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    MDR Lucerne 250 pics

    Great shots! Anymore of 1468?
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    Primm 300 updates

    3rd member possibly going out. Will know more when it gets into pit @ 33 and gets fixed
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    I heard Adam Householder was injured yesterday at the race. What happened?

    It was. My friends and I like to call that section "escalated quickly."
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    Fox 3.0 Shim ID?

    It's the same shim i.d. as the 2.0 and 2.5's
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    Robby Gordon In Car Camera in section where accused of Speeding

    You forgot to convert your seconds to hours and make sure your units matched up speed=distance/time: 1.2 miles/(83 seconds/3600 seconds per hour)=52.05 mph average
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    Finally... BAP Photos

    What a bunch of complainers! Cool pics Dave.
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    BITD Parker 425- Relive the Weekend - Photos

    Great Shots. Any of TT 24 or 1539? thanks!
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    Another broken back at the Parker 425 - Suspension Seats

    Re: Another brocken back at the Parker 425 - Suspension Seats As well, if you're harnesses are placing a downward force on your shoulders into the suspension seat, the seat would be exerting a normal force greater than 1g upwards on the spine because of the "spring" component (restoring...
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    CORR Debt

    Don't forget the employees as well!
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    Parker 425 Photos

    Re: Durka RDC Parker Photo update. Any of TT 24? Thank's Kartman!
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    Parker 425 Photos

    Re: Bink Designs 2009 Parker 425 Photos Any of TT 24? Thank you
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    Parker 425 Photos

    Re: PARKER424 #Pictures# Any of TT 24? Thank you
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    Parker 425 Photos

    Re: Parker BITD 2009 super high resolution fotos available....Preview TT 24 and 1539 please thanks!
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    Who misses ROR?

    I miss "ol' Drippy" aka The water truck, as well as the racing. I think I got the front wheels off the ground once in that poor thing, but I could do a lap in one load ;)
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    SCORE - LDC - Photos

    Re: LDC Photos!!! Any of TT 24? Thanks!