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    Proposed 8100/stock full rule changes?

    I drive and prep the Fabtech 8111. We bought it from Foutz almost 2 years ago and have really enjoyed racing it. I really am not certain we should deviate from the current rules. I agree that this is a potential test bed for the auto manufacturers to compete, and changing the rules might...
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    Did the Paradigm car ever run in the Baja ?

    Matt took me for a ride in the 4 seater while we were at the San Felipe race 8 or 9 years ago. 102 mph on the highway without helmets or glasses. I'm not even sure how he could see. He ran over to the sand dunes and jumped off a 4 foot "ledge" and split the coil over slider in pieces on landing...
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    Results of 2013 Mint

    I helped pit for Dr. Glass. He said it was the 1st DNF ever for the truck and his 3rd DNF ever in his years of racing. He welded about 10 pounds of metal to close the gap where his housing broke in half. Sorry to see him DNF.
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    What kind of shocks?

    I race a Ford F250 in stock full. Like others said stock parts can get expensive and starting with the right platform is key. Most build Ford's in the stock full class for the Ford money (in BITD anyway), but there are a couple Chevy's. Come out to Parker and check out Pat Moore's stock full...
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    BITD Ford payout schedule

    Jamie - I was asking for the 8100 class. I probably should have specified, but thanks for looking into it anyhow.
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    BITD Ford payout schedule

    Anyone hear what BITD/Ford payout schedule is going to be for 2013? I assume Casey will announce it at the prerun, but I figured I'd ask if anyone had heard anything. I checked the BITD website but couldn't find anything there. Thanks, Chris
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    How big will Parker be?

    At the Henderson driver's meeting Casey said there would be a limit on entries. Someone in our group speculated 300 - 325 but I don't know how acurate that is.
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    SNORE/MORE Midnight Special updates

    The MORE website race map states the race starts at 3:45 and ends at midnight, and I can't find anything on there that states it's a 8 hour time limit. By starting the race 15 minutes late we lost 15 minutes of daylight. Adding 10 minutes of dark on the back end doesn't equate. We arrived at the...
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    Silver State 300!

    The course is very fast. This was my first time prerunning this race, but I went with veterans that said a.) it was faster than any other SS300 and b.) there is a lot of new course not previously ran on for this race. Casey's estimated times for top cars to each pit is 50 - 60 mph with the last...
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    Mint 400 start/finish info

    So I see BITD posted new info today on pit locations and schedule of events, but I have a question. I am staying at the Plaza hotel. Does anyone know if you can drive your race car to the start of tech/contingency, or do you have to trailer it there? I see there is an unloading area on the...
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    The black of robby gordon

    Didn't Robby take some "creative" lines in San Felipe before? Maybe he doesn't want to stand out...
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    Vertical MIG welding suggestions???

    Hey Mark I still have one of those old Hobarts from 1997. We use Miller CP302 power sources now with 22a wire feeders and I think they are better than the old solid state Hobarts and we've run countless spools of wire through them since 2001. Like others said, production welding all day every...
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    73 c10 suspension snag

    This is the way to go. I think NAPA or others might have them. Junkyard would probably work too. Also, the kit wasn't designed to run ball joint spacers in the upper arms. It is a good mid-travel kit and I think it will work good once you sort out the coil situation.
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    R.I.P. Rick and Jeff Huseman

    I had the good fortune of going to Crandon to watch Rick race is 2003. He barrel rolled his truck about 10 times in the first turn on Saturday. He hurt his wrist and rang his bell but he didn't let that stop him from taking time to sit and sign endless autographs for fans. Likewise, his brothers...