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  • excuses are like assholes everyones got one.No prob let me know when you`re ready.
    ha ha I'm not being mean... I feel like I haven't even talked to you in forever!! You forgot about me after all your cougar excitement in Primm :D lol
    Why can't they just let us be. We are doing zero harm. Just BSing with each other,
    we have a 2006 lbz duramax, no chip
    we use a program called EFI live to change the parameters in the computer
    one of our sponsors RED LINE DIESEL PERFORMANCE in Corona does that for us
    That's awesome!! Congrats you two! Well let me know if you guys decide to show up!~
    all the rage huh... kind of seems that way :D I'm sooo lucky you're my friend because you are obviously the most popular one here :D
    well this doesn't seem to be the most exciting post race.. at least not from the stories I've been hearing :) lol your avitar definitely proves you to be both the coolest and sexiest team out there... I'm jealous ;) lol
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