SNORE – Battle At Primm

1st off I would like to congratulate Brittany Burgos, the new 2012 SNORE President for putting on a flawless season opener. Every race both days started exactly on time!

Time trials could not have been any closer between Johnny Greaves who took 1st with a time of 3:43:.012 and TJ Flores following in 2nd with only a .894 hundredth of a second difference. 3rd was Josh Daniels

This race, SNORE made it interesting with some bonus cash for each class. The competition was to huck your car as far as possible off the Dyke Jump and the racer who went the farthest in each class wins a $1,000!!! Crazy Wyllie killed the competition with a huge jump landing 225feet from the jump. Johnathan (Psychotic) Libby  won heavy metal with a 220 foot jump and it was Clint Braun who went big for the 1600’s.

As the final results came out it seemed that the course beat most of the racers.

In UT 5 of 7 finished day one and 2 of 7 finished day 2. Class 1 only 7 of 15 finished day 1 and 6 of 15 day 2. Class 1500, 8 of 27 DNF both days and another 10 only completed 1 day of racing. Only leaving 10 of 27 that finished both days.

Marc Ewing took the OA in Unlimited Trucks with Bryce Menzies behind the wheel. With the course getting beat up from day one racing, Bryce pushed harder and gained a minute on time from day one leaving him w the OA win with a time of 1:58:22.843. Then it was Sean Mecham(Day one) and Kory Halopoff(Day two) who crossed the finish line just over 11mins behind Bryce and took 2nd OA and 1st in class 1 with a time 2:10:16.374. A great finish for Mecham since he has not raced his car in 6 months.

After 2011 season Roger Starkey chopped the front end off his class1200 single seat buggy and turned it into a class 1000 buggy. He put it to the test and took 1st place both  days with a time of 2:16:31.921.

In the 1450 class Steve Olliges took the win both days with a time of 1:46:57.765, almost 2 minutes faster than the second place finisher George Rosebaum.

Class 1600, one of the most competitive classes at this race goes to none other than Luke McMillin with a time of 2:24:20.843. Only 8 mins behind the class one leader and 19min behind the UT leader. Can’t wait to see Luke do some damage in Class 1!

After all the crashes, engine problems and broken parts at B@P, many have there work cut out for them to get ready for the next SNORE race. The PCI Race Radios 300 in Ridgecrest April 13-15.

Full Results


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