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  • Due to changes in administration and software, my online application hasn't been found yet:( I'm sitting here waiting on the phone call....
    Did get to speak to the local store manager yesterday, he made calls to get this pushed along and told me to expect something to come down the line today! As soon as I know, I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks for thinkin of me my friend!
    That is awesome!!! I'm really happy for you and know you'll do a good job as a father. I'm sure you're feeling excited and worried at the same time, and can only imagine what that must be like. please keep us posted on the progress, as we are thinking about you often.
    Alex, go back to Durango in the summer, take the train to Silverton. It is epic scenery. We almost moved there but would miss the dez racing.
    Tell your buddy Bryan H that calling other people JACKASS because they don't agree with his view is pretty lame least you get your point accross in a respectable manner and I applaud you for that!!!:)
    you can't win with any sort of liberal view point here. I don't normally even bother, but this is just ridiculous. You've made some very good points and I applaud that.
    Your correct, just thought I would see what happens and I am glad it didn't go away, its been a lot of fun!
    edge mileage max, I have had customers call me back very happy about the savings in fuel , not that much h.p. but great fuel savings part #30404 email me at work tomorrow and I'll give you a price, edge has a cap on pricing but I'll give you free next day shipping , hope I can help in one way or another
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