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Sardegna Rally Race 2013

Sardegna Rally Race 2013

–       The Road Book is ready.

–       Junior Baja du Maroc Special Trophy.


San Teodoro, April, the 30th. Sardegna Rally Race 2013 edition features are almost completed. Considering the low interest demonstrated to Abu Dhabi and Qatar World Championship rallies, Bike Village is pushing hard in order to give back to the Riders the real taste of a great Rally. As usual.

Sardegna Rally Race 2013 structure has assumed in these days its final aspect; reconnaissance for the definitive layout of the road book is now ended. Bike Village’s Rally will embrace almost the entire island with a large path that has been designed considering the desires of the Riders and the suggestions of the tracers. Dario “Willi” Del Vecchio, the “Chief Pathfinder” of Bike Village, has elaborated five breathtaking legs: liaisons with maximum aesthetic and landscape “taste”, and new Special Legs full of special effects have been designed.

Sardegna Rally Race 2013 edition will be inaugurated with the prologue of May the 31st on the Cross track of Le Bombarde. The departure of the Rally will be in Alghero, on June the 1st: as background, there will be the Bay and Capo Caccia. From the Catalan city, competitors will move to Arborea, with a stage of 374 KM and competing in two Special Tests of 60 and 52 KM. The second stage, 292 kilometers long, will end in Chia, on the South slope of the Island, which becomes also the center of the Marathon Stage (without assistance) of the Rally. Also in this case two Special Tests (for a total amount of 120 km) are expected.

Third stage, 293 kilometers, will head back to Arborea, again with two Special Tests of 115 and 57 kilometers; assistance will be located near of the city of Iglesias. Second and third stage will be, from a landscape point of view, two wonderful variations on the fascinating theme of the dunes of Piscinas and the historical mines of the Iglesiente areas.

Then, SRR13 will move to Sa Itria with the fourth stage that will cover over 300 KM with two Special Tests of 121 and 78 KM. The finish line of the day will be positioned at the “mythical” bivouac hosted by the homonym sanctuary, that has been “consecrated” as one of the so many exclusive key points of the last editions of Bike Village Rally. Assistances can participate in the party of Sa Itria.

Last stage will be very important. An authentic final battle, with the longest Special Test of the whole Rally, 211 KM on a total of approximately 327 KM, assistance point in Alà dei Sardi and arrival on the main square of San Teodoro,  Bike Village’s headquarter. The following prize-giving ceremony will applaud the sixth winner of the Sardegna Rally Race and, maybe, the new World Champion.


In association with NPO as last year, Bike Village will welcome the “Junior Baja du Maroc Trophy”, that will assign to the best Junior rider a free registration to the Baja organized in Morocco by French partners. For the young riders who will enter the world of the Great Rallies from the principal door of Sardegna Rally Race, this is a further great opportunity in order to increase their own experience on the fields of a great event. Two are the essential requirements: riders must not be over 25 years (at the date of Rally’s departure), and they should not have already won an NPO trophy.


Registrations to the World Championship will close on May, the 10th; as provided for by rules, only the registration for the Italian Championship will remain open, but in this case enrollment will cost Euro 850,00 instead of 650,00 as for the deadline.



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Grazie Mille!

Piero Batini

Sardegna Rally Race Press


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