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    Anyone know this truck FS in Hemet, CA?

    He used to live in Costa Mesa and worked at Dan Gurney's All American Racers, last time I heard he was in the Mission Viejo area.
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    Predator buggy

    No, my dad has one and researched it last year.
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    Breaking News : BJ Baldwin involved in

    Its been a so long since hes won a race that his old trophys are "concealed" by dust
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    Something New!!

    Bumpin this thread, after 5 years there’s gotta be new RDC members who haven’t drooled over it yet
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    Where to rent RV/Camper/Toyhauler for KOH

    Contact Blake at Big Bear RV, he ownes a bunch of trailers and rents them off for the week of KOH. is his contact
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    2004 FORD Sport Trac build

    Went to 37's and a set of KMC's XD301's just before Off arias Expo last week
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    On Topic LS Swap into Chevy 1500 Cost?

    Just finished with an LS swap into my truck and there's MANY factors that come into the overall cost of an LS Swap, are you using a junk yard engine/trans or you ordering from GM or having an engine shop build you stroker motor? What's the plans for the trans? It can be done for as little as 10k...
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    2004 FORD Sport Trac build

    It's an 04 And as far as I know it's not. Im told it as to be pre OBD2. Reason I went with this is comes with the stand alone harness and pedal assembly, and by going with the eRod it saved me almost a grand. Plus it comes with a few other things I can sell
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    2004 FORD Sport Trac build

    Finally put my LS3 in the truck
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    The FORD BRONCO is back! (Officially)

    Great Ford heard the people, but Ford we don't want some watered down version like the Jen2 Raptor you just released
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    Restoring the old "58 TT" to spec TT

    Maybe I'm thinking of a completely different truck and have them mixed up, but didn't this start out as an A-arm Ranger that later got J-arm?
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    Robby Woods' #MillionDollarDiesel

    I talked to Robby for quite a while in Vegas last week! He's shooting for 1500hp because (and I quote) he drove BJ's TT and thought it was slow so he wanted double the horsepower! The one thing Im wondering is how it will be out of the corners due to it being 7k pounds! But he plans on a top...
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    If you don't have a pit pass spectating is absolutely horrible!
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    2017 FORD Raptor

    I've heard a lot of talk about the rear springs not being a stock unit and he front coil over not being a shock that Ford will be offering off the dealership floor! Is this true?