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  • Hey there! Just wanted to say, we're big fans. It was awesome watching you race the semis. Got your little paws in just about everything off-road and four wheeled. Come check us out. We've had a light couple of seasons, but that's about to change. Hammer down hon! Hope to see you around.
    Hey I just saw this!!! Thank you so much!! The semis were awesome!! Racing anything is just fun....!! I'll keep an eye out for you guys for sure!!
    Hey Corry, i definitely think there is a market for someone like yourself in the pro-buggy class... or even P2... im just sayn ..
    Hey, good job out their tonight at Speedworld. You were looking good. You and the LSR guy had couple good battles. Nothing like a girl beating the boys. Oh, and nice cheat sheet for your sponcers at the end, that was kind of funny. I would think you would have them memorized by now. What type of motor do you run? How much rpm are you putting out, should I say what is rev limiter.
    alright thanxs for the info ... im going to get going on putting in the motor and ill let u know how it goes
    hey cory i got a 700 polaris ranger long travel and race caged and everything else but i picked up a sv1000 and i was wondering if can run the stock transfer case with the sv1000 because im trying to keep the 4wheel drive and reverse and ideas
    Awesome, Ya no problem, I would put some up just for the UTV group but I dont know what forums you guys are on, and you guys go just as fast as the super lites and limited buggies.. I seen what you are talking about with not everbody shooting, I dont understand why, but just some people I guess...
    I saw you go by at Barstow. You looked pretty fast...sorry I never got to say hi. Next time.
    Hey Cory just wanted to give you props. Never met you, but saw you at Elisonore. If your ever want to try a prolite ,talk to Leroy Lorewald, he has a Toyota just sittin and you would probably fit it for sure. Just tryin to get our class going with a pretty lady like yourself.
    Then I will have to watch and see how the race unfolds. You seem to have a really good grasp on racing, so it should be fun.
    heu i will be filming out there this weekend again for speedsceneracing.com please call me thanks bryant 949 228 7648
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