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    whos racing where

    i think as long as it doesnt turn into an "IRL vs CART" situation itll be fine..... things will be different for sure but as long as teams dont view it as "choosing sides" and just race whichever series will benefit them the most.....things will be ok
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    Crandon 2006

    anyone get pix of the 69 truck crash... i see one shot on offroad.com and it looks like i damn near landed on the cameraman...... sorry
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    World Series of Off-Road Racing !

    exactly my point.....im in agreement w/ you 82... middle ground..... but there isnt going to be any middle ground....... its a rich boys club now......
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    World Series of Off-Road Racing !

    i normally dont agree w/ hoeker but im gonna back him this time.....what we have here is an organization that is goin wherever its going and the owner doesnt appear to care what happens to the current drivers because the guys who are building trucks to replace the drivers CORR has now dont NEED...
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    Dircks & Porter go Pro-2

    im all for the short bus idea.....
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    mike metzger racing corr

    took me a month to get my truck back in shape after that
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    World Series of Off-Road Racing !

    what is really boils down to is the majority of the races in 07 are gonna be in california....and from what i was told bark river and crandon hadta fight just to get a race there at all.....corr is now a california based series w/ the majority of the races there w/ a select few anywhere else...
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    World Series of Off-Road Racing !

    the corr "vision" is to take the sport to the next level and expand the series........ ok... looks good on paper anyway...... but in reality? yer now essentially a west coast series and where exactly are ya gonna expand TO? the only direction is EAST....wouldnt it be easier to expand from...
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    CORR Rounds 7 and 8 Video - FlatWheel Productions

    adrian cenni is the driver of the #11 atrium truck
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    Formula 4x4

    actually....... that gallery is of classix(class 6) 2WD guys...... just as fun tho...... :)
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    Rough Driving?

    wegner handles my engine program as well as a few others
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    CORR Chula Vista Rd 7 and 8 coverage/pics

    nice pix brian......keep up the good work. im puttin a new body on my truck just for you.....well.....that and so my truck wont look like crap :)
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    Rough Driving?

    oh yah... when im in the truck i love bumpin and bangin w/ a guy back and forth for position...its what sets us apart from other forms of racing..... but theres limits yknow? i know if i push too hard i risk breakin my truck or his....and thats no fun....im just sayin let us race..... keep the...
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    Rough Driving?

    ok..... if thats all it is... just to give the fans a beter race to watch then keep the rules in place....its less racing than promoting media..... how many nascar races are runaways?...yah i know....apples and oranges.....but the point is valid..... racing IS about runnin away and leavin the...
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    Rough Driving?

    i may be outta line here but ive been racing in CORR for almost 10 years...... what we have now is Off Road Racing WWE style.........flags are thrown to give drivers a 2nd chance by bunching up the field(full course caution) or completely erasing the "wrong" drivers holeshot and lead(red...