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  • hello eric, Who's 916 hotrodshop ?? a vora sign on. Fallon around the corner, and i havnt even heard about the last race. Hows jay and the other nine car ?
    heading off to prarie city should be there around 10:00 want to play ? noticed you and mac5 are close.
    hello, 9iron. well new carburator on and some what adjusted. The hole point thing is mute i already have a compu fire. The metal plate (i couldnt get out) is related to the electronic ignition. I remember at hawthorne you told me a story about a loose screw on your eltronic ignition causing problems ? any more help would be valuable. on oct 5 or 6 next monday or tuesday i plan on taking the car to praire city to run it and see if the new carb fixed problem ( i dont think so).
    First race is getting closer...cant wait seven more days ! Numbers are on car now details slowly coming together.
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