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    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    While at a event in Beverly Hills I noticed a Velocitaptor. Looked really nice.
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    Bumper Valance Material

    Anybody know of any race shops selling the material for the valance!?
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    Kyle Leduc trophy truck practice

    Make sure to hit the VCP's.... :o
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    Friedkin's T-Force Tundra

    I saw the Tforce Prerunner Tundra on a Tariler headed up North about 1 month ago. Wonder if someone purchased that to :o
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    #1802 Still racing

    I remember seeing the UTV at Borrego pass 3 times and I was like "wait why did I just see that 3 times?". I couldn't really figure it out but now I completely understand. Viva 1802
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    RIP Brother OX

    RIP Brotha. Enjoyed watching you ride wether it was Desert or FMX you would always put it down. Such a sad day and still shocked. God speed OX!!!
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    What did you buy at Curt's swap meet??

    Gustavos trophy truck lid baja 1k = $20 (hanging it up) Mis Lucas racing fluids $1 each Andy Grider shirts/Yoshimura shirts $5 each Race shoes brand new in box $40 Case of monster $10 KTM shorts $10 And my friend scores a 1/600 roller chasis (frame,wheels,panels) $1000 Wish I would of came at...
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    Offroad Swapmeet 2011

    What time are the gates opening?
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    RM | SNORE BAP Photos

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    pistol pete sohren

    Re: Rip - pistol pete sohren That dillhole
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    ***SNORE BAP pits info***

    So the 2nd Pit row behind the Outlet Mall will happen again this year right??? sorry guys =/
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    When is the next event?
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    looking for 2 FAST drivers for the BAJA 1000..........

    I promise I won't be "Donkeying" around if I drive :p
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    Cops 12 car with new face lift

    What about that Phantom in the back?! Woow. lol that 12 car looks bad Arse!
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    Off road riders, racers, baja safety event!!!!!

    What a Chode