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  • guy i swear to god!!!!! your guna come in at the 500 with a flat and no one is guna change it!!!!!!!!!!
    Looked like you all had fun in the mud and water.... (hopfully in that order?) noticed that most had a hard time seeing after each bath.. ha ha ha It was a fun day shooting photos..... Very cool shots of the snow in the background of some.... Others the Fwy ha ha..... Take care, Mike The "N" Factor
    We are currently building a new 5/1600. The wives killed 5124 at the powder puff. The new car wont be ready by new years. Its to bad, looks like a fun race. Our new car will have all the bells and whistles: power steering, bypass shocks, disk brakes, etc. Should be like stepping up a class for us. Maybe I'll come out and help pit though. I have to check with the wife to see what we have planned for new years. I'll let you know if I can make it.
    yeah i got it for 360 except my xbox is broke so itll be back monday. i played it at my friends... lots of fun
    yeah i love that pic... it was the 2006 Mckenzies 400... that day i was driving our car flawlessly had a 12 min lead over 2nd place gettin ready 2 start my 8th and final lap and hit a stupid civilian who got stuck on the course in front of me when i came over a blind rise... that is y i hate when DGAF's drive on a race course when the rules clearly state to stay away... still havent had the $ to completely fix my car and race it for the last 3 years... but the car will b out racing the Powder Puff race this year... gonna b the cars 1st race back!!! cant wait....
    Sorry to stand you up. We were testing the new engine in Barstow all day Saturday. So I got a late start on Sunday. I did not get out to Glen Helen until 2:30. We got there just in time to catch the start. We saw you get t-boned off the line. No damage I hope. You were running good, then you pulled off the course right in front us. The roof looked crumpled up, did you roll? Me and my wife went over to the pits to find you but did not see your car. I would say better luck on your next race, but were planning on beating you!!!
    See ya in Barstow.
    Hey guy, it was good meeting you at the 500. Congrats on a good race. You were right M.O.R.E. throws a great race. We had problems all day. We broke an valve adjusting screw right at the start and had to replace it at mile 1. Then had to stop 4 more times with the same problem. Broke a brake line, ran no brakes for a lap. And had a tire blow out. With all the problems it was still fun. I am also trying to talk the team into racing glen helen. (after we get our heads fixed).
    Thanks Guy. It felt good beating Rulo finally. He is tough to beat on that type of course. The race gods finally showed me some love!! You racing Battle @ Primm?
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