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    Modular Flooring Tiles (Swisstrax) Removed from model garage $1.50 Ea

    These are great for the floor of your enclosed trailer also. Wish i was closer 1.50 is a great price.
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    Choosing the right off-road helmet

    Great info about headsets, can you do the same writeup for helmet set-ups?
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    Is the insight planner good enough to be your only gps program?
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    AVE PURE 175 UTV Racing in California City April 5

    We lost our spare and jack at mile 16. The spare has 1058 written on the wheel. And the jack was a proarmor quickshot with blue flashlight and shovel attached. Post or pm if you found it please. It was a fun course.
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    Thread Locker Questions

    Answers above.
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    Radio Noise Problem

    So the 4 link pro elite does not need the ground cut if its plugged into the radio?
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    Rigid's new Rear Race Bar

    Are these light bars available anywhere?
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    Amazing RZR video!

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    FPV RC Heli chasing Trucks

    Scottz, you got me! After seeing those vids I bought a used Raptor E550 with a wireless video xmitter. I'm still learning to fly it but in a few months I might be ready for FPV. Send me a PM if you are going to a race with your equipment. I will be needing a good vibration mount and would like...
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    New revenue source for racers????

    I'd pay $15-20 for a full dvd of in car video. Since DVD's have multiple audio streams it would be cool if one track was the intercom audio, and various music on the other tracks. Unedited would be best. Put a chapter mark at any interesting events.
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    Finally, some local land owner help!!!

    Keep this thread going. Mr Spicer shows how we can be pro OHV and pro environment at the same time. Right on! "We believe in responsible land use" <--- I like that.
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    Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

    so how did the date turn out? That reminds me of a joke. A farmer walks in to the bedroom whith a sheep under is arm and says "Hey, this is the pig i have been f***ing". His wife replys "That's not a pig . It's a sheep!". The farmer replys "I wasn't talking to you, i was talking to the...
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    who is or was the best co-driver of all time

    This is by far the best co-driver ever. :)
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    What do you think of the art?

    I think the oil painting effect would look good in a classic frame on the wall. I did a full size poster like that and it came out good. But for online or computer screen the oil effect just looks pixelated. That night photo is bad A**.
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    mini chase buggies/prerunners

    I have a joyner 250 mini buggy. It's a great toy but I would hate to have to rely on it. You would need a chase truck for the chase buggy! It is faster in the rough stuff than a stock truck though.