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    DEEGAN PRO2 Qualify Wild West

    Nice Vid., Man that looks like a great course!!!
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    Baja 1000 2012 Bike and Quads

    so who's winning the Pro bike classes?
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    Lucas Oil Challenge Cup - Debut on CBS Sports Sat, January 8th 1:00PM EST. (10a pac)

    Re: Lucas Oil Challenge Cup - Debut on CBS Sports Sat, January 8th 1:00PM EST. (10a At 10:00am ??? Maybe some coffee and donuts for me....LOL
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    Aftermarket seat for 08 450x

    Try Enduro Engineering, they fixed that same problem I had with my KTM.
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    Corey Sisler takes on LOORS Las Vegas and wins

    Congrats on your podium Corey, I know you wanted it bad, Congrats again. Rick
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    Updates on Robbie Pierce??

    Glad to hear Robbie is going to be ok, that was one scary crash.
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    LIVE coverage this weekend of LORRS Las Vegas

    Thanks Jerry he can't catch a break latley.... hopefully Sunday goes better. Rick
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    LIVE coverage this weekend of LORRS Las Vegas

    So are you covering both days or just Saturday and is it live as in 4pm live?
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    Share your favorite 2009 LOORS memory or experience.

    My favorite memory of 2009 would have to be my son Ricky winning the first ever off road truck race he entered (kind of got a gift on the last lap) and backing it up the following night with even a stronger race. SoCal SuperLite #24
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    Reed wins celebrity kart challenge

    Here's a few more pictures from the event:,3028
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    Challenge Cup Coverage from MX website

    Vital MX givin some love to short course racin,3017
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    TR17: Firin' on all eight! Webisode #4 up!-Carl doesn't win this one!

    So were out at Primm and didn't stop by and say hey to the Ricky James gang???? maybe we can hook up at the next event, i'm trying to get DB there.
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    Ricky James Interview

    Here's an interview that was done by Bob Gardner of at the Open Comp Late Model race at the Bullring in Las vegas last weekend where Ricky qualified 4th and finished 11th in a 150 lap ( 2 hour) main event the second time behind the wheel of his late Model. YouTube- Ricky...
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    Superlites on Outdoor Channel Today

    Heads up.......The Bullydog Superlites are on today at 1:30pm and 4:30pm PT on Lucas Oil Unleashed
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    Congratulations Ricky James

    While everyone is giving props I thought I would do the same for my son....Ricky had another fantastic weekend in the Superlite class with a 1st place finish on Saturday and a 2nd place finish on Sunday after some engine troubles cost him the lead. He drove a heck of a race both days starting...