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    1 ton 14 bolt swap into GMC sierra help?!?!

    I did this a few years ago: 14 bolt axle advice needed The 1 ton = 10.5" full floater, it's worth it IMO. Not a direct swap though. The 3/4 ton 9.5" SF just needs your 10-bolt pinion yoke and to have 6 lug everything. Cliffs notes my FF swap: -Needs 6 on 5.5 hubs machined or purchased -Use...
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    mid to long travel for my 2wd dodge

    A friend of mine does a long travel kit for Dodge 2wd half tons. PM me for contact info; he'll have more pictures and specs.
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    14 bolt axle advice needed

    400 before tax/shipping. Since doing this, I noticed RCV Performance does some drive flanges for 14 bolts. Would have been nice, just not in my budget.
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    14 bolt axle advice needed

    Right on, I'll give that a shot. This is new to me, so thanks for the help! Will prob do caliper bolts also since in I'm there already.
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    14 bolt axle advice needed

    Finished up last weekend. New problem, safety wire advice needed haha. Here's my first try
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    old school rancho take apart rebuild kits

    Kris at may have what you need. *Fairly local to you Marcus Good Luck!
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    Speed handle breaker bar

    Nice! Since we can't re-invent the wheel, this will have to do.
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    93 chevy 4x4 dixon bros suspension kit question

    It's not going to work. Give them a call and see what else they can do for you. If your shocks are 8-10in stroke, you/they should be able to make something happen.
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    14 bolt axle advice needed

    Getting closer, waiting for caliper brackets to get cut out.
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    Race Vehicle Jack - Looking for a solution

    Ya, I am planning to put a short extension on the top. Will be used on a truck with less than 20" from the ground to an a-arm. Shipping weight says 25lb, now sure how accurate that is.
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    SMT Racing 7s In car video from the HDRA King 250

    Awesome footage! Nice to hear the truck working instead of music. *Toofarnorth, it looks like auto-focus in the cam kinda plays with the perspective.
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    Race Vehicle Jack - Looking for a solution

    H1 jack arrived. Funny box at one end appears to be gear reduction (3.5ish:1) -weld a nut on each end to get the best of both worlds using an impact. Lifts to around 20" in stock form. No leaks so far haha.
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    Race Vehicle Jack - Looking for a solution

    I'm with Randy on this one. I'd rather not buy the floor jack from Shipwreck Tools (HF) and not too fond of the Hi-Lift. Supposedly, this weighs about 25lbs; just what I've read here and there. *If the pin on the top measures 1.25-1.5in od, then making a short spacer/mating surface for...
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    TSCO Racing - SCORE San Felipe 250 **VIDEO**

    Not sure which is more impressive here- the video, or having both trucks ready to race 2 short weeks later @ The Mint. Hats off to the TSCO crew!