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ENSENADA BAJA CA MEXICO- has announced the newly created “ROOKIE” and “SENIOR” classification categories to the RALLY 1 amateur class starting at the next BAJA RALLY taking place October 9-14 in Baja CA.

Now, all amateurs competing in BAJA RALLY 2017 have additional opportunities to compete for the podium and will be divided into 3 separate RALLY 1 classes:

RALLY 1 ROOKIE- Any amateur motorbike racer who has never competed in any formally organized rally-raid race.

RALLY 1 SENIOR- Any amateur motorbike racer who is at least 55 years of age at the time of the start of the BAJA RALLY 2017.

RALLY 1- All other amateur motorbike racers qualifying for RALLY 1 under the classifications of the Mexican National Cross Country Championship & BAJA RALLY Rulebook

“Offering racers 2 new ways to compete for the podium made a lot of sense for our event as we help grow the sport here in North America”, explains BAJA RALLY Race Director Victor Orellana, “In addition the new trophies for the top 3 in each class, we’re excited to have Nico Saad hang medals around the necks of at least 6 more podium finishers this October.”

Orellana is referring to the coveted BAJA RALLY ‘Finalista’ Medal that is presented only to racers who earn official “finisher” status at the end of 5 grueling days of diverse rally raid stage racing. The prestigious “medal ceremony” takes place around Nico Saad’s iconic swimming pool at the famous San Nicolas Hotel & Casino here in the port city of Ensenada.

BAJA RALLY is a long distance, cross country motorcycle navigation adventure race that tests the mind, strength and stamina of riders & drivers. The mission of the rally is to introduce this safer, low impact stye of racing to Baja CA while sharing the treasures and secret of this state with new entrants, inspiring return visits


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