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    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    Anyone get there seats refreshed? Need someone who does good work in S California
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    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    DiamondBack pretty solid off-road
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    Baja 4000

    Absolutely incredible event!!! I thought it would be easy drive through Baja. 14hr days driving hard stopping only for gas. The hardest part is driving fast and having to navigate on the fly from satellite images. Super fun, crazy stressful in cab, constant fighting with teammates on what to do...
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    Baja 4000

    How much of this event in in the dirt? Is staying under the speed limit a BIG problem?
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    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 6: Arequipa > San Juan de Marcona

    Never quit not an option. Give them all credit for pushing on can’t even imagine how beat up they are. Hope everyone with a contact on the team sends them some encouragement to be tough and make it to the finish line
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    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage4: Arequipa > Tacna

    Fish great job on the updates. It’d be cool if people could appreciate the amount of effort RG puts into racing its not easy
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    Mint 400 Time Trials questions

    Seriously you have a wreck and race vehicle on fire and send a responder vehicle backwards on the course during an active time trial with trophy trucks? If it’s that bad you stop the time trial. Multiple helos in the area that could have assisted from the air. Think about it
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    Mint 400 Time Trials questions

    No excuse
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    Mint 400 Time Trials questions

    What’s with that truck going wrong way on course! TT running right at it and way too slow getting out of the way
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    Whatever Happened to Alan Pflueger and Mark Post

    Classic RDC thinking someone hacked my phone or ate tacos at the table next to us in Baja a few weeks back. Got some good info there. Here's the latest without getting into surf reports and jr waterman programs. Got a cool NORRA truck from Rory that Jake is getting race ready. Hopefully Jake...
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    No More RDC Powers For Me

    Wow that sucks! Thanks for all you've done. Best of luck on the new chapter in your life.
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    Im never going back to Mexico!!!

    What cliff that was the racing line. Thanks for saving my life from the monster spider in the now famous "yellow hotel." Glad we didn't burn down Baja with our small fire. Good fun
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    Vildosola caught cheating???

    21 fastest at the 1000 great drive especially considering starting position! Blowing through an EZup no worries that happens. But that story with that video? Better check the kitchen the toast is burning. Obama will need some good pr like that the next 4 years too.
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    Vildosola caught cheating???

    I'd hate to lose the 1000 over this. I'd also hate to win it after getting beat on the course.
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    Vegas to Reno Video

    Unreal video! Love that truck with the TLD paint design!!