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  • HAHA. Glad you like it. Sounds like you had a good time? I leave for vacation myself on Saturday. Can't wait.
    Adam - Nice to meet you this weekend - Sorry about the transmission carnage!
    Nevermind... It has been posted here! Well Thank you again! I will be at B@P and I heard you guys are racing. If you need ANYTHING there or in the future at any races let me know. I'm sure we have quite a few Ford parts if your TT is a ford. My name is Brandon (obviously) and I hope I can buy you guys some drinks at least!
    my # (909) 856-7815
    Hey you are the only Ashcraft person Ive seen post so far today, but anyways can you pass along a HUGE thank you to the crew and drivers of the TT that brought us an alternator. Thank you thank you thank you!! I hope someday we can return the favor if need be, hopefully you guys wont need it. Hope you guys had a good race!!! Thanks again
    Brandon 1586

    He sent this to me
    Cant wait to see the truck in Parker! Best of luck. If you need anything in Parker let me know.
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