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  • hey roger, good luck @ the midnight special, doesn't look like we're going to make it , unfortunately , hopefully we can make it out to the next one. anyhow , good luck, and have fun. badger out !
    Do you see a race in your near future? I sure do, and it looks real fun !! We've really got the oold car looking killer, you'll be proud of us poor , old , hippies. Race on !!
    It's To Bad You Can't Race The Midnite Race, Sounds Like A Good Business Decision Though. I'll Just Have To Give Brandon Hughs A Tap, Twice. See You When We See You . Race On !!!
    hows it going roger ? rick moran , just saying hi , and looking to be your friend? what do you say ? friends ? hope to beat you, i mean see u @ the midnite special !!! badger out , race on.
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