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  • I really wanted to give you some rep for this, but apparently I have too recently:

    Wow Green, you really are one badass cheerleader for team Jgb. Maybe after the big game he will finally ask you out?

    That was funny as all hell
    I tried to give you rep, but this new rdc wouldn't let me this morning...Thanks for a thoughtful and informative post in Purple. I was poking, though Donny makes me laugh almost as much as he makes me upset. That thread was one of the latter, so I just kept poking. I'm done now, wish him the best.
    Yes, my father was so important to me in so many ways, including the fact that I haven't shot anyone yet, though I've come across a few that could have used it. He didn't think he would be around very long and so tried to teach me a lot from a real early age. Sadly, for him, but probably better for me if I had to lose a parent, he would go on to out live my mom by 27 years. We lost her in '68, one month after her 44th birthday. He died in '95.
    I do have the bladder of a 4 year old girl - and her pancreas - but her liver tasted better!

    Recently, JROD and Shaggy have likened me to Joe Friday, but I think this Jack Webb character is probably closer to me, son of a M/Sgt in this man's army. Dad enlisted in 1926, was shunted off to Manila to a disliked section of the Signal Corps: the Army Air service. After the war, Dad took a Warrant Officer commission but could not complete his 30 due to a medical discharge in 1949.

    I came along in '54, and by '59 he issued me my first rifle, AFTER I had proven to him that I could field strip it, clean it, and reassemble it. I had to do chores for him and others to earn money for my ammo. Luckily, I could get a 50-round box of .22 shorts for 35 cents at the PX near our home.

    This clip also reminds me of my home life circa '57, when the film was released.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riYfFQMPIP0"]YouTube- The D.I - Jack Webb[/ame]
    I first met John Herder when he started racing a 250R three-wheeler with ADRA's beginner division. I never saw anyone that could ride one of those beasts through the rough like he could, not even the factory "name" riders like Mark "WAX" Wiekeldorfer. After he quickly earned the #1 ATV plate, I asked if he ever hoped to race cars. He sheepishly and shyly answered he never thought of it. Years later, still running a VW motor, I watched him smoke the Herbsts and the truggy in heads-up competition.

    BTW, I am always up for a fight/race in Purple and offer this warning: I am a crackpot of a cranky old man who acts like Daffy Duck when exasperated and Donald Duck when enraged.

    Have a fun day cuz I think its going to be a bleak week.:D
    Thanks for the reply! I was just joking about the pro wrestling, which I have never watched live or on TV. Last time I covered Supercross I interviewed a young Rick(y) Johnson, who had just beat Jeff Ward, who still held the # 1 plate. It was at Sun Devil Stadium and the Suns still played at Veterans' Coliseum.

    I checked out your pics, looked good to these old eyes, I don't think you need to apologize re: your camera.

    Not much into bikes anymore, been there, did that, and was lucky to not end up like David Bailey, or Chris Blaise, or too many others. Been first on the scene a couple of times, saw one happen - made me sick to think that they'd be in chair, at best, the rest of their days and kinda ruined the dirtbike deal for me.:( Gave away my last Husky and Kawasaki.

    Howz that 7 coming? Where/when do you hope to race it?

    Guess I'll go see what's up in Purple and then call it a night.
    How was the Supercross? I haven't been since the days of RJ vs JW. Were you able to get in free? All my friends that went did.
    Thanks. When the mods get back from Laughlin i am cashing them in for my new TT...:D gonna go with a geiser with the kroyer package, it works for ANdy so i think i will do well with it also...
    I appreciate the thought.... thanks...

    when ya get some time checkout the fast-aid link in my sig line. It is a project some RDCers and I have started... Official launch is in Primm next month...
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