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  • Do you mean the Tilted Kilt? The place where the servers wear those hot plaid outfits? Cuz, I never heard of that place.
    So I am northbound on McKlintock yesterday and a big white dually with a "Weller Racing" sticker is in front of me in traffic. I wonder , is Corey Weller in that truck? Should I wave?...Since we are going the same direction I stay behind the big truck thinking of how to say say hello and it and it pulls into the Bashes parking lot. I continued with my stalking and followed it around the parking lot. Finally they parked and when the driver got out I noticed they were not a petite blonde but rather a guy who had a beard. "Was it MR Weller? "I wondered, "Was he gonna be happy some flatbiller was tailing his wife as she went for groceries? This might not be the best way to meet someone... I should get out of here"

    Thats when I noticed thru the tint that someone was in the passenger seat" Throwing caution to the wind I pulled up along side them and asked "Are you hiding Corey Weller in that truck?"

    "Nah, Shes probably at speedworld." He also explained that he wasn't your husband.

    The world gets smaller every day.

    I explained I was an "online friend" (God that sounds spooky) and was wondering if I was gonna get a chance to meet 450GRL in real life.

    I figured this info was gonna get back to ya so I thought I should explain, before you were worried there was a cyber stalker lurking the east valley chasing down "weller racing" vehicles. I felt like a total dork.


    Dan "200" Novak
    Just a fellow RDCer (Not a STALKER):)
    jajaja...Awesome! I love to hear that kind of stuff!

    Good luck in CV and swing by the pits if you have time. We'll have to get the best filter on the planet installed on your ride. :D
    I sure will! Regardless, I will make an effort to come to your pit and say hi!~
    S.U.P.E.R. Society of Underground Posting Enthusiasts and Racers
    Just put that in your sig and let me be the first to welcome you to the most feared post racing team in the universe.
    It got out of hand and a mod closed it. it has joined the WTAR jesse jame thread. You can jump in over there. PS. Join the underground post racers team. Just add it to your sig. We have all the RDC hotties on our team. I look forward to your response to my jinxing myself but I gotta log off and go to work for a bit.
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