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  • Hey Adam, cool talking to you today about the 500 and your SCAT 1 car. Good luck in Primm, maybe I'll see you around here in Carlsbad.
    Hi Adam, so hows it going?? Will you be out at the Parker 425 in a few weeks? Will watch for you guys ! We need to up-date your photos ! Ha Ha ha Mike, The "N" Factor..... Your fav. shot is back up on the Albums section....... www.thenfactorpics.com Take Care
    Hey Adam, just wanted to say Good job last weekend in Laughlin. I started next to you on Sunday and once we hit the moon bumps you were GONE! Your car works awsome and your just plain fast. Way to represent the air-cooled cars HAHA. Once again good job and see you at the next one.
    **ban me****ban me****ban me****ban me** some **ban me****ban me****ban me****ban me** up out there babe!!!
    See you in Mexico son! I'm co riding the first half in 118 with Danny Ebberts! :)
    Sorry to hear about you engine, you were flying when you passed me heading for the finish.
    Ya what she said..lol yo what time are you gona leave on friday i might go to ocatillo then jst cruz over sat early morn..
    Hey Adam ,just wanted to let u know im a free agent,not at penhall anymore,wanted something more,nothing solid yet but working on stuff,let me know if u need anything
    Silly Story... I went to the deli this morning to grab some food and Jerry says "So I saw Adam this morning, he doesn't look any different now that he's married" LOL :rolleyes: What was he expecting!!

    I hope you guys have a blast on your honeymoon... have LOTS of fun and take LOTS of pictures!!! :D
    i love all the people calling you double-a -- i should of trademarked that **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME** when "I" first started calling you that on here ---- everyones bandwagoning that chit ---- ;-)
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