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  • thanks omar. we were cookin' but the hit we took was too much. i guess we just sucked in too much dirt before you guys patched the hole in the intake. we still beat the f---- to check point three and were up 20 minutes on the asswhole that torpedoed us and 40 minutes on the third place 383 stroker ranger by the time we got to puertocitos. we averaged about 40 miles an hour and should be in la paz. the truck was perfect til the engine blew in spite of getting slammed broadside. we were halfway through the 5/1600s and passed all the 7sx and most the 7 open trucks. que lastima. we was robbed. f--kig amateurs.
    Estuve el fin de sema en Ensenada, vi a los Montijo en el Hussong's,
    les dije que si querian me dieran tu lana del 3er. lugar, que yo te la mandaria.
    No quisieron.
    Buenos es el tercero tambien!
    Ke once con el doce Omarciano?
    Ya empezo el pinche caloron termonuclear en el pueblo?
    Chingon el Tavito no?
    Le falto un pedazo de pista para clavarse al Mc millon.
    Omar, Buenos Dias, oye, une pregunta, pensamos irnos a San Felipe a ver l acarrera, que lugar recomiendas despues de Laguna Percebu?
    no i was not giving away DVDs and Calendars! I gave 2 dvd and some calendars to the NUNLEY crew(driver & co-dog) because they responded to my help call on the radio in the middle of nowhere and drove out to me and pulled me out from being stuck.
    Pinche dolar ....Ya valio madres la temporada......Hay que agarrar un hobby menos destructivo
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