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  • wassup pablo, miss you bro, thank you very much for helping my dad out, cant wait to get home and race with you
    Pablo....we need fuids, just won Powder Puff 1450 last weekend. Give me a call, probably cnat complete pre \p by sat.
    Sounds good bro...Things are looking pretty good on our end right now. We just want to go racing again SOON.
    Yeah bro NITTO Tire has come on board with us. We are very happy to have them too. It would've been sooner but with the truck burning and everything it took sometime... Look for some big things coming from us and Liquid Ice here shortly. I don't want to jinx it so I have to keep quiet for now...
    No but Paul and the Doc are going ! I am staying out of Mexico this year- promised my wife I would not go this year !
    thx man can u shipping me if u video of our da trophy truck we just bought from jesse jones truck in az can u make long video like 90min on it or 1 hrs and 90 min on new video please text me if u have some question for me
    i watch it last nite it is ok but u neeed video of our trophy truck to be in video u need make long long video
    Im secretly hoping that she doesnt sell and that my lil sis will drive her around for a while. Cal Poly is so so so far away that it was killing me in gas the mali gets 35 mpg! How is the other Cal Poly?
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