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Goldentyre Sardegna Rally Race 2017. We’ll Show Them!

San Teodoro, February 10. It’s the same old story. We’ve been ambushed. They kept saying, “Your enemies are skulking among the very people who should be proud to support you!” We refused to believe it. Then they threw us out of the World Championship calendar, to be based on just a few trials, not so much in the desert as deserted… The envious, those who just failed to get it, will be happy. So let’s forget about all that. We still maintain the Goldentyre Sardegna Rally Race is the ideal Rally. It’s irreplaceable as a navigation trial and definitely the safest, perhaps the only really safe one. It’s the most varied, with a concept that includes the tourist phase of the sporting event. And it’s by far the most affordable, accessible, beyond comparison for its price/quality ratio in a market where the costs verge on madness … brazenly and unreasonably emptying competitor’s pockets!


Polemics? There just might be a grain of truth in that. But above all we’re determined to make our position clear, and relaunch the glory of the Goldentyre Sardegna Rally Race in a tenth edition. Driven by this fighting spirit, it’s going to be the most wonderful and memorable ever.

At least we’re free from some of the pointless “world” bureaucracy that hamstrung us in the past. Now we can reuse our energies and the resources spent so far to please everyone in a new format Rally. The freest, most fascinating ever, but without sacrificing any of the advantages of its history.


In short, we’re raring to go, with an infectious, enthralling event. We’re doing our utmost to ensure the Goldentyre Sardinia Rally Race is really electrifying. Here’s what to expect:

–           Mid-June. 10 to 15th. The ideal date to be in Sardinia.

–           Sardinia at its most beautiful (nothing new about that!).

–           A new race format favouring compactness, ease of assistance, the immediacy of beauty.

–           Five days of Super Rallying along a riveting route in both the competition and tourist profiles.

–           Three linear stages and two loops. Two double stops to unwind between events.

–           Legendary hotels and hospitality, the stopovers that have made history in the Goldentyre Sardinia Rally Race.

–           Licence. No World Rally licence? Then a National Licence will do. Remember how the international federation made you pay through the nose? Now you can save on all that, or turn it to pleasure in Sardinia!

–           Costs. Still the lowest ever. We never gave way on this point, however much we

           were pressured to.


And, above all, a promise. It will be the finest Goldentyre Sardegna Rally Race of its history. Not an easy challenge, but we’ll win it like we won the other nine. Ask us how by direct: [email protected]!


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