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    Post your old race photos!

    Not this one...
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    On Topic Fall Crandon 2018

    And that guy Al Drews....
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    Post your old race photos!

    This pick is during Governors Cup at Crandon, and we got it with Curt Leduc driving...Rampage Racing....
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    Post your old race photos!

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    Bill Weber

    Bill Weber was a great guy and friend. He was Military veteran from Special Forces. Rest in Peace friend....:(
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    Why is TORC so hyped up on going to nascar tracks ?

    "They don't have people that have learned from past mistakes in the decision making roles." They kept saying "...
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    I didn't say to spread money around the all classes, just farther down in the cup races. That would help more teams with cost of the travel. Some people don't read the posts for what it means and assume.....
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    Why did you dislike my comment "bajaxp" ? I think if more drivers got some money, more would show up...
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    Good battle in Class 3

    What happen to 399?
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    BFG Pits Exposed, Ladies Racing and More - Full Articles on Homepage

    It make great competition for # 1 Outhouse between the BFG pits for the best.....Had great time competing...
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    On Topic Crandon Racers

    It was not hard, diferent RPM rules for West coast guys....
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    On Topic Crandon Racers

    Hell no, that is only racing we see right now. We want to see more than 2 trucks fighting for the win !!
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    Jerry Bundy 73 jeep commando #316/#416

    If you come to Crandon, You have to bring BEN and JERRY's ice cream selection. That what Bundy always did.....LOL
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    Short Course Ramblings and Rumors

    Lovell Spring Run 2016 Sat: 1:23.0305 Fastest Lap CJ 1:20.829 Sun: 1:26.016 DNF Fastest Lap CJ 1:21.494 Fall 2016 Sat N/A Sun 1:23.889 Fastest Lap CJ 1:21.457 Spring 2017 Sat 1:23.070 Sun1:26.32 Lowell's lap times are faster than last year.....Ex Sportsman lap times are the same as last year...