Meet Adrian "The Wildman" Cenni, the newest member of Team Maxxis -

Meet Adrian “The Wildman” Cenni, the newest member of Team Maxxis

Adrian’s a veteran of short course racing in the Pro-4, and is always one of the fastest guys on the track. Racing in both the Lucas Oil Off-Road series and the TORC series, Adrian has collected a number of wins this year, including three straight wins at Crandon. Look for Adrian to finish the year strong as he aims for the podium at upcoming races in Las Vegas and Phoenix.

1. How did you get into off-road racing?

Was doing road course racing at the time at the club level and was wanting to turn pro in a race series. I saw off-road racing on TV and was fascinated by how the trucks absorbed the jumps. I called Walker Evans about helping me get involved, and he allowed me to fly out to LA and try his Pro-4. I went out to LA and tested his Pro-4 at Glen Helen on a super small test track. Was hooked on Pro-4 from then on.

2. Your nickname is ” The Wildman”, what earned you that nickname?

Got the nickname from Commentator Scott Rehn, who got it from a kid asking him when the Wildman was going to be racing next. The kid had seen a crash I had at Chicagoland in the Pro-4. My truck rolled and burst into flames. I had fully expected to die, so when I didn’t, I jumped out of the truck and ran to the audience and jumped over the catch fencing looking to hug some race fans because I was so happy to be alive. The race fans all stepped back scared like I was a crazed maniac. The Wildman was born.

3. You swept the weekend at Fall Crandon this year. Was that your best moment in racing to date?

It certainly was up there. Our team’s most dominating performance to date for sure. By the third win, it felt like a party that you didn’t want to end – You just want the party to keep going and going.

4. This is your first season as a member of the Maxxis team. How have the new tires been treating you?

Maxxis tires are impressive. They are a winning tire with excellent grip, sometimes almost too much grip – can you believe that – who ever said they have too much grip?

5. What’s your favorite track? Why?

Crandon is my favorite track. The Fans are excited and dedicated – they stayed through seven rain showers in one day. The speeds are high at that track, and you have to commit to turn one at top speed without knowing what is in front of you – nice pucker factor.

6. As a resident of New York City, do people look at you funny when you tell them you’re an off-road racer?

I am actually a resident of the Virgin Islands. I love the sun and would love to spend all my time there, but I spend a ton of time wearing a suit and tie in NYC. NYC is a town where most people don’t drive, so Off-Road Racing is very foreign to most people. If I walked around in my Neon Orange race suit, people would think it is Halloween or I am a fugitive from the law. Yeehaw!


  1. Adrian Cenni:
    You are the beginning of the end of off road racing. You are not into trucks, the freedome of the desert, or the “concept” of winning. You are out for MONEY and NOTHING else. Too bad. Oh well, it had to happen sooner or later. Ethics, morality, character, tradition, brand loyalty, and what it takes to be “real” are missing in you. I will NEVER root for you, or ANY of your sponsors, and will disparage any announcer that promootes you as “good” for the sport.
    Ken N.
    Sutherlin, OR.

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