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    Post your old race photos!

    Here's my ol 5 car, still racing in NORRA
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    The Subaru Crosstrek Enters the Baja 500 with Grabowski Brothers Racing and Crawford Performance

    Steve, didn't that get built 8-9 years ago and Roy from the Katrek days was part owner? I remember seeing it out at Barstow and thought how heavy it was. Never saw it finish that particular race.
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    Class 5 only

    Guess you better get a driver to drive that toy
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    Vaya con Dios

    I haven't checked with this site in awhile. So I saw this post regarding Roger. I bought Rogers 5 car that Baja Jim mentioned in his story. When I met Roger and purchased his 5 car he told me the Parker 425 story. Roger telling it is exactly as Baja Jim said it was, since that time we remained...
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    • Micky Thompson 12/7/28 ▬ 3/16/88 •

    In the late 70's I was involved with racing a Class 2 car. The owner of the car bought what M/T called shock cooling fins. Neat looking aluminum hat looking fins that slipped over our shocks in theory to assist in keeping the shocks cooler. The owner of the car asked if I would go to Wilmington...
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    *VIDEO* 2015 Class 5 Coalition McKenzie's 400 Shootout

    Good video, great turnout
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    memorial for Harry Dunne

    I will let who I know that are ex members as well.
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    RIP Harry Dunne

    I agree Bob, Harry was F.A.I.R. tried and true. I don't know how many times that we needed a Pit Captain and there was dead silence until Harry spoke up and said Christopher and Him would do it. May he and F.A.I.R RIP.
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    And they say Off-road racing damages the desert...

    Don't blame the rain! I think it's just a cover up. In reallity BJ was there doing 360's for the Recoil 3 video!
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    Class 5 only

    It was and a hand full, but pure excitement and a blast
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    Class 5 only

    yes it was all 240hp+
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    Class 5 only

    Not often that I chime in on this site, however I will say that my ol car did 105 quite a few times. Recorded on GPS, once coming into Ojos Negros on the dirt road just prior to crossing the highway heading into Ojos, me and co-rider and I were commenting on the speed we were doing when all of a...
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    Class 5 only

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    Class 5 only

    When he raced with me 5 years ago !
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    Norris Racing 1040 / MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge 200 - First place Class 10

    Great video, course I'm a little partial towards David & Michael