1:26. 412
3 631 Scott Mueller Classix 8 21.502 13:08.775 1:32. 575
4 833 Nick Byng Super Stock Truck 8 22.521 13:09.794 1:33. 565
5 827 Matt Siorek Super Stock Truck 8 33.227 13:20.500 1:34. 213
6 32 Jack Heidman Limited 4 X 4 8 34.811 13:22.084 1:29. 117
7 9 Dave Christoferson Limited 4 X 4 8 35.687 13:22.960 1:30. 397
8 471 Brad LaMarche Formula 4 x 4 8 40.087 13:27.360 1:28. 095
9 248 Tim Nelson Super Truck 8 41.227 13:28.500 1:30. 369
10 819 Jeremy Gitzlaff Super Stock Truck 8 43.086 13:30.359 1:36. 037
11 886 Gatlin Keehner Super Stock Truck 8 45.945 13:33.218 1:36. 108
12 885 Don Demney Super Stock Truck 8 49.309 13:36.582 1:36. 154
13 837 Tom Graff Super Stock Truck 8 55.38 13:42.653 1:35. 644
14 877 Matt Dale Super Stock Truck 8 1:23. 414 14:10.687 1:39. 639
15 870 Rob Legrand Super Stock Truck 8 1:28. 368 14:15.641 1:38. 885
16 815 Shaun Bruski Super Stock Truck 8 1:29. 274 14:16.547 1:38. 652
17 899 Scott Heikkila Super Stock Truck 8 1:33. 455 14:20.728 1:40. 663
18 871 Ben Weirzba Super Stock Truck 7 1 Lap 12:19.150 1:39. 054
19 851 Joey Maciosek Super Stock Truck 4 4 Laps 7:23. 274 1:39. 344
20 803 Ken Wilson Super Stock Truck 3 5 Laps 5:34. 060 1:37. 633
21 266 Kevin Hanegraff Super Truck 3 5 Laps 5:41. 877 1:30. 054
22 454 Michael Platz Formula 4 x 4 3 5 Laps 5:56. 106 1:35. 371
23 475 S. Dave Miah Formula 4 x 4 2 6 Laps 4:33. 699 1:38. 628
24 224 Jimmy Ridderbush Super Truck 1 7 Laps 2:39. 555 1:32. 669
25 228 Matt Solka Super Truck 1 7 Laps 2:46. 749 1:38. 414
26 887 Jay Schaefer Super Stock Truck        
http://www.race-dezert.com/home/dale-chestnut-wins-popcorn-suttons-sportsman-truck-challenge-presented-by-b-l-motorsports-113404.html/feed 0
CJ Greaves Makes TORC History at Crandon, Elder Greaves Takes PRO 4WD Title, Brooks Earns PRO Light Championship, Kyle LeDuc Wins AMSOIL Cup http://www.race-dezert.com/home/cj-greaves-makes-torc-history-at-crandon-elder-greaves-takes-pro-4wd-title-brooks-earns-pro-light-championship-kyle-leduc-wins-amsoil-cup-113401.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/cj-greaves-makes-torc-history-at-crandon-elder-greaves-takes-pro-4wd-title-brooks-earns-pro-light-championship-kyle-leduc-wins-amsoil-cup-113401.html#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 19:17:01 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113401 ]]> CRANDON, Wis. – The Keys to the Big House, the 2014 season finale for TORC: The Off-Road Championship Presented by AMSOIL, did not start off as planned. A hard, driving rain soaked the track Friday night, making it a sloppy mud pit on Saturday. The track team at Crandon Off-Road International Raceway along with TORC’s Jeff Nordstrom and his crew, put together the best track they could Saturday despite on-and-off rain.

Sportsman were able to run Saturday, but due to increased weather issues, the call was made to cancel PRO racing for the day. For Sunday’s races, the PRO Light drivers were told they would have two rounds of racing while the PRO 2WDs and PRO 4WDs would race once for double points in light of the teams’ participation in the AMSOIL Cup race to run later in the day.

The day kicked off with the first of two PRO Light races as CJ Greaves took an early lead that he never relinquished. The true battle took place behind him with Jerett Brooks falling through the field early, although he rebounded with a Herculean effort to race his way to a podium finish. His Team Cooper Tire teammate Doug Mittag was also fighting for a shot at the title.

Greaves went on to win with Mittag second and Brooks beating Brad Lovell literally at the line for third. With his victory, Greaves nudged Mittag out of the championship picture and put himself within 23 points of Brooks, meaning the 16-year-old would have to finish 13th or worse if Greaves won Race 2 for Greaves to take the PRO Light title.

Keegan Kincaid, who rocketed through the standings on the strength of five-straight wins, finished just outside of the podium in fourth.

The second PRO Light race saw one of the most emotional finishes of the season with Shawn Morris earning his first-ever PRO Light victory. The Colorado native took the holeshot and never gave up the lead despite a late challenge from CJ Greaves. Brooks finished third and earned the 2014 TORC PRO Light title.

Following the first PRO Light race was PRO 4WD where Johnny Greaves very nearly had the title wrapped up, needing only to finish ninth or better to clinch a back-to-back title even if second-place Mark Jenkins won the race. Unfortunately for Jenkins, he was relegated to the rear of the field and eventually had to pull off with mechanical issues.

CJ Greaves, fresh off a PRO Light victory, raced his father hard, but clean, over the course of the race, the two running 1-2. Kyle LeDuc, also sponsored by MONSTER Energy, had no intention of letting Johnny take the race win and the title. LeDuc fought his way through the field and, with a late-race pass, earned the class victory, with Johnny and CJ finishing second and third, respectively, for an all MONSTER Energy podium.

The younger Greaves continued his historic day at Crandon by winning the PRO 2WD title while his No. 1 competitor all season, Chad Hord, earned the race victory despite a hard-charging Greaves tailing him all the way. RJ Anderson was poised to finish third but a last-lap accident put him on his side and Steve Barlow and his CAT truck took the final podium spot. CJ Greaves became the first driver to earn a podium spot in all three PRO classes on the same day in TORC competition.

LeDuc wasn’t finished with the top step of the podium, earning the 2014 AMSOIL Cup with a commanding run. Chad Hord, a former AMSOIL Cup winner and the Crandon Cup victor from earlier this season, led for much of the race but faced a heavy challenge from RJ Anderson and then LeDuc. It was another all MONSTER Energy podium with LeDuc, Johnny Greaves in second, and Anderson in third.

The AMSOIL Cup race was halted briefly and restarted after PRO 4WD driver Mark Kvamme in his Popcorn Sutton Tennessee White Whiskey machine had a hard wreck. Kvamme was conscious and able to move his extremities, but was taken to an area hospital for further evaluation.

TORC: The Off-Road Championship Presented by AMSOIL would like to thank its racers, sponsors, USAC, staff, and, most of all, the fans for an amazing season. The 2015 schedule will be announced in the very near future.

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/cj-greaves-makes-torc-history-at-crandon-elder-greaves-takes-pro-4wd-title-brooks-earns-pro-light-championship-kyle-leduc-wins-amsoil-cup-113401.html/feed 0
SCORE International debuts ‘SCORE Baja 1000 Experience’ at Off-Road Expo http://www.race-dezert.com/home/score-international-debuts-score-baja-1000-experience-at-off-road-expo-113398.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/score-international-debuts-score-baja-1000-experience-at-off-road-expo-113398.html#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 19:15:57 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113398 ]]> SCORE Baja 1000 Experience Oct. 4-5 in SoCal’s Fairplex in Pomona to salute SCORE’s Baja legends

RENO, Nev.—SCORE International will continue to have a major impact at this year’s Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo on Oct. 4-5 with the introduction of the SCORE Baja 1000 Experience at the Fairplex in Pomona, Calif. SCORE’s enhanced area in Building 5 at the Off-Road Expo will offer desert-racing fans the opportunity to interact with the top desert racing teams in the world while viewing the most radical motorsports vehicles ever developed.

This year’s Off-Road Expo focus will be to promote SCORE’s upcoming major event at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas where the SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience will showcase the unique SCORE Trophy Trucks, the marquee racing division for high-tech, 850-horsepower, unlimited production trucks and the unlimited Class 1 open-wheel class. This SEMA spotlight event will include the SCORE Trophy Truck and Class 1 qualifying at a purpose built off-road course at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Tuesday night, Nov. 4.

This qualifying event at LVMS will determine the starting positions for the SCORE Trophy Truck class and Class 1 for this year’s 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 and will be televised as part of the SCORE World Desert Championship on CBS Sports Network, airing December 21.  This year’s “Granddaddy of all Desert Races” will be a peninsula run on Nov. 11-15, starting in Ensenada, Baja California Norte and finishing over 1,200 grueling miles later in La Paz, Baja California Sur.

Nearly 300 entries, from 25 countries and 40 U.S. States are expected to compete. SCORE is celebrating its 41st year as the world’s foremost desert racing organization in 2014.


In addition to showcasing current SCORE desert racing vehicles, drivers and sponsors, the official Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 course map for the race will also be unveiled by SCORE officials on Saturday, Oct. 4 along with the annual class starting positions draw for all classes except SCORE Trophy Truck and Class 1.  Crowd favorite autograph sessions will also be taking place Oct. 4 & 5 with many of the stars of the sport, both past and present who have built their legacy in the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.  Additional highlight of the ‘SCORE Baja 1000 Experience’ will be the SCORE Monster Energy Cinema, featuring SCOREvision, massive multiple LED screens showing race telecasts that have aired on the CBS Sports Network as well as historical race videos that are part of the legendary legacy of SCORE Baja racing.

“With the support of and assistance from the Off-Road Expo and our sponsors, SCORE is honored to present the SCORE Baja 1000 Experience at the Expo in a such a huge way to celebrate the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 and to continue introducing the next generation of racers and fans to the what the series is all about ” said Norman, a former champion SCORE Trophy Truck racer and Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 champion.


The 2014 Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo is the greatest collection of off-road companies, parts, equipment, gear, and experts assembled in America. From off-road racing to rock crawling, trail riding to sand sports, motorcycles to ATV’s and camping to adventure travel, the event provides the unique opportunity to meet and talk with the most knowledgeable people in the off-road industry. With a full weekend of excitement, other event features include over 300 industry-specific vendors, the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Demo at the MAV TV Proving Grounds, Rubicon Trail – Off Road Vehicle Ride Along, KYMCO ATV/UTV ride and drive, DragonFire Racing ride along, the Miss Off-Road Expo Contest and live music all weekend at the Bud Light Stage.


Every race in the 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship and the special SEMA Show exhibit (SCORE Baja 1000 Experience) and qualifying for the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 (from Las Vegas Motor Speedway) are televised on a delayed basis in the USA and Canada as a one-hour special on the CBS Sports Network. The shows, produced by SoCal’s acclaimed BCII TV, air a minimum of twice on the CBS Sports Spectacular show.

The initial airing of the upcoming Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge will be at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014. Following the CBS Sports Network telecasts, the Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge show will air worldwide in over 100 countries through international distribution.


CBS Sports Network is available across the country through local cable, video and telco providers and via satellite on DirecTV Channel 221 and Dish Network Channel 158. For more information, including a full programming schedule and how to get CBS Sports Network, go to www.cbssportsnetwork.com. CBS Sports Network will run a one-hour special on all five 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship races as well as a sixth show on the special qualifying for select classes for the 2014 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 that will be held Nov. 4-7 in Las Vegas during the annual SEMA automotive industry trade show. All shows are scheduled to air in the next month following the event.

Following are the air dates for the debut show of the remaining SCORE Shows on the CBS Sports Network…

  • Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge (Sunday, Nov. 2, 9 p.m. ET)
  • Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 qualifying from Las Vegas Motor Speedway/SEMA SCORE Baja 1000 Experience (Sunday, Dec. 21, 9 p.m. ET)
  • Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 (Sunday, Dec. 28, 9 p.m. ET)


Official Sponsors: Tecate Beer-Official Beer/Official Race Sponsor, Monster Energy-Official Energy Drink, BFGoodrich Tires-Official Tire, Rigid Industries LED Lighting-Official Lights, King Shocks-Official Shock Absorber, Polaris-Official UTV, Volaris Airlines-Official Airline, CBS Sports Network-Official Television Partner, Wide Open Excursions- Official Arrive and Drive Company, Coca-Cola-Official Soft Drink, Crystal Bay Casino-Official Casino, Hotel Coral and Marina-Official Hotel.

Associate Sponsors: SatellitePhoneStore.com and Symons Ambulance Company.

Additional SCORE Partners: Proturismo Ensenada, Visit Baja California Sur, Baja California Secretary of Tourism, Baja California Sur State Government, Mexicali Ayuntamineto, COTUCO Mexicali/San Felipe, Cruz Roja Mexicana, Corporate Helicopters, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance, GoPro, PCI Race Radios, McKenzie’s Performance Products and Advanced Color Graphics.

For more information, visit the official website of the SCORE World Desert Championship at www.score-international.com.

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/score-international-debuts-score-baja-1000-experience-at-off-road-expo-113398.html/feed 0
After An Impressive Win At Glen Helen, A Rough Return To Reno For Brandon Arthur http://www.race-dezert.com/home/after-an-impressive-win-at-glen-helen-a-rough-return-to-reno-for-brandon-arthur-113389.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/after-an-impressive-win-at-glen-helen-a-rough-return-to-reno-for-brandon-arthur-113389.html#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 19:14:04 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113389 ]]> brandon-arthur-short-course-02

Reno, NV - Brandon Arthur had an impressive win in round 10 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series at Glen Helen Raceway. Unlike many of the popular TV reality shows, his victory did not give him any immunity when racing resumed during rounds 11 and 12 at Wild West Motorsports Park in Sparks, Nevada. The Prolite class is stacked with talented drivers just like Brandon and they all want to win. The halfway point of the season has gone by and as the number of rounds left start to shrink, it’s getting rough out on the track.


Brandon started the race weekend well in his Pro Traffic Services, Competitive Metals, Rigid Industries Prolite; running second fastest during qualifying. He started up front in round 11 alongside defending champion Brian Deegan. “I started getting pushed back in the field after the start,” said Brandon, “I got taken wide on lap 2 which dropped me back a couple of spots. I fell back to 8th place before the set-up started to come in and my Toyo Tires started to really hook up. I worked my way back up to 5th but on the re-start I got spun out in turn one. Despite some damage, I was able to get to the finish for 12th place.”


It was time for the crew to come through following Friday night’s bash fest. One of Brandon’s rear FOX external bypass shocks had a dent in it due to contact in turn one. It got him to the finish but it needed to be repaired before round 12. Being resourceful desert racing veterans, they welded a trailer hitch ball to the end of some tubing to act as a die. They heated the shock body with a torch and pressed the dent out from the inside with their makeshift tool. They reassembled the shock and it was good to go again. The team’s FOX Shox are only one of the components they have selected to make their Prolite truck competitive. Pro Traffic Services, Competitive Metals, FOX Racing Shox, Magnaflow, Aeromotive Fuel Systems, Trailready Beadlocks, Toyo Tires, Rigid Industries LED Lighting, Wirefab, Summers Brothers, ECP Powder Coating, F&L Race Fuels, Maxima Racing Oils, FiberwerX, Heat Shield Products, graphics by Bink Designs and Mastercraft Safety Equipment all contribute to their success on the track.


During qualifying for round 12 Brandon was 4th fastest. He was running well until a spin in turn 3 put him back in the field. He battled the rest of the race finishing in 6th place. Brandon and the team were able to overcome some adversity in Nevada and maintain their points position in the top ten. They have proven they are capable of consistently running up front and ultimately winning. Brandon has accomplished many of his rookie season goals and surpassed others but the Pro Traffic Services, Competitive Metals, Rigid Industries Prolite team is just getting started. Their competitive drive and bag of tricks continues to grow with every round of racing. Next up it’s Vegas Baby! Rounds 13 and 14 will be held under the lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, NV September 19 – 20.


Photography By: Brian Binkert

Our Partners:


About Brandon Arthur
At just 18 years old, Brandon has already achieved two championships and a rookie of the year award. A fan favorite, he won the 2012 HDRA, 1400 championship in what was originally his grandfather’s farm truck. In 2013, he ran select races in his newly built HRT Motorsports Trophy Truck capturing a victory in its first time out. For 2014 Brandon will be racing the Trophy Truck and returning to shortcourse racing in the ultra-competitive Pro Lite class. He will be behind the wheel of a newly constructed HRT Motorsports Pro Lite race truck. Brandon saw the incredible racing taking place amongst his peers in the Pro Lite class and had to get a piece of the action.

In addition to the driving skill and motivation to succeed, Brandon has a dedicated team behind him. His HRT Motorsports team has decades of racing experience; they know what it takes to win. They maintain an aggressive marketing program to maximize impressions that includes team apparel, print collateral, professionally designed website, social media networking, continuously distributed press releases and generous cross-promotional exposure in print media and commercial advertising. Don’t hesitate to get on board with Off-Road Racing’s Brightest Young Star!

About Bink Designs
Bink Designs is a premier graphic design company located in San Diego, CA. Since 2003, Bink Designs has been committed to providing cost-effective solutions for clients’ high-end graphic needs. Bink Designs will work with you to develop a strategy that matches your goals. Bink Designs offers a number of services, including: Identity, Print Design, Vinyl Graphics, Web Design, Photography & Apparel.

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Maxxis’ Victra R19 Rally tire will be available for purchase in the Maxxis eStore August 11, the company has announced. http://www.race-dezert.com/home/maxxis-victra-r19-rally-tire-will-be-available-for-purchase-in-the-maxxis-estore-august-11-the-company-has-announced-113384.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/maxxis-victra-r19-rally-tire-will-be-available-for-purchase-in-the-maxxis-estore-august-11-the-company-has-announced-113384.html#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 19:07:45 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113384 ]]> Maxxis_R19

Designed for the demands of rally racing, the Victra R19 lets drivers take on even the roughest gravel stages. Rock-deflecting shoulder blocks and a reinforced sidewall design maximize sidewall puncture resistance, while the composite shoulder belt design improves resistance to impacts and punctures in the tread area. The Victra R19 can also be grooved to adapt to individual rally conditions.

Even before its introduction to the general public, the Victra R19 earned its stripes as a racing tire. Competing in the 2WD Rally America National Championships, Team Honda Research has ridden the Victra R19 to repeated B-Spec class victories this season.

The Victra R19 is available in the sizes listed below:

185/65R15 Left, Soft and Hard Compound

185/65R15 Right, Soft and Hard Compound

195/65R15 Left, Soft and Hard Compound

195/65R15 Right, Soft and Hard Compound

205/65R15 Left, Soft and Hard Compound

205/65R15 Right, Soft and Hard Compound

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/maxxis-victra-r19-rally-tire-will-be-available-for-purchase-in-the-maxxis-estore-august-11-the-company-has-announced-113384.html/feed 0
Shipping the Stuff: The North American Challenge http://www.race-dezert.com/home/shipping-the-stuff-the-north-american-challenge-113378.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/shipping-the-stuff-the-north-american-challenge-113378.html#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 19:03:48 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113378 ]]> Many of the followers and off road / rally fans around the world could be asking themselves… Why is September El Martillo Racing’s deadline to send the race car to the Dakar? Almost 3 and half months before? Good question, let us explain the challenge for a North American team: sending the race car, equipment, tools and support vehicles to be on time at the start line of the Dakar in Buenos Aires, Argentina, January 4th.

Last year, when the logistic to send everything to Argentina was discussed the team was wisely told by a former Mexican Dakar finisher: “One of the biggest challenges of Dakar, is to arrive at the start line”. That is the truth.

As many of our readers may already know, the A.S.O. offers, as part of the entry fee, transport from Le Havre, France, to Argentina, by cargo ship. This represents a big help for the teams in saving logistics, delays, customs and for sure, budget.

Also to be considered is the inventory needed for the customs in every border crossing (states of countries) during the trip. Can you imagine the amount of scrubs, tools, spares and articles to list?


For all these reasons it is better for El Martillo Racing to ship all the team’s equipment to France, which also requires perfect timing to meet with the A.S.O. ship. The deadline to be in Le Havre is November 18th.

As one of the few North American teams, there are quite a lot of options to send stuff to “the old Country”. Finding the best one is the challenge. To do that, there are facts to consider: Timing, safety, logistics, cost and reliability. Last year the Durango flew from the US to Argentina due to the tight agenda. This year it will go with the rest of the stuff.

The options are the following:

Ship from Mexico to France, this can be done two ways.

From the Pacific: This will have to be from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, or Manzanillo, Colima. This would also imply to ship from Los Cabos or La Paz to Mazatlan first. Then drive to Manzanillo (if needed) to navigate south to the Panama Canal and cross the Atlantic to France. Logistic. Time consuming. Reliable and safe?

From the Gulf of Mexico: this would require to cross the Sea of Cortez, drive all across the country, getting into the harbor of Veracruz; then ship from there to France. Logistics. Cost. Safe? Reliability?

Other options are available shipping from the Unites States.

California: This option represents a drive up the peninsula and ship from Long Beach, to sail south to the Panama Canal and cross the Atlantic to France. (This was the option used last year for support vehicles and equipment). Time consuming. Logistics.

Texas: Drive from the tip of the peninsula to Houston, ship all from the Gulf of Mexico to France. Logistics. Cost. Reliability?

Florida: Drive all the way to Miami from coast to coast with all the equipment and ship to France. Logistics. Reliability.

Making a wrong decision about this could result in not being on time in France to the appointment with the A.S.O. ship and tragically miss the Dakar. Therefore, the team is in a critical decision moment. But, this is the Dakar, right?

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/shipping-the-stuff-the-north-american-challenge-113378.html/feed 0
The First Annual Off-Road Legends Rally launches October 18th in Anza, CA http://www.race-dezert.com/home/the-first-annual-off-road-legends-rally-launches-october-18th-in-anza-ca-113374.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/the-first-annual-off-road-legends-rally-launches-october-18th-in-anza-ca-113374.html#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 18:57:18 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113374 ]]> legends-rally-off-road
Join some of the most famous legends in off-road for a day of off-roading, great food, and fun all to raise funds for the prestigious Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF). Mad Media, OMG and Racing For Life have teamed up with Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF) to bring you this exciting off-road event. Off-Road legends such as Walker Evans, Rod Hall and Larry Roeseler will be present to guide rides, sign autographs, and meet participants. The Off-Road Legends Rally will be staged at the Buttes and Saddles Ranch in Anza, California Saturday October 18, 2014. Nestled in the foothills above the Anza Borrego Desert the Legends Rally will be a fun day of off-roading followed by BBQ and party with live music.

“Our mission is to preserve, celebrate and share the culture of off-roading. The Legends Rally event format let’s us do just that. Come out and have a great time while raising funds for a good cause,” stated Rod Hall, Founder of ORMHOF.

This year’s event will feature three beautiful desert and mountain loops for street legal off-road vehicles and bikes. This is a non-race pleasure ride for all participants. Ride along with the Legends to the top of nearby Thomas Mountain with 100-mile views of Southern California. Or you can ride along into the upper edge of the Anza Borrego State Park to Bailey’s Cabin. The Buttes and Saddles Ranch facility features fishing, hiking, and a one-mile UTV and bike loop to test your off-road skills! Limited camping / RV parking is available on a first-come-first serve basis for an additional fee. Space is limited to just 200 guests. Do not wait to register. We will sell out!

For more information on The Off-Road Legends Rally got to: offroadlegendsrally.com

http://www.race-dezert.com/home/the-first-annual-off-road-legends-rally-launches-october-18th-in-anza-ca-113374.html/feed 2
GM’s Hardcore Hatchback Concept Will Stomp Sand & Save Fuel http://www.race-dezert.com/home/gms-hardcore-hatchback-concept-will-stomp-sand-save-fuel-112972.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/gms-hardcore-hatchback-concept-will-stomp-sand-save-fuel-112972.html#comments Wed, 03 Sep 2014 15:05:40 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=112972 ]]> VAZtop RDC

Chevrolet’s outfit in Russia, a joint venture between GM and AVTOVAZ, is almost ready to release the next iteration of their hard-to-kill and easy-to-afford 4WD hatchback called the “NIVA.” To celebrate, they’re bending the throttle on one extra-intense version for the Moscow Auto Show.

The current Chevy NIVA sells for the equivalent of about $13,000 in Russia, and is incredibly popular for its frugal fuel consumption and off-road equipment. On this concept GM-AVTOVAZ is accentuating the wacky ruggedness of the little car with a lift, Mud Terrain tires, a winch, skid plates, snorkel, and inclinometer nestled in an aggressive interior.


The production version slated for 2016 may not end up looking quite so menacing, but make no mistake– the NIVA is more capable than it looks.

After the redesign, the NIVA will hang on to the 4WD system and two-speed transfer case with high and low range it’s built a reputation on, and get a solid 30% torque increase from a new 1.8 liter gasoline engine.

GM-AVTOVAZ Managing Director Jeffrey Glover says; “The final street vehicle, which comes to market in just under two years, will also have a level of refinement and versatility to make it every bit as welcome in urban environments and big cities. This will be a truly all-in-one car that is designed to be practical in day-to-day-life, yet provides drivers off-road capabilities to allow an escape to realize their passions and hobbies far beyond city borders.”


That may be a dose of marketing static, but it sounds like the company is committed to enhancing the NIVA’s rough-n-tumble abilities rather than water them down. The off-road accessories on this thing look pretty polished; the snorkel’s even got a “CHEVROLET” stamp on it. Maybe some of these parts will make their way into GM accessory catalogues.

Or better yet; perhaps GM-AVTOVAZ will homologate this lifted showpiece for the Dakar Rally to go toe-to-toe against the X-Raid MINIs and really prove it’s off-road worthy!





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Crandon Review: East Versus West Showdown Highlights Crandon World Championships http://www.race-dezert.com/home/crandon-review-east-versus-west-showdown-highlights-crandon-world-championships-113307.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/crandon-review-east-versus-west-showdown-highlights-crandon-world-championships-113307.html#comments Tue, 02 Sep 2014 23:27:54 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113307 ]]> crandon-2014
If it was Labor Day weekend it was time for one timeless constant to the expanding world of off-road motorsports – the annual battle royal at the theater of speed known simply as “The Big House.”

For 45 years, the sport’s fastest racers have converged in the undulating topography around the tiny hamlet of Crandon, Wisconsin to settle bragging rights and earning a special place in history. Bolstered by the largest single race purse in Midwest short-course racing history and a Sunday crowd likely reaching record-setting levels, the 2014 Off-Road World Championships at Crandon International Raceway will only serve to reinforce the event’s legendary status even further.

For veteran racers and an enthusiastic sea of Crandon fans that braved a rain-soaked schedule for Saturday’s racing, however, perhaps the most vivid of all memories will center on the be on incredible performances by the Greaves family and the successful influx of West Coast-based racers that included Kyle LeDuc, RJ Anderson, Casey Currie and many more.

The weekend kicked off Thursday night with a well attended and touching roast of Crandon hero Walker Evans, an event that included food, drinks and some colorful stories by fellow racers Scott Douglas, Scott Taylor and Curt LeDuc – not to mention speeches by Crandon International President Cliff Flannery and new PR representative Marty Fiolka.

On Friday, things took to the track for various Midwest Off-Road Racing (MORR) series drivers in the unique Potawatomi Friday Night Thunder highlighted by Popcorn Sutton’s Sportsman Truck Challenge. The eight-lap race featured 26 racers in five different classes going for $10,000 in cash and products. At the checkered, Dale Chestnut driving his #613 Ford Bronco took the win, with the Ford Raptor of Dan Baudoux finished just over two seconds back.

The rains came on Friday night, and continued through Saturday. While the 1.5-mile dirt track was a muddy mess, astonishingly the hearty crowds either enjoyed hanging by their campfires or just watching dirt being moved on spectator hill. Thanks to lost of work and the track’s rather effective drainage system, by the afternoon there was just enough surface to slog through several MORR classes and allow some racers to claim their classes’ Crandon World Championship title. By the end of the day the track came in just enough to provide an incredible Super Buggy race, which was won by west coast competitor Kevin McCullough.

With the loss of track time, all TORC Pro racing was scheduled for Sunday, with double points racing in PRO 2WD and PRO 4×4. The PRO Lights racers would run for two separate rounds, while all of the MORR Sportsmen would round out a packed schedule leading up to the all-important Amsoil Challenge Cup finale.

Racing was fast and furious; with the early proceedings seeing Chad Horde take the PRO 2 class win but losing the 2014 Class championship to CJ Greaves. The young Greaves, however, would claim the top of the box spot in the first PRO Light race, a portent of things to come. The biggest battle came in the 2014 TORC PRO 4 finale, with Kyle LeDuc, Johnny Greaves and class newcomer CJ Greaves banging doors all the way until LeDuc took a well-earned victory. The performance gave Johnny Greaves the 2014 championship; while talented son CJ became the first driver in short course history to podium in each of the sport’s top three categories!

The afternoon saw more championships earned, as well as the highly popular return of the west coast-based Modified Karts that were 15 strong and very well presented in their constantly crowded paddock. Young Travis Pecoy took the class victory both days.

Just before the weekend’s big race one of the event’s “feel good” performances took place when Loveland, Colorado’s Shawn Morris earned an emotional first victory in the TORC PRO Light class after years of trying.

Standing in the way of LeDuc’s quest to earn the $45,000 cash prize for Sunday’s Amsoil Cup Challenge race was a host of the sports best. Perhaps no opponents, however, were more formidable than his fellow Monster Energy athletes Johnny and C.J. Greaves, both piloting Maxxis-shod PRO 4 Toyota trucks.

Until two uncharacteristic nights last weekend in Reno, the LeDuc had posted a record streak of eight consecutive Pro 4 victories in 2014, the most ever in a single season. Despite the setbacks, the Monster Energy/Toyo Tire-backed son of Crandon legend Curt LeDuc managed to get some help from some friends to make the journey back east.

“Last Saturday night I was looking at a broken front transfer case and transmission and told my crew that Crandon wasn’t going to happen,” he explained. “But, the next day we regrouped, and with some special help from Jimmy Smith and Ultra Wheel, as well as my friends from King Shocks, we were able to get new pieces and make the trip after all.”

“The most important thing to me was not just showing up, but showing up to win with the best truck we could put on the track,” he explained.

It was one year ago this weekend that the family scored their biggest victory yet as C.J. crossed the Crandon finish line just ahead of his father to claim the Amsoil Cup Challenge – the richest payday in the sport. The race pitted TORC’s PRO 2WD and PRO 4×4 on the track at the same time after receiving staggered starts.

Not surprisingly, the land rush-style starts that are Crandon’s trademark were thrilling for the crowd and the drivers in both classes. With Chad Hord and Kyle LeDuc getting the hole shots, the race was shaping up well until a big crash by PRO 4’s Mark Kvamme going into the track’s Polaris “Gravel Pit” corner forced a red flag stoppage. It took rescue and medical crew awhile to extract the moderately injured driver, with all the trucks stopped in formation.

Insuring another shot at a great race, the two classes were relined for a second land rush starts for both classes, with Hord and LeDuc again on point coming into a packed Crandon infield. While some had thought Hord’s lead insurmountable, there was no denying a flying LeDuc, who was hounded by both Greaves Motorsports Toyotas. The PRO 4s crushed their way through all the PRO 2s except for one – the Polaris/Monster Energy sponsored truck of RJ Anderson.

In the end, CJ Greaves suffered a late-race DNF, handing a welcome third place podium finish to an elated Anderson. Johnny Greaves took the runner-up spot as Kyle LeDuc’s flying Ford was untouchable.

Holding a check for $45,000, a specially made gold plated “Top Gun” rifle commissioned by Crandon International Raceway and the huge Amsoil Challenge Cup trophy, young LeDuc had come east, made the ultimate statement and proved once again how powerful the idea of one all-out “World Championship” race at Crandon pitting the best versus the best continues to be as the iconic track heads towards its 50th Anniversary celebration in 2019.


Photography by Jason Zindroski

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Octane Junkie Travis PeCoy Becomes 2014 Modified Kart World Champion http://www.race-dezert.com/home/octane-junkie-travis-pecoy-becomes-2014-modified-kart-world-champion-113292.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/octane-junkie-travis-pecoy-becomes-2014-modified-kart-world-champion-113292.html#comments Tue, 02 Sep 2014 00:40:19 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113292 ]]> Labor Day Weekend draws the best short course off road racers in the nation to one of the most notorious tracks in all of off road racing; Crandon International Raceway.  30,000-50,000 fans pack the grassy hills lining the historical mile and a half long course come rain or shine.  2014 marks the 45th anniversary of the Crandon International Raceway World Championships and the second year for the Modified Kart World Championship.


2014 TORC Crandon Fall

Things got off to a “rocky” start after Friday’s racing action at Crandon International Raceway.  Although the Octane Junkie Travis PeCoy walked away with a second place finish, his winning pace was slightly hindered by a football size rock that had entered into the cab of the FMF/Action Sports Canopies/Oakley/ThyssenKrupp Krupp Modified Kart #573.  After a quick evaluation Travis PeCoy was cleared and ready for the big race; the Crandon International World Championship on Sunday.


2014 TORC Crandon Fall

Crandon International Raceway is known for it’s land-rush start and ultra high-speed turns that are unlike any other track on the planet.  In true Crandon World Championship fashion the Modified Karts lined up door to door in an all out sprint for turn one.  PeCoy pushed the FMF Octane Junkies Modified Kart to the absolute limit and quickly positioned himself at the front of the pack.  Once PeCoy was out front there was no looking back.  Travis PeCoy led the entire World Championship race wire to wire putting on an amazing show for the sold out crowd of 50,000.  It was a true display of skill speed for the young Octane Junkie.


2014 TORC Crandon Fall


Travis PeCoy went on to stand at the top of the podium winning the second ever Modified Kart World Championship.


2014 TORC Crandon Fall


2014 TORC Crandon Fall


“This is a huge moment in my racing career”, mentioned PeCoy.  “I knew we had the speed all weekend long and I knew we had the right car for the job but I got a little shaken up after Fridays race.  Luckily for me I have a great support system that stands behind me and I want nothing more but to win for them.  This one tops the chart that’s for sure!”


2014 TORC Crandon Fall


Travis PeCoy would like to thank all of the loyal partners that chose to support the Travis PeCoy Racing Modified Kart #573 – FMF/Octane Junkies, Action Sports Canopies, Oakley, CMI Precision, ThyssenKrupp Materials, PurOl, Ello Gum and Troy Lee Designs.



Photo credit:  Bink Designs


About Travis PeCoy:

13 year old Travis PeCoy has been around racing since his early diaper days. Father Bobby PeCoy is an experienced Pro Buggy driver with a strong history of placings in the old CORR and the current LOORRS racing divisions. Travis gained interest early on and jumped in eagerly to the Junior Kart division. After some years of on-track education, young PeCoy found his way to the podium and eventually winning races. After a stellar 2012 Junior Kart season, PeCoy-Racing decided it was time to move up to the even more competitive Modified Kart class. With a bright season ahead of him, and some fast lap times to boot, Travis has full focus on his new race truck, which seems to get faster every race.

Each race is a complete family experience with Dad Bobby calling the shots, Mom Tina handling operations & hospitality, Big Rick keeping the truck dialed in and a whole host of friends and family coming together for support.

2013 has seen early success with Travis back on top of that familiar podium position, as well as appearances in some new avenues including the Robby Gordon Stadium Super Truck series. Oakley has chosen Travis to be one of a limited number of supported drivers in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, along with FMF Racing promoting Travis as a featured young upstart in their new “Octane Junkies” collection.

When Travis is not burning laps, he’s splitting time between football, lacrosse, hanging out with a great group of friends and capturing all forms of racing action through the lens of his own camera.


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Kyle Leduc Is Your Amsoil Cup Winner http://www.race-dezert.com/home/kyle-leduc-is-your-amsoil-cup-winner-113207.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/kyle-leduc-is-your-amsoil-cup-winner-113207.html#comments Mon, 01 Sep 2014 03:27:58 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113207 ]]> crandon-kyle-leduc

Crandon is the short course off-road racing Mecca. It’s the race of all races. A win at Crandon International Raceway separates the best of the best. Amongst one of the most competitive fields in short course, #77 Jerett Brooks, #22 Johnny Greaves and #33 CJ Greaves solidified season points championships and #99 Kyle Leduc won the most cherished race in short course, the Amsoil Cup.


The Amsoil Cup now belongs to Kyle Leduc. Immediately, RJ Anderson was chasing down Chad Hord the entire time the Pro 4’s of Leduc and Greaves were gaining ground. With four laps remaining, both Leduc and Johnny passed Anderson and Hord and it was now a race between those two. In the end, Anderson was the fastest Pro 2 and Kyle Leduc edged out the checkered flag over Greaves. “To win back to back races today at Crandon is an unbelievable feeling,” commented Leduc. “I couldn’t be more happy to cap off the weekend with a win at this legendary track.”


Off-road racing is one of the most unpredictable sports on the planet. This weekend at the largest event in short course off-road racing was no different. The rains that teased Wisconsin all week finally caught up with Crandon International Raceway on Saturday and postponed all pro racing to Sunday, when an all or nothing, double points race for the World Championships went down in the morning and a combined Pro 2, Pro 4 brawl for the Amsoil Cup capped off the weekend in the afternoon. If one thing was certain, it was Monster Energy Off-Road Team showed up to win the 45th running of Crandon.


With Prolite racing twice today the championship would come down to the last two races. #33 CJ Greaves came in to Crandon tied for third place in season points in the Pro Light class. Greaves took hole shot in the morning race directly out of the land rush start that sent twenty-seven Pro Lights firing for turn one. Greaves built at ten-truck length lead and took the checkered flag, adding another victory to his 2014 Season and claiming the World Championship ring,


The second Prolite race of the day started with a big crash by Randy Eller in the famous turn one. After the restart Shawn Morris took the holeshot and never looked behind him. CJ Greaves tried his best to hunt Morris down but a flat late in the race would put him back a few spots, which let points leader Jerett Brooks finish third. With that podium Brooks would clinch his first ever championship. The winner of the race Morris was full of emotion as he took his first Prolite win, and there is no better place to do that then The Big House.


West coast champion, #99 Kyle Leduc joined the East Coast boys with one thing on his mind, to lay down the fastest laps and put his truck on the podium. Johnny Greaves led most of the Pro 4 race and was trailed by an angry Kyle Leduc and son CJ. On the last turn in a late lap, Kyle went door to door with Johnny heading in to turn one. It was Leduc that came out ahead and won the World Championship ring. However, it was Johnny Greaves who celebrated his second straight season points championship and seventh Pro 4 title on the podium.


CJ Greaves’ second place finish in the Pro 2 race was icing on the cake, as all he had to do is finish eighth or better to win the overall season points championship. Teammate RJ Anderson and Greaves were out front battling with Chad Hord all race. Anderson was sitting in third place overall when he took turn two too fast and tagged the outside berm, sending his Pro 2 rolling on the final lap. Greaves popped champagne on the podium and celebrated another World Championship at Crandon International Raceway.


Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography

torc-crandon-sunday-08 torc-crandon-sunday-41 torc-crandon-sunday-24 torc-crandon-sunday-38 torc-crandon-sunday-03 torc-crandon-sunday-21 torc-crandon-sunday-27 torc-crandon-sunday-69 torc-crandon-sunday-66 torc-crandon-sunday-23 torc-crandon-sunday-50 torc-crandon-sunday-04 torc-crandon-sunday-39 torc-crandon-sunday-42 torc-crandon-sunday-57 torc-crandon-sunday-19 torc-crandon-sunday-15 torc-crandon-sunday-49 torc-crandon-sunday-06 torc-crandon-sunday-16 torc-crandon-sunday-65 torc-crandon-sunday-14 torc-crandon-sunday-52 torc-crandon-sunday-62 torc-crandon-sunday-34 torc-crandon-sunday-60 torc-crandon-sunday-48 torc-crandon-sunday-45 torc-crandon-sunday-46 torc-crandon-sunday-59 torc-crandon-sunday-00 torc-crandon-sunday-13 torc-crandon-sunday-64 torc-crandon-sunday-68 torc-crandon-sunday-54 torc-crandon-sunday-32 torc-crandon-sunday-56 torc-crandon-sunday-10 torc-crandon-sunday-05 torc-crandon-sunday-20 torc-crandon-sunday-44 torc-crandon-sunday-26 torc-crandon-sunday-31 torc-crandon-sunday-35 torc-crandon-sunday-58 torc-crandon-sunday-01 torc-crandon-sunday-11 torc-crandon-sunday-12 torc-crandon-sunday-09 torc-crandon-sunday-63 torc-crandon-sunday-61 torc-crandon-sunday-40 torc-crandon-sunday-17 torc-crandon-sunday-37 torc-crandon-sunday-07 torc-crandon-sunday-67 torc-crandon-sunday-33 torc-crandon-sunday-55 torc-crandon-sunday-02 torc-crandon-sunday-30 torc-crandon-sunday-43 torc-crandon-sunday-28 torc-crandon-sunday-29 torc-crandon-sunday-22 torc-crandon-sunday-18 torc-crandon-sunday-53 torc-crandon-sunday-36 torc-crandon-sunday-47 torc-crandon-sunday-51 torc-crandon-sunday-25 ]]>
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Watch LIVE from Crandon International Raceway http://www.race-dezert.com/home/watch-live-from-crandon-international-raceway-113193.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/watch-live-from-crandon-international-raceway-113193.html#comments Sun, 31 Aug 2014 15:32:13 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113193 ]]>

Rounds 13-14, Crandon, Wis. – The Keys to the Big House: The 2014 season wraps up where it’s supposed to: Crandon. Labor Day weekend at the Big House sees 50,000 TORC fans converge upon this track to witness the final race of the year where champions will be crowned. Expect drivers to lay it all on the line as the final rounds unfold at what has been called the ‘Daytona 500 of Off-Road Racing.’ Be sure to stick around for the championship celebration and festivities.

Friday Photos
Saturday Photos



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The Rain Brings Mud To Crandon http://www.race-dezert.com/home/the-rain-brings-mud-to-crandon-113142.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/the-rain-brings-mud-to-crandon-113142.html#comments Sun, 31 Aug 2014 03:06:30 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113142 ]]>

Many things are unpredictable in this world and anyone that has been to the World Championships in Crandon know that the weather here is the same way. All week we’ve been teased with rain on race day and it looks as though this time the weather person was right. Crandon awoke to rain and it was pretty much that way all day until the afternoon when it let up for a bit.


The day was to originally start at 9am with Pro qualifying for the cup race, but with the rain pounding the track all night TORC officials made the call to postpone everything to see what the weather would do. The rain let up for a bit and the Crandon track works started blading the course to take off the layer of mud, and it was announced that Sportsman races would start at noon and weather permitting would follow the same start order with Pro’s expected to hit the course later in the afternoon.


At first the track was a muddy mess. Even though Crandon track officials worked hard to get the course ready a sudden downpour right before the first race wet the track one more time. Racing will go on however, and with each lap the track got little bit dryer as the mud was throw off via roost. Lap by lap, race by race the track burned in and fresh tacky dirt started to emerge, but the question in the air was still if the three Pro classes would go out and race.


At 5pm TORC held an impromptu drivers meeting. In it was discussed that TORC approached some drivers to get their opinion on whether or not to race. The majority of drivers held the opinion that with the track only being one lane, and the conditions being what they were it would be best not to go out. Also since the track had been graded so much they were down to old race track, and with three pro classes still to go, officials were worried that the now delicate track would be beyond repair for tomorrows important Cup race.


To the disappointment of many fans who had braved the rain and bad weather all day, TORC made the call to cancel Pro classes last minute. Prolite will race twice tomorrow now due to their close points race, with Pro 4 and Pro 2 racing once along with the Amsoil Cup Race.


Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography

torc-crandon-saturday-18 torc-crandon-saturday-31 torc-crandon-saturday-11 torc-crandon-saturday-12 torc-crandon-saturday-22 torc-crandon-saturday-15 torc-crandon-saturday-13 torc-crandon-saturday-16 torc-crandon-saturday-30 torc-crandon-saturday-19 torc-crandon-saturday-07 torc-crandon-saturday-06 torc-crandon-saturday-01 torc-crandon-saturday-04 torc-crandon-saturday-34 torc-crandon-saturday-33 torc-crandon-saturday-25 torc-crandon-saturday-17 torc-crandon-saturday-09 torc-crandon-saturday-08 torc-crandon-saturday-10 torc-crandon-saturday-28 torc-crandon-saturday-35 torc-crandon-saturday-14 torc-crandon-saturday-26 torc-crandon-saturday-23 torc-crandon-saturday-05 torc-crandon-saturday-24 torc-crandon-saturday-32 torc-crandon-saturday-36 torc-crandon-saturday-02 torc-crandon-saturday-27 torc-crandon-saturday-03 torc-crandon-saturday-20 torc-crandon-saturday-29 torc-crandon-saturday-21 ]]>
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45th Annual Crandon Is Open For Business http://www.race-dezert.com/home/45th-annual-crandon-is-open-for-business-113097.html http://www.race-dezert.com/home/45th-annual-crandon-is-open-for-business-113097.html#comments Sat, 30 Aug 2014 02:49:52 +0000 http://www.race-dezert.com/home/?p=113097 ]]> crandon-friday

Today marked the first day of the 45th Annual Crandon Raceway World Championships. The weekend was kicked off as it always is with the in town celebration with teams lined up along main street followed by a parade featuring the local community and finished off by all the teams. After the parade all teams both sportsman and pro had a practice session, and a few classes raced including the 14 Modified Karts who came over from the west coast.

Today it literally “rained on the parade” in Crandon but let up while the practice and races were going on. About an hour after the last race mother nature opened up with some rain and lighting and with the forecast or more rain tomorrow it’ll be interesting to see what the day has in store.

Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography

torc-crandon-friday-17 torc-crandon-friday-04 torc-crandon-friday-32 torc-crandon-friday-12 torc-crandon-friday-30 torc-crandon-friday-16 torc-crandon-friday-21 torc-crandon-friday-24 torc-crandon-friday-33 torc-crandon-friday-29 torc-crandon-friday-26 torc-crandon-friday-27 torc-crandon-friday-38 torc-crandon-friday-37 torc-crandon-friday-18 torc-crandon-friday-34 torc-crandon-friday-09 torc-crandon-friday-13 torc-crandon-friday-06 torc-crandon-friday-15 torc-crandon-friday-08 torc-crandon-friday-35 torc-crandon-friday-14 torc-crandon-friday-19 torc-crandon-friday-36 torc-crandon-friday-31 torc-crandon-friday-02 torc-crandon-friday-22 torc-crandon-friday-05 torc-crandon-friday-03 torc-crandon-friday-25 torc-crandon-friday-20 torc-crandon-friday-23 torc-crandon-friday-07 torc-crandon-friday-28 torc-crandon-friday-10 torc-crandon-friday-01 torc-crandon-friday-39 torc-crandon-friday-11 ]]>
http://www.race-dezert.com/home/45th-annual-crandon-is-open-for-business-113097.html/feed 0