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    Introduction of forum

    Please add Beny Canela
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    Stephinie Lazano

    Stephanie love Racing I don’t know anyone that worked harder to get to the races than she did, working taking care of her family working on her car and working with MDR She was a Racer through and through, Stephanie and her family were a big part of Beny Canela‘s team over the years and...
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    Off Road Racing looses a Hero - Rusty Stewart

    God bless Rip Rusty
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    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    For the 1st gen Raptors, (Mine is a stock 2013) I had this problem the other night, engine cranks but will not start, fuse 27 that controls the fuel pump relay, fuse melted into the fuse box, it tool me a few min to dig it out with a pick and install a new one to get it fired, I found this TSB...
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    Bob "The Weatherman" Steinberger passed away this morning

    Such a heartbreaking day, Bob took such good care of us all in the mists of such a dangerous sport, just knowing he was there for us, allowed us all to push that much harder & we all did ... Only through my tears can I express how I feel right now. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the...
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    Class 5 Treasure Hunt

    That car was an ORC built by Dave Snoddy, Curnutt shocks, Curnutt outbord hubs & Curnutt torque limiters, Dave at ORC origanly built that car with Giese air shocks and then changed over to Curnutts
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    Class 5 Treasure Hunt

    I was fortunate enough to drive that car one race, I dont recall if it was Jim or Doug White but one of them were feeling bad that day and Jim asked me to fill in as driver, I was really surprised and honored that Jim would let me take his baby for a spin in the desert... that was one hell of a...
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    Any info on this car? It's whereabouts, drivers, results, etc?

    Well I remember I had to bribe you with a snickers bar to get you to help me turn my car back on its wheels after I landed on your roof and ended up on mine... so at least you didn't go hungry. What happened was I endoed my car and landed on Daves 5/1600 roof to roof, he wasn't very happy about...
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    Any info on this car? It's whereabouts, drivers, results, etc?

    That was also one of my 1600 cars... built by Dave Parsons Trick Racing
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    Any info on this car? It's whereabouts, drivers, results, etc?

    Dave is right in 1986 he still owned Trick Trailing Arms, in 87 he sold it to German Auto and in 1987 I purchased it from Ron, Dave Parsons took ownership in 89. Dave Snoddy (ORC) built me that car in 85 just in time to run the parker 400 in the snow where I rolled and landed on the roof of...
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    Very sad news for all Rip Casey Prayers go out to his family and friends, God bless
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    Coverage - BITD PAHRUMP NUGGET “250”

    Apdaly... not clyde
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    Weatherman Relay with a Code Red for Mark Luhtala 288

    Very sad news Rip Mark Our prayers go out to Marks family and friends
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    Passing of Mel Larson

    Rip Mel Prayers to his family and friends