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    Baja 500 - 97 teams entered

    150 entries out of 178 registered. They had pretty decent access control to registration, etc...
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    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 7: San Juan de Marcona > San Juan de Marcona

    RB just showed up on tracking and still on the lead/overall lead of the Dakar !
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    Dakar '18 -Stage 5- San Juan de Marcona > Arequipa

    Coronels out of the race ?
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    Dakar '18 -Stage 2- Pisco > Pisco

    Brabec really back, hope its a tracker issue, no mexicans racing this year, top gringos fun...
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    Dakar '18 -Stage 2- Pisco > Pisco

    Brabec is late to cp1
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    RECORD Ensenada to San Felipe 250

    youve got to check out this sequence.
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    Herbst Truggy catches fire at NORRA

    just got back to the US...
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    2016 Mint 400 - Coverage

    What where the qualifying results ?
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    SCORE's Proposed rule changes in class 11

    maybe this changes were done so that NO class 11s race Score anymore ?
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    Mint 400 entry list. 50 Trick Trucks!!!

    More Canadians then Mexicans racing ? wth is going on ?
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    2016 San Felipe Entries

    Sad entries, lower than a record race..
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    Do you like racing in Baja or do you like racing SCORE ? Entries have been low for every series i think due to the economy, but if SCORE stopped racing or couldnt secure racing in Baja, Would you race CODE or RECORD if they jacked up the price a bit for Heli coverage and security ?
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    SCORE Baja Sur 500 to CANCELLED????

    The guy responding is an off road racer, Rodrigo Ampudia's brother from Papas and Beer. Surely he would be working for the race to happen. Heard San Felipe was also in trouble and got fixed the morning before the press conference. I think Roger is missing Oscar, a tough attorney who would get...
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    Post a picture of the ugliest off road race car/truck.

    All southern mexico race cars. Dropped down 5-1600 or pumped up class 11s. Check out the coilovers..