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    Pulsed MIG Welding

    I have a 350p and use it in pulse mode for aluminum and steel. Once I learned this welder (easy) I will probally never traditionally mig weld again. Pulse mig is not trigger welding but completely different. When done correctly the bead doesnt really have that lapping puddle look, it is more...
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    Proper bolt cutting procedure

    Nice!! Is that bolt inconel?
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    Need scales

    Does anyone have a set of (2) or (4) individual scales I can borrow or rent for a day? Thanks matt
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    Dunebuggy.com Entry Level Class One in Progress.

    Very nice. Looks better than "entry level". What are you using on the frame for the corrosion resistence? matt
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    RDC Project Vehicle - Chevrolet Blazer

    Re: Blazer Tested!!!! congrats John, Its been a long wait but well worth it! Matt
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    Going to Con-Expo.

    Wouldnt miss it for nothing. Bringing myself + project managers
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    richmond 9310 pro gears?

    9310 is what most of the teams are using. Good for shock load. Wont last long on the street.
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    Blitzkrieg Motorsports - Trophy Truck

    Nice looking truck Nate. A congratulations is in order for anyone who has ever finished a TT. Alot goes into one.
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    chevy cummins??

    My opinion, put the 383 in it. The Cummins is very heavy and long. It would be a tight fit. All the trouble would probally have a neg. effect on handling compared to the 383. But I do love diesels.
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    Pflueger mag article in UK

    Good article.
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    Trophy Truck Subaru?

    In high school we "raced" one all over the woods up here in arrowhead. Pretty tough car. Alot of flat tires and after about 3hrs we had viscocity break down on the engine oil. Needless to say it never ran again.
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    TIG welder....

    The Slide calculator is a good place to start. After that it all becomes experience and experimentation. 025
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    This IS how to get sponsored

    Apexkiller, great post. I appreciate the 'tell it like it is' approach. Also, being a business owner I see well thought out and not so well thought out bids, resumes, etc. Theres a wide range and it makes a big difference in how far it gets. Thanks 025
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    Robby Gordon testing?

    Big Bear???? I could think of a few better places to test. I live pretty close and can tell you it has been quite crowded up here. I wouldnt want to see someone get hit. Also the snow is heavy (due to rain then snow then rain etc.) and still a little deep. Last night it was 27F so the roads...
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    Pflueger racing in SF!!

    Was it all-wheel drive when first built? I could have sworn I heard or read this.