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  • I was wondering if I could get the front shots of car #1369 from the 2009 MORE balls out race in March. Also, we are building a 1/10 car race chassis and are to be marketing them. We need photo's for the internet as well as for print ads. Is this something your interested in?? We are in Northridge, Ca. 91325, where are you located?? My direct e-mail is [email protected]
    Do you have any more photos of 1451. I need a good picture to give to my sponcers as a thank you for the year.
    Hey Aaron, I would like to get 2 pics from ya....In the photo line up after 1275 I like the 1st and 3rd shot of us. I think they are #40 and #42 of your numbering system. I will check with you at my space to...Send me a total and address again, and I will get cash in the mail to ya. Thanks
    Pepper Cote #1325
    Hey do you have any more pics of the bugs? I am looking for my car. Not sure of the number The bell boys and wicked drove it .


    Great job on the photos!

    Steve is building a new car for me and I wanted to send him a little thank you. Can I get a copy of this photo full res... I have a 52" printer at work and was going to do a poster for him. If you have something that you would like printed, I would gladly do something for you in return for the photo.

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