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    mdr night race pics

    Howz about #1029? Thanks!
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    Not new, email change

    changed my email, do I really need to do this?
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    MDR night race update @ Plaster City

    Great race! We lucked out on the weather once again! We lost our jack off of #1029, anybody find it?
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    N.D Coyote Wash Photos

    Great pic's! Any of #1029?
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    I spek Engrish

    Newbee here! Always been a fan of Race Desert, time to join. I started racing a 10 car with my "sugar bro" Tom Bjorstrom last year. Our last race was last weekend at the Mint. We placed third for sure, maybe second... Hopefully they post results soon! We don't know what race we are running next...