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    News 2020 Maxxis Tires “Casey Folks” Vegas to Reno Presented by Fox Important Race Update here:
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    Vorra Race Fallon 250 7-17-20

    Am I correct in the suspicion that the fueling rules (suit and helmet specifically) are for moto competitors as well?
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    Gott Powersports Presents Vorra's Fallon 250

    Link to event info
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    V2R Bike Pit Support

    In years past, the have not supported 2T fueling.
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    Vegas to Reno board game

    Its for sale on the TL site...
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    Tire Blocks?

    my apologies, i did not read 'option' to mean 'alternative' sometimes i feel like english is my second language :D good luck!
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    Tire Blocks?

    If customer service is that poor pre-purchase, I can only imagine what its like post-purchase.... Do you really want to spend your money with a company thats already setting the bar this low?
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    Racingtrax for V2R Bikes

    362 was my team, HUGE thanks to Dave and crew for actually helping us salvage two finishes. Even though the fuel issue was a huge bummer which should not have happened (we're still trying to figure it out), the upside was we were able to help a good friend finish his race, here is the short...
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    Racingtrax for V2R Bikes

    Mounted ours on the rear fender, neither my teammate or I ever heard the alarm, it it worked at all.
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    2019 V2R - Who is in this year ?

    My team is last off the line in class, nowhere to go but up :D
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    Racingtrax for V2R Bikes

    Yeah, until the 'hungry cows' eat the markers :rolleyes:
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    On Topic Chasing V2R

    The pit you mentioned is Millers. Bonnie Claire is pit 3.
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    2019 V2R - Who is in this year ?

    Glad to hear what little I know was useful to you! PM sent
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    2019 V2R - Who is in this year ?

    IN! well, as long as i can wrangle a team together :D Its always fun going through Gabbs, some faaast stuff there