Head to Head: Jason Voss vs. Brett Sourapas presented by King Shocks

Clearly, desert off-road racing is not the friendliest of spectator sports.  It is absolutely tragic that most of the battles and epic moments in races will never be witnessed.  Racers spend hours picking their way through the terrain, dust, obstacles and other racers, each knowingly impeding that one moment that can make or break a race.  With the invention of the small action camera, those battles can now easily be seen and shared.  Albeit side by side off the start line, Jason Voss and Brett Sourapas shared one of those moments on Day 1 of Best in the Desert’s Bluewater Desert Challenge.  Those lucky enough lined along Shea Road were able to witness a few seconds of this 100mph, door to door battle that quickly set the tone for the rest of the race.  Head to Head: Jason Voss vs. Brett Sourapas presented by King Shocks gives you a look at both drivers perspective in one clip. Would you pass in the dust at 100mph+?

Footage from Tuba ART Films.



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