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  • So far so good. I'm pretty stoked to hear your gonna be at Primm....See you there!
    you wont be upset thats for sure they have there program together i have worked with them for years
    no it was the weekend I got out of school and i had to haul my horse home. Did you go? Im pheening so so bad! you hittin the oct race?
    thanks adam !! PS... good job in Folts car at the MORE Night race !
    oook got it! right on.. yeah it being a 1600 can explain the small cockpit jajaja anyways.. thats cool though..im glad you guys had it.. makes me feel better.. but we've been updating it since we got it! i think we've put as much money into it as we bought it for!
    wait my.... car was Michael Deardorffs old car... or did your pops have it before them?
    I still have your tire and rim from the 07 Baja 500. What should I do with it? I'll happily drag it to all the races I make it to just incase you need it.

    Looking forward to seeing you out there again..
    We're working on the 16 car again, are you still liking the Sparco's in your 16 car? I'm wanting to put a set in ours.
    nothing much, how you been ??? and that's me in the rhino hucking the pond ... with glenn-g looking on, on how to pull it off !!! see the disbelief in his face ?? ;-) d-no
    not too much. been doing pretty good. I am finally graduating tomarrow so i am super stoked about that. Howd you do at the 500? and which car did u run?
    Have a great time!:) When your there you will see some of our ongoing projects.;)
    "PCL Construction Services"

    The Residences & Ritz Carlton Club at Kapalua Bay
    Some of these units are going for 10.5 MIL each!:eek:

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