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    Andy Mc

    I’ll bite. All racecar drivers have egos. I’ll let my driving do the rest of the talking.
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    Sub 2 minute driver/co-driver tire changes?

    I'll bite and brag about my co-dog. Johnny did a 1:12 at the recent Vegas to Reno, WITH a re-rack of the flat back onto the truck, by himself, with onboard jacks. Confirmed on Motec, from the point when wheels came to a stop to the wheels moving again. Next level. **Edited: Double checked...
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    No prerunning Vegas to Reno

    I wasn't thinking that. I know first hand how things can get taken out of context when behind a phone or laptop compared to how it comes across in person. No hard feelings at all. For the record, I've never pre-ran a BITD race except Parker on the pre-fun runs and V2R when Casey used to hold...
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    Let’s talk Silver State 300

    Probably V2R if the 500 doesn't come back before then... Truck is ready, just didn't feel the need to have to race. Currently working on bigger picture projects and figuring out what the future has in store for my race team and I. And also just focusing on the bigger races in general...
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    Let’s talk Silver State 300

    I did not bail because of the no pre-run rule, just wanted to clear that up so I'm not made out to sound like a huge wuss, haha! Hope everyone has a fun and safe race!
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    ★ Dakar 2020 - Stage 6: Ha'il > Riyadh

    Broke 2 axles.
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    ★ Dakar 2020 - Stage 6: Ha'il > Riyadh

    Tex ^ - Yes for sure, but Shorty will also be owed a favor now by KTM/Toby.
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    2019: Why are TT's faster than Class 1 buggies?

    Everyone (including me) says that the weight of the trucks help keep the vehicle straight in the really big bumps, which they do for sure. I did a whole calculation and explanation of power to weight ratios and then deleted it because I don't want to open up that can of worms LOL.
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    The "Ironman" debate

    Cal and PPI had drawings for a two-seat truck to come after 015 before they ended up leaving off-road. So even Ivan was going away from the single seater. Doesn't take away from his extraordinary feats of tackling the Baja 1000 SOLO. He was the man for sure.
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    Total domination by the AWD trucks at Baja 1000

    I am having a hard time trying to understand the argument between 2wd and AWD. Some racers want 2wd because they want what is proven, and some want to be on the cutting edge and push the sport further forward. To each their own for sure. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. The different...
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    Arrogance at the top?

    It’s really easy to Monday Quarterback, and most on this site are EXPERTS in that field. Hence why I choose to never come on this site anymore and engage. But I will now, because it’s necessary and this is getting ridiculous. First, racing is racing. I sure hope everyone isnt going to be happy...
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    Was Ivan Stewart's Trophy Truck the Best TT ever Made

    Say what you'd like, but unless you've ridden in a top tier TT during a race, you wouldn't fully grasp what is going on. TT's are not "cushy couches". They are able to go over the terrain at a much faster speed, sure, and may beat you up less than a 1600 car. But in order to win you are pushing...
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    Was Ivan Stewart's Trophy Truck the Best TT ever Made

    At that time, it was between Ivan's PPI Toyota and RG's Valvoline/Post TT. Ragland's Arnold TT was right there as well. Those 3 trucks DOMINATED THE 1990'S.
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    T.T.'s at KING OF THE HAMMERS. (HUGE $$$$$$ for them too).

    Kudos to Dave for stepping up and proposing such an amazing prize purse. Never been to KOH before but everything I have heard has me very excited to be there. Remember, for those with big sponsors paying lots of $, off-road racing is NOT only about the racing to them. It’s about activation...
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    On Topic Speed zones? (Get your popcorn ready).

    No, it's not. This is what it states in the Racer Brief. I found nothing in the rule book about moving over when nerfed... 6-12) PASSING - TRUCKS AND CARS - Drivers: If you are tapped by a competitor move over… blocking traffic is unsportsmanlike and you may be nerfed or penalized. Refer to...