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  • No, no website. And, I don't advertise. All my business is strictly through word of mouth.

    Regarding FPSS, I have them manufactured in Australia to my specifications. The manufacture has been mfg/providing a similar unit designed for a less harsh environment for over 20-years. To date, I have sold over 500-units and to my knowledge, not one has failed when properly installed.

    If you provide me a proper email address, I will send you the data sheet and you may review it. Sorry, RDC does not allow documents to be attached to PMs or I would attach it here.
    do you have a website? looking for more info on your fuel pump switch delio and pricing. Thanks!
    That's cool to here about your son! Funny, there's a Harmon kid that goes here too. Happened to run into him on a paintball trip and turns out he had done some work on the fuel cell in our 12 car. I remember hearing about the FSAE team previously but it was my understanding that it's mostly only for engineering students. I'm a Psych major. I like to think I'm mechanically inclined, and have done my fair share of wrenching, grinding, cutting, welding and definitely driving.

    Could you have your son e-mail me? The website for the team, sae.ucsd.edu seems not to be working.
    Dude you are one very sharp sparky. Rep for that shtt. I am a com/ind wireman. Its nice to see a person with an obvious wealth of info that is so eager to share an help others out, please keep it up! Your posts are always an interesting read.
    Now I'll quit the brown nosin!
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