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Nov 30, 2004
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Glendora/Parker AZ
Instigator/Sales & Marketing

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    1. Lord Green
      Lord Green
    2. ffrank
      Ringleader, Could you give me a call? I need to try to get in touch with Jimmy quickly. Thanks Frank (760) 900-1621
    3. ChromolyKid
      In response to the "Heros" of our sport thread: Those donkey spend more time crying about being rude than they do realizing that you're right. It's gotten beyond eloquence and manners. There's no point in staying home to prep a race car if the race could be gone tomorrow!
    4. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Go ahead and NAME names! Why cut 'em ANY slack? Heck, San Berdoo County offers a $100 reward for reporting litterers.
    5. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      If they were lesbians, they'd know better! ;) Seriously, we've been waging a retreating war against rampant development and the anti-OHV groups for forty years at least. Burnt out and cynical, I don't think the general race community, let alone the OHV community at large, will really get fired up until the closures take place.

      And then it will be too late.

      For self-defense, I've taken to owning only street-licensed OHV's since the mid-nineties when a lot of forests restricted road usage to only licensed vehicles. The handwriting was on the wall, as the USFS policy decisions usually lead the BLM's.

      According to BITD's Casey, AZ now has a 35 mph speed limit on all dirt roads! The legislators that imposed that have obviously never been taught that a washboard road doesn't begin to smooth out until at least 40. So sad.

      RIP, Clark Collins.
    6. AMracing Manager
      AMracing Manager
      hey whens your next race?????you racin parker in 10????
    7. AZ1000
      You suck Bro, you went to Borrego and didn't call, I'm less then 2 hours away. :)
    8. JAM 1600
      JAM 1600
      Jeff I am sending this as a test only to show someone how to do it !
    9. 57Racer
      Love the dearest bro comment, you seem to be a pretty nice guy from all your posts. Hope to bump into you one day.
    10. ffrank
      jeffe the Crumco stuff is too funny! You must know his rep ALSO! jajaja You can tell these guys. but ... you know.. they wont listen!
    11. mwilsonphoto.com
    12. michael_loomis
      Jeff, that eThreat of mine was pretty lame. My appologies. I've been involved with desert racing my entire life, and I have alot of respect for Mr. Dailey, thus I offer my knowledge, and services to him and his racing efforts. I took offense to your term minion, and wish you would be a little more respectful of us.

      Thanks, Mike
      Howd the "trail ride" go?
    14. fubarracing
      I saw your post and was a bit perturbed... We went out to the MORE race to have fun and support the Powder Puff race. We have lost several female family and friends to cancer and our focus was to help with the cause. My husband who is all desert rat, even had women's clothes on...! (car 1156) Let me know how I can help, as I have friends that would help in anyway we can... This is insane! Pam Weir
    15. AZ1000
      Shot's and Dancing, this weekend Big Guy??
    16. ffrank
      you is one funny mo fo.....
    17. JENN
      Just received the info on the next Friends of Johnson Valley meeting:

      After a very successful first meeting of the Friends of Johnson Valley, we have scheduled the second and reserved a room so we can all hear Dave a little better. Again trying to stay in a central location for everyone, the next meeting will be in Redlands.

      Here is the address and a link to a map for Shakey's in Redlands. We are confirmed for June 25, 2008 @ 7:00. The room holds up to 90 people.

      Shakey's Pizza
      836 W Colton Ave
      Redlands, CA 92374
      (909) 793-5993
    18. TauMau
      Frank...that was pretty gay

      Jeff, we've still got the AMCE sign that was used for our pit (American Rentals/Wisdoms) right before the short course. Can we give it back to you guys at the next MORE race?
    19. ffrank
      looking forward to seeing you soon!
    20. AZ1000
      Bummer, you don't have any friends yet.
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    Instigator/Sales & Marketing
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